Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Are Plotting A New Offense.

Fiwst off all Me would wike to congwadulate mines good fwiend Wiwwie Mawtinwez cause he has fooweled yet anotter team into giving he a job. 
Wiwwie is uh basebaw genie!  Me are wooking foward to matching wits against such a woofie anniversawee. 
Now evewy otter OC on evewy otter basketball team in da SEC will be frowing da balls against Awwburn.  So I wonduah what Me's pwan will be.................................................what you say?  Wun da baseball tween da tackles..............how for did you guess?   Shhhhhhh.....don't tell anynobodies for da ewament of suwpise are mines gweatest stwengfh.


  1. CCRider eats green boogers and has a serious man-crush on Coach Sick Satan

    1. I will have you know that the brown ones and the bloody red ones are just as delicious.

  2. Hate booboo, do we? Yoda

  3. CCRider has never answered my question. Which SEC team are you a fan of? Or he may have answered & I'm just too lazy to go back through all the posts where I've asked the question to find out.

    Sanchez is the only one here that writes an article close to reasonable. I guess he could be bi-polar.

    It seems CCRider hates yankees, which is okay with me. Hates Auburn, which sounds good as well. But never, ever says anything negative about the bammers. And never has anything worthwhile to say about the Dawgs.

    1. Well Erk I don’t know who you think that you are to make such a demand of the Cold-Blooded Overlord of all that which is Evil, but I will humor you mostly because of your self-confessed laziness which I respect.
      100% University of Georgia Bulldog!
      I make fun of everyone over here, Alabama included, but you wouldn't know that because you only check us when a link site has a headline that catches your eye. Now I love to make fun of Auburn but I respect the way they cheat and everyone knows it but no one can catch them (I wish we could do that). I respect Alabama because they are willing to win at all costs ( I wish we were willing to win at all costs). Alabama realizes they ain't Harvard so they put all their effort into football. I respect LSU because they dominate their in-state talent (we are doing better in this of late but that is because of this website...so you are welcome). I respect South Carolina because no matter what they still believe. That doesn't make me a fan of those programs. It just means that I can see the things that they do well.
      I will always ride the Georgia program because I am a fan of that program and I demand excellence from it. I am not now nor will I ever fall victim to the Clampsun Trap (I will not explain it lazy-bones hit the archives).
      If Sanchez and I wrote the same type of stories why would we need two contributors?

    2. Thanks for the reply. I actually remembered to check to see if you answered before the post whereupon I asked the question sunk too far into the abyss of archives. At that point, I wouldn't have bothered to find it. At which point, I would have posted the question again on a future article in which you praised saban.

      I have my reservations on whether you're a bammer or not, but for now, I'll take your word for it. I have neither the time nor inclination to check S&G directly, so continue to publish eye-catching headlines that show up other places and I'll be back. I also believe you & Sanchez may be the same person posting through your bi-polar personalties. But then, if that were the case, you wouldn't know, would you? And I wouldn't really care about that anyway.

      Do us all a favor & at least write an article on nicky boy that mocks his short man syndrome or something. Or the fact that courtney upshaw did a better job beating up his girlfriend than Commings did.

      Anyway, thanks for the response. King of negativity.