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Friday, February 17, 2012

Highlights of Yulee RB Derrick Henry: The next Brandon Jacobs?

Hedges to Hardwood notifies us of a highlight reel for 2013 commit Derrick Henry.

The clips are just sick (competition for the small school in Yulee?), especially starting around the 45 second mark, where on one play he shrugs off defenders Earl Campbell style before leaving everyone in his dust. And then on the following play, he pulls a Barry Sanders-like scramble around the backfield to get all 11 after you before turning a corner and pulling away.

The skill is clearly there, and while he looks a bit thin on the film for someone 240+, his size is a intriguing factor for his position. Tailback might be the only spot on the football field where all else being equal, shorter is better. Low center of gravity and hiding behind lineman before bursting loose being part of the reasons. You see a lot of TBs in the 5'9-5'11 range. You rarely see them in Henry's 6'3+ height. Adrian Peterson, Eddie George, and Brandon Jacobs are amongst the few who can be successful at that height. His size reminds a bit of the manbeast that is Jacobs (who looks as big as some of his New York Giant OL teammates), and his upright running style of Eddie George. George was very successful for a long time before that style, which leads to a lot of hard hits, finally took it's toll and he physically just couldn't do it anymore. As great as Henry looks, is his height a serious concern for his long term success?


  1. The next Rodney Hampton.

  2. It would be a concern if we had a bunch of journeymen on the roster at RB and he was supposed to be the "savior" super recruit at the position. I would be worried if that were the case simply because it does seem like the taller RB's rarely pan out (Richard Samuel and James Wilder, Jr. come to mind... both 5 star guys).

    But there's plenty of depth and potential in the two classes ahead of him at RB so I'm not "concerned".

    Seems like you kind of have to go through 4 or 5 "stud recruit" running backs before you find the one who actually acts like one. Throw him in there with Crowell, Marshall, and Gurley and we're likely to have one turn out to be pretty bad ass and the rest will make for great depth at worst (again, see Samuel... we don't beat UF this past year without him but he ain't taking over starting any time soon either).

    Plus the rub on tall RB's is balance (Samuel again), but judging from this kids film, that's not an issue. The issue to me is the frequency of those Barry Sanders-esqu scrambles. That don't happen in college (unless you're barry sanders), and when guys try they pretty much always lose like 8 yards. A big college RB should have the mentality that that is not even an option. Straight down hill and nothing else.

  3. What worries me more is if Bobo has the mind capacity to be able to distribute the ball to so much talent in the backfield. If we get Henry we've arguably pulled in the top back in the country 3 years running along with the voted most improved back in the country in Gurley. I just hope that one or two backs of such an elite talent level wont be lost riding the bench his whole career. But all that shit dont matter if we dont have more than 4 scholarship lineman on our roster.

    1. im his dad and alot of yall that talk have never played football he will prove it on the field

    2. None of our are questioning his ability, and he looks like an amazing player. But TBs his size are extremely rare for a reason. He's got great skills, and every Georgia fan is extremely excited to see what he can do on the field, but the fact remains that only 3 TBs in the last 20 years have been successful at his height.

  4. well then wait until he gets there to say what he can or maybe can do