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Monday, February 27, 2012

We Start the "Dear Colts Take Ben Jones #1 Overall" Campaign!

In 1998 the Colts.....the horrible, horrible, horrible Colts took a four year starter from the SEC.  The Colts took one of the best pure passing prospects in 25 years.  The Colts took a hard working kid with a big enough pedigree to win the Westminster Kennel Club.  The Colts became a brand on this kid's shoulders.  Peyton has won the MVP almost every other year since 1998.  Peyton has taken the Colts to numerous play-off runs, AFC championship games, and two Superbowls.  Peyton had a real case for the MVP in 2011 without taking a snap.  Why?  Simple....the Colts went from a play-off team to the Duke Bluedevils in one off-season with essentially the same team.....oh yeah except they didn't have Peyton.  Manning is arguable--no scratch that---Peyton is the best player in the NFL(Please don't bring the Brady argument here he is a system QB and has never carried the Pats on his back).
Since the Colts are obviously STUPID  they will be picking number one overall for the next 5 to 8 years and the Washington Redskins are about to be a play-off team.  So what world beaters are coming up that are soooooooo freakin awesome the Colts are going to deal the best QB/Player in the NFL?  How about this guy?

Who invited this white Erkle kid?  Close your mouth son it makes your breath stink.

Of course the Colts could be pumping these two kids up so that they can trade the #1 overall pick for a King's ransom and give Peyton some tools to work with......tools like Trent Richardson with the 4th overall pick after trading down with the Browns.  Then again I doubt the Colts are that awesome because they hired some douche to be the new GM when the Cold Blooded Ones were available to come in and re-vamp that failing franchise.  Trading away a legend for the hope of a PAC 12 QB or a Black Running QB makes about as much sense as a bluegrass cover of Snoop Dogg performed by Muppets.

So why not ensure that the most valuable neck in the NFL is always safe and secure?  Why not give Peyton a mantastic crotch to place his priceless hands under?  We here at S&G would like to start the BEN JONES #1 Campaign right here right now!  Don't screw this thing up Indy......DRAFT BEN JONES!

I think I just found the cover of the 2012 Colts "Program Guide"!


  1. Yes it's true that every person is entitled to their own opinion and if one doesn't like it, they just don't have to read it....I think that's what I'll now do with regards to your blog, because you are a friggin' idiot, a disgrace to the University of Georgia and a representative of all the bad things about the South. I hate it that we both went to UGA (Class of '86 for me).

    You're younger than me and a perfect example of the folly of your generation. You think because you think, that you are interesting. Like I said before though, you're an idiot and yes, you are a racist but that's not my problem.

    Go back under your rock, mouth-breathing, slack-jawed, quarter-wit (as you are not smart enough to be a half-wit)jag-off hump!

    1. Hmmmmm...insults without saying what you dislike about the post. Is it:
      a. The Peyton love?
      b. The Big Ben love?
      c. The Luck hate? No wait:

      "a representative of all the bad things about the South."
      Ah yes the code that I will now crack. Calling it as it is about black running QB's. In the past we have hated on white and black running QB's b/c running QB's can't win in the NFL. However, we have yet another "offended by racism" groupie who thinks he is earning points with someone somewhere.

  2. Dude: you don't know what you are talking about. I'm an UGA alum, but i live in Dallas and have had opportunities to see RG3 several times. This guys has game, throws a beautiful ball, is comfortable in the pocket and has a demonstrated high football IQ. Don't mouth off when you don't know what you are talking about. You see black and athlete and make assumptions. You are wrong.

    1. I understand your point Tex Dawg. I also understand that you may 100% believe that this kid is a better passer than Vince Young was but I am afraid you are wrong. RGIII is a great kid it appears. He certainly sounds quick on his feet unlike Vince who sounds like a retard. However, the bottom line is this:
      When faced with NFL level speed he will fall back on his feet just like Fran the Man, Elway, Steve Young, Mike Vick, Vince Young, etc. You have to be able to become a passer in the NFL (see Steve Young)and a kid like RGIII is just like Tebow.....he is not an instinctive passer and will be almost impossible to break from bad habits. You want him in the second round fine but this early and with trading away Peyton Manning...that is just plain stupid.
      **Also, it's not that Elway became a passer so much as it is that he just started giving the ball to TD
      ****Also-also Luck has a weak arm!

  3. Pop-Quiz for anyone who disagrees with this post:

    Name every black running QB to ever win a Super Bowl, GO!

  4. what a d-bag you are to have actually researched something as lame as the skin color of the SB winning QBs for the last 45 years..
    Prior to 1990, how many black dudes even played QB in the NFL? R. Cunningham & D. Williams?

    1. Wow that was racist you can't name black QB's. You just can't quit us can you 88.

      "Oh look another article on my favorite site I will disagree just because!"~You

      I didn't have to research it. No running QB regardless of skin color has ever won a SB. Young and Elway didn't get theirs until they learned to pass and/or hand the ball off. What an odd discussion we have. Warren Moon was given no love for years and years because he didn't fit the popular media's concept of a black QB. Where is the Steve McNair love? But I understand I can't point to the obvious on account of you being so progressive and what-not.

