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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The morning papers: Speed, speed, and more speed. Yes please.

Seth Emerson gives us an update we've all wanted, on the possibility of DB Mario Alford, and a little on OL transfer Max Garcia too.

Garcia has now been allowed to transfer to Vandy, where former Maryland assistant James Franklin runs the show, that is possibly depending on how the tampering charges Maryland is running against him go. Georgia is closer to home, and the more successful program, but Franklin has gotten Vandy up to mediocre and Garcia would see the field much easier there than he would in Athens where by the time he'd play, we'd be returning all 5 starters and their backups from the year before.

The more pressing need is Alford, who could add much needed depth to the secondary immediately.
"They are conversing," GMC head coach Bert Williams said on Wednesday. "To my knowledge, he does not officially have (an offer) extended. But that possibility is there."
"I told him, from an athletic standpoint, this is a guy that I think you could be looking for," Williams said. "Now, you've basically gotta look at his atlhetic skills and see if he could be what you want. ... He's got the top-end skills. he's quick, he's shifty.

And Gentry Estes brings us the likelihood of adding a speed expert to the staff. As we've said all along about Coach T, for all the good he brings in his position, he lacks a technical expertise. Well, this guy can help bring that, especially on the much needed ability to run fast. There'd be another spot to fill, with NCAA max on S&C staff set at 5, and the Dawgs sitting at 4 when/if Armstrong is hired.

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  1. We need both of these guys.

    Based on the Dawg's history with injured O' linemen you can never have too many on your team.