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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of QBs Black Of QBs White and Who Is Really Racist.

This time last year we did a couple of stories all about how Cam Newton would be a failure in the NFL because he was your typical black scrambling QB.  Literally everyone who reads this site because they either love or hate us were in agreement.  Cam had a good first year but so did Vince Young.  The bottom line is Cam will eventually be a bust.
Fast forward to this past Monday and I wrote essentially the exact same things about RGIII.  However, there did exist a few differences about the RGIII post:
1. We also called BS on Andrew Luck (a white QB)
2. It came on the same day as a negative post about the Beloved which was really more of a negative post about ROP's.
The result.......outrage by the PC Police.  You see RGIII is not a QB from another SEC school.  He is not the QB of an SEC school that had just won a National Title while the years since the last title Georgia won entered into the third decade.  So what really happened is that embedded within an article in which I praise Peyton Manning, make a cut against the top two QB prospects in this draft, and then in a very tongue and cheek manner heap a little love on a Bulldog fan favorite.....one aspect of that article was used to once again attack our site and yet again have an apparent trade embargo placed on us by other sites.  Now I have a theory about this.  Had the negative Richt post not gone up no one would have complained.  Since we are such raging racists over here at S&G allow me to breakdown the topic of which we dare not speak.......Black QBs.

I am going to make two statements.  Both are 100% factually accurate.  Both are presented with no spin or alteration to fit my agenda.  One is fine by PC Police standards and the other is racist.  So here we go:

"There are more black males in prisons in this country than any other demographic."
This is not racist.

"Black males more than any other demographic in this country commit crimes."
This is racist.

So here is how this works.  In saying the prison thing we have left the deal somewhat open ended and bed wetting liberals can talk about how unjust our courts are and how the war on drugs is racist.  The committing crimes line however allows for almost no wiggle room and is therefore racist.

Now I suppose I could just say scrambling QBs are busts and that would be more PC but the only two QBs who have been considered scrambling or duel threat that have had the ultimate success in the NFL are white (S.Young and J. Elway).  Therefore to say scrambling instead of black scrambling would be factually inaccurate.  So what is the deal?  Well it is pretty simple.....from coaches to GMs to broadcasters--- the football powers that be are huge racists.  Here is an example.

Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick are contemporaries.  McNabb is a fairly accurate passer, throws and alright deep ball, and has excellent scrambling ability.  Vick is the pinnacle of the running or athletic or duel threat QB.  He is faster than most running backs, he has Barry Sanders like moves, he has great field vision, and he has a rocket for an arm.  The NFL couldn't heap enough love and lust upon Vick.  McNabb on the other hand gets hit with the black QB tag from Rush Limbaugh and then on the back side is criticized by black former players and black members of the sports media for trying to play too"White".  Popular football knowledge used to be that you need whites for certain positions (thinking positions) and blacks for certain positions (instinct positions).  So here is what most coaches from Pop Warner to the NFL want:
A White QB
A White Center
A White Middle Linebacker
A White Tackle on the QB's blind side
Black Corner Backs
Black Defensive Ends
Black Running Backs

Every other position is essentially open to anyone.  Since the QB position is the most high profile position in the NFL there began a campaign to push for the acceptance of the black QB.  However, the black QB only exists within set boundaries and those boundaries are as a running QB.  Was anyone more unfairly ignored, under valued, and unappreciated in the history of the NFL than Warren Moon?  Moon was a black man who played QB like a white man (and did it very well might I add).  Was any player given the keys to kingdom in quite the same fashion as Michael Vick when he had done absolutely nothing to deserve it?

Can a black man play QB at a high level in the NFL?  Of course. 
Can a black man play QB at a high level in the NFL while also remembering to only play it like a black QB and not a white QB?  No he will fail every time.
Why was Vince Young built up so by the media before the 06' draft and Tim Tebow under constant attack before the 2010 draft?  Both were duel threat QBs, both were inaccurate passers, both had weak arms, both had long awkward mechanics.  Yong fit the NFL mold but Tebow did not.....is that racist.
The cover of the current Madden Football game has Peyton Hillis on the cover.  Why is that?  Well because there was an Internet bracket based vote by the fans of the Madden game to pick the cover boy.  Did Hillis win because he was a better than average power runner or because he was essentially the only starting white running back in the NFL and mostly white people voted?  Is that racist?
Whites have slowly begun to break down the wall that prevents them from playing running back and defensive end.  Blacks have busted down the middle linebacker and offensive tackle walls.  Blacks have made great strides in breaking down the wall that keeps them from playing center.  There are however two walls that do not look to be broken down any time soon and that is the black corner back and the white quarter back.  The black corner back is, believe it or not, far more complex of an issue.  The white QB however is pretty straight forward.  The NFL is designed for pro style pocket passers and from flag football to pop warner to jr high to high school to college to the NFL there exists a culture and a pressure to force white QBs to play a certain way and black QBs another way.  This culture sets the black QB up for failure every time.....but just don't actually say that because then you are a racist.



    For a dude who isn't a racist, you sure spend a helluva lot of time squawking about race. While that has the benefit of pre-occupying you from attempting to talk football, nobody gives a crap what you - or anyone else - thinks about black dudes. STFU or at least grab a new crayon & attempt to draw something more football related than CC's letter from an Augusta jail..

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