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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

UGA Action Figures......You Can Take It To Da' Lake at Home!

The McFarlane Toy Company makes a number of sports based action figures.  A few years ago they decided to start making a yearly set of Action Figures (THEY ARE NOT DOLLS!) featuring current NFL stars in their college uniforms.  They have since made three sets of these college Action Firgures and each set is riddled with SEC players (they should all be SEC players because I am sure that SEC country is the only place where these things are in-demand).  The first set included Hines Ward in his Georgia uniform.  This summer there will be a new set including Cam Newton- Auburn, Tim Tebow 2nd figure- Florida, Peyton Manning 2nd figure- Tennessee, and this little bit of greatness:

Now I am not telling you how to play with your Action Figures but I would buy Manning, Tebow, and Newton......then I would use my "Munson Voice" and have all three scramble around, throw the ball, and have Champ stick em' for a pick six.  Then of course I would have Champ dance around while singing
"So I can get to stompin' in my Air Force Ones, Big Boy!"

McFarlane also makes an NFL set every year and just in time for Christmas you can get:

Again, not to tell you how to roll with your figures but.......you could buy a couple of Barbi dolls in bikinis, fill the tub up with water, and have the Sexay Beast TAKE IT TO DA' LAKE!

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  1. Got the Hines Ward touchdown catch one. Has a little pilon and everything. Great stuff.