  5. well the beauty of all of this debate is that it will no longer be theoretical beginning next year.

  6. Yep, I hate myself for replying primarily because it took so long to find your insignificant blog. It appears that you have been dropped from thedawgbone.com...shocker, huh?

    To your questions: don't much care about your Peyton love (he is arguably the second best QB ever, the first being the original Colt- Johnny Unitas) or your Ben Jones love (would be a great pick-up albeit not with the #1 overall pick) or your Andrew Luck hate (who really knows how he will fare in the NFL?) My reason for discontinuing to read your blog is that it is my opinion, based upon a wide sampling of your moronic posts, is that you lack originality and mindful thought. You're basically a hack. Your tired, retread opinions of black QB's lacks is indicative of your tired, retread opinions. Basically you're just kind of irrelevent. But thanks for taking the time to waste my time...Be well and maybe you'll see the light one day...although I doubt it..but hey, what do I care? None of this is worth my time...

    1. Chris Reynolds

      So here are a few of your direct quotes:

      " it took so long to find your insignificant blog."

      but then a few lines later you say:

      "My reason for discontinuing to read your blog is that it is my opinion, based upon a wide sampling of your moronic posts"

      So which is it Chris? You couldn't find us until just now or you have been reading us for a long time and have a wide sampling from which to draw your opinion? I think the real deal is you were not able to "figure" out how to post on here with anything other than Anon until February of 2012......wait what month and year is it right now?

      Here is some evidence Chris......of all the scrambling QB's of all time only two have won a Super Bowl and they were white (and old and had learned to pass from the pocket). I am sorry if that is inconvenient for you. I think you should direct your outrage at Roger Gooddleneck's office. After all the NFL fixes things to fit their agenda as it is. Furthermore, here is another question:
      How many black QBs since Doug Williams have won the Super Bowl?......uh-oh....I'm so sorry that these uncompassionate facts are so racist!

  7. Heeeeeyyyyyyy CeeeeeeCeeeee Eeeeesssssseeeeeeecccceeee speed Bro, I like the name c c. My Daughter had a cat named C.C. The initials stood for crazy cat. As per your reply last night,er,this er, yesterday morning, I started posting on the AJC blogs years ago as Shane, my college nickname. Another Shane started posting so I became Shane#1. My greatness is exceeded only by my humility. You ain't too bad yourself, got'em salivating like Pavlov's dogs again. I know you are not the Great Dog of Bull, I was just putting a burr under your blanket. I would love to see old Ben go in the first round, but nobody waste a first round pick for a center that they can pick up in the third. Doug Williams, Steve Young and old Vinny. Has any team traded away more more good QBs than the Bucs?/BretFarveahemBretFarve/ I got drunk last night watching the Daytona 500 so I have to crash. Shane has left the building. ps Maybe I should have put a paragraph in somewhere.

    1. Paragraphs are always optional here sir.

  8. So there is no confusion...I've read you for about a month. That is quite enough to get a gist of what you are. Nothing personal..just don't agree with most of what you say.

    To be specific, your argument that RGIII won't make it because he's a black running QB is stupid. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. I disagree with your assessment of Cam Newton. He has the tools and is willing to work at being a pocket presence. If RGIII is as well, maybe he'll be a success. No one knows. He stands as good, or better, a chance than Ryan Leaf or Rick Mirer did. Time will tell.

    To be more specific and to point out your flawed logic...how many white quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl since Doug Williams did? Now compare that number to the number of white starting QB's. Basically your logic don't fly, it's simple minded and doesn't take into account a wide variety of factors. On the subject of QB's taken as #1 overall, if my memory is correct, only 4 have won a Super Bowl- Namath (#1 AFL pick), Bradshaw and both Mannings. Steve Young might have been a #1 USFL pick; I don't remember. The point is, race has nothing to do with it.

    For the record, I've never posted under anonymous. I have no problem telling you to your face that I think you're a tired, stereotypical, uninteresting, prejudicial goober. I might have been hasty on the racist comment. I don't know you to make that call.

    But, it is a free country and you are entitled to your dumbass opinions. You're even entitled to post them. And I am entitled to quit wasting my time reading them.

    1. Well normally we don't cater to little girl feelings or the PC Police but I did see how this could be mis-understood so I did a follow up post here:

      Compared to Cammy Cams RGIII does not seem like a self-centered adult 12 year old. RGIII seems like a smart kid but compared to Vince Young he sounds like Stephen Hawkins. However, the NFL will be a rude awakening for him and he will most likely not be given enough time to develop into the caliber passer necessary to stick around in the league. He will fall back on his feet and they could keep him around a la Cunningham but in the end there is no evidence to point to his style of play producing an elite level QB worthy of a top ten pick. I understand that the word "black" sent the PC alarms off but you also have to understand who we are and what we produce around here. Check the archives from last years draft coverage I believe we were particularly hard on the mythical and mystical White Mid-Western linebacker.