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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sanders Commings Suspended.........Native Americans Are People To You Know!

We will be without Sanders against Buffalo and Missouri.......well that ain't too bad at least we won't lose him against a Conference opponent......wait what.......Missouri?  In the SEC?  That's crazy talk.

Most disturbing about this story is:
a) We suspended a starter with no "real" NCAA violation, and
b) The Native American culture and way of life is still, in 2012, being oppressed.

Sanders is a young brave in the Slapahoe tribe and his culture dictates that when shawtys be trippin they be gettin a fat lippin.

It's crazy how much our quaint little blog affects the day to day life of the Georgia program.  Yesterday we drop a little James Brown love and next thing you know we lose a starter for Gettin' Up Offa That Thang JB style and disciplining his mouthy woman.

For real though...these Hoes be trippin, dog!


  1. Replies
    1. You know I struggled with that one and I actually asked a teacher which would be correct. I can never remember when I should use too instead of to and I can also never remember when to use whom. Oh, well. Thanks for the correction.

    2. "Too" is generally used in the same context as "as well" or "also".

      As in "your parents should be ashamed of you for making light of violence against women. Your English teacher should be ashamed of you, too."

  2. I thought his name was Chief Beatabitch from the Slapaho Tribe?

  3. Good grief, you didn't know to use "too" instead of "to". You asked a teacher and they apparently didn't know either. How is that possible? This is grade school stuff. I sure hope you didn't graduate from UGA considering the fact that you don't even understand basic English.

    1. Wow! I am guessing that you are a public high school English teacher or either a community college English professor.......either way a communist because for some reason all English teachers are communists......funny how that works. Anyway I admit to having a hard time remembering two rules and suddenly I be speakin' in Ebonics. I guess it is a good thing Faulkner didn't have a blog:
      "Hey you forgot to use periods."
      Wait a second.....if a sentence ends in the word period does it then need a period? Field that one Dr. Grammah'.

    2. In addition nothing screams "I am a tremendous douche-bag faggot with a huge suckhole for a life" quite like correcting the grammar on college football based humor blog.
      "Oh, I'm sorry about the grammatical error. I guess I just sorta let it ride while I was devoting hours of my time towards your entertainment."
      This is where you say something about how this blog is not very entertaining but I think we all know that ain't true.