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Friday, February 3, 2012

A look at 2013 recruiting needs

2012 is in the books, and we're already making room for 2013. Looking at our roster, and positionally, we have 83 currently on scholarship, included several former walk-ons and the incoming recruits (who still have to graduate from high school, etc). With 16 seniors, and a couple others that may leave early for one reason (like Alec Ogletree and the NFL) or another (see today's disappointing news linked above), we're probably looking at a full 25 man signing class again. We've got room for them, and below are my thoughts position by position.

K/P/Snapper-I'll get this out of the way. Unless something screwy happens with Marshall Morgan, Collin Barber, or Nate Theus, we're set here. So no need to add anyone.

QB-Keep Brice Ramsey. We got the 2013 wunderkid in the fold already, just gotta keep him. No need for more with Murray a rising senior, and with both Christian LeMay and Hutson Mason being sophomores (and then rising juniors once Murray graduates). It keeps things on a good pace for Ramsey to likely take over the starting job as a redshirt sophomore.

RB-Derrick Henry is a strong start, and we'll have a strong core already in theory with Crowell, Malcome, Marshall, and Gurley. Now, if some leave prematurely, we might need some more here, but Henry should be more than enough if those 4 are all still around. Depending on how the plethora of walk-ons look at FB, we could probably use one of them to go with Xander Ogletree and Quayvon Hicks. So keep Henry in the fold, add a FB, and if anyone leaves add a replacement for them.

WR-We return a solid core of Bennett, Conley, and Mitchell, with Tibbs, Justin Scott-Wesley, and Rantavious Wooten providing depth. But this is probably the third most important spot on the board. We need depth, and we need playmaker to fill in when the others are gone. It's supposed to be a strong crop in state and around the southeast. You got Uriah LeMay as a strong possibility, Demarcus Robinson from Peach County is a big name, and several more both in state and from Florida and South Carolina, that will get looks. We're probably looking to add at least 2 and probably 3 here.

TE-We need depth. 1 or 2 is a good idea behind Lynch, Rome, and Flournoy-Smith. We've been said to be looking at an elite kid in Pennsylvania, and Georgia has more than it's fair share of 6'3+, 230+ athletes for the job.

OL-None of what we have returning are seniors, and the talent is there, but we need to shore up depth and having a strong 4+ players every single year at this position is a key if we ever want to break the cycle of relying on kids up front. So we sign at least 4, in part because we have room, and also because we have need. 2 or 3 tackles, and 2 or 3+ interior lineman will help restock the coffers going forward. Walton's Brandon Kublanow, Tri-Cities Shamire Devine, North Gwinnett's Devondre Seymour, and Lake City, FL's Laremy Tunsil are the current names du jour. They, and others will rise and fall over the next 12 months as big men get evaluated, go to camps and compete against similar sized men, etc. But we need to sign at least 4, if not more depending on how this year's depth shakes out. This is the priority spot offensively, followed by WR and TE, since RB and QB are taken care of.

DL-If Ray Drew and Sterling Bailey grow in to DEs, the need isn't great. Still, you've got to keep up depth, so 2-4 here is probably the number. We'll have to replace John Jenkins and Abry Jones as seniors, plus anyone else who departs, although there is a strong core returning some of them will be rising seniors (if they don't go pro) in Derrick Lott, Kwame Geathers, and Garrison Smith. We'd need another nose prospect to slot behind Jonathan Taylor, and Montravious Adams out of Dooly County seems to be the big name right now. He'd be a great start, and since he could be an end or nose in a 3-4 depending on how much weight he adds, you'd want to add at list one more big body, if not 2 or 3.

LB-We just loaded up on LBs, so it's not a huge need, but keeping the coffers loaded is a good idea. Plus, Georgia has some great ones, and talent is always good to add. Reuben Foster is the big name, and potential top player in the state. We're fighting Bama for him, and may be starting this group off strong with West Laurens' Johnny O'Neal in the near future. We'll lose Christian Robinson, Cornelius Washington and Mike Gilliard, plus likely Alec Ogletree and Jarvis Jones, if not others, from this unit, so adding at least 3 and perhaps more depending on #s and early departures, is the plan even though we'll be returning Amarlo Herrera, Jordan Jenkins, Josh Harvey-Clemons, and others.

CB-The biggest defensive need in 2013, and the most important need, by far, in the class as a whole. We'll lose seniors Branden Smith and Sanders Commings, and already lost underclassmen Chris Sanders, Nick Marshall, and Jordan Love from the bunch. We need depth, and we need impact no matter how good Damien Swann, Sheldon Dawson, and Devin Bowman are. Because that's all we return. We need to sign at least 3, and maybe 4 CBs to both refill depth and to provide immediate help as a possible starter or nickel back. Lakatos likes bigger CBs, so any excess may become safeties down the line if they prove to lack the cover skills needed on the outside.

S-We already got a great one in Newnan's Tray Matthews. But like CB, we don't have a lot on the shelves with Shawn Williams and Bacarri Rambo as seniors, and just Corey Moore, Marc Deas, and Cootie Harrow behind them. Deas hasn't really commanded a spot, and Harrow may be more a special teams stud than a true DB player. Matthews may well be starting as a true freshman. But he needs help, and we need depth. Devin Bowman may end up here, or Justin Scott-Wesley, but they aren't right now. So as of today, we need at least 2 more alongside Matthews, making DB a must land priority numbering at minimum 6. Some of these guys may be playing QB in high school, and like said about TE, Georgia never likes in producing players that fit the bill in physical tools, so finding them shouldn't be a problem. But we need bodies, and we need bodies that are capable of producing from day 1.

QB-1 (Ramsey)
TB-1+ (Henry)
S-3+ (Matthews)

That's our needs and numbers. Priority goes (since Ramsey and Henry have their spots locked up without a need for more numbers), DB then OL, followed by, in order WR, TE, LB, DL, and FB.


  1. There are big debates on GTP/LHB that we shouldn't have offered out to more DBs. It was basically G Smith or C Elder or bust. Obviously Dawson was a late get, but seems like there had to be more than 3 guys we could have gone after. For that matter, o line too. I mean I understand quality over quantity, but sheesh. Thoughts?

    1. My thoughts are there in the recap of the defensive class. We should have gotten more DBs. With the 4 seniors, we needed replacements ready next year who wouldn't be freshmen. And Geno Smith decided a long time ago, Elder late enough in the process, we could have gone after others. The Darby kid, Jiles, among others.

  2. i think uga can land more players maybe oversign then last years team players like reuben foster and robert nkemdiche well be tough to get but we have grantham, richt, and bobo has done a great job. add two more backs like Keyante Green & Tyren Jones will be good reccceives like uriah lemay and robinson will be good addition johnny o'neill at lb will be good a lot to choose from for this class and tramel terry keep him think uga.

  3. UGA always has a crisis at some position. Few years ago it was QB's, last year it was RB's and OL; seems like poor roster management. We used to have a saying in the military about USSR vs USA armed forces; "quantity has a quality all it's own."

  4. Mr. Sanchez, ILB, not OLB, is the big priority for 2013. Grantham needs the sledgehammer ILB in numbers for the upcoming class as it's up for debate if there are any true ILB's in the 2012 class. Fortunately for CTG, Georgia is stocked with GREAT, not good, GREAT ILB prospects for 2013. Reuben Foster and Nigel Bradham top my list. Johnny O'Neal and others aren't far behind those two. Foster may be the best player in the nation in 2013. Nkemdiche gets most of the pub, but Foster looks like Patrick Willis on his film.

    1. Where do I say otherwise? I say we need LB, and didn't say which type. Although I think JHC is more a "true ILB" than you give him credit for.