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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If CCRider Were an NFL GM! How to Sign Offensive Players

I'd draft and sign nothing but SEC players and I would win on the Reginald.  I have been singing this tune for years now and the most recent free-agent frenzy proves my point. 
Let's say for example we had a NFL expansion team.....let's call them the.......Birmingham (the SEC capital) Fighting Updykes.  They would wear blue, white, and yellow uniforms with this as their logo:

Anyway, we have to build a franchise and with a few weeks left until the draft we need to infuse our new young team with established veteran leadership.  If we play our cards right (and I mean if we go straight SEC) we will build a contender on day one.  Here is the CCRider free agent strategy that would lay the foundation for a dynasty:

Peyton Manning: Starter-  It cost Denver $96 million over the next five years to land the greatest QB of his generation (and maybe of all time if he stays healthy).  The Updykes would have paid over $100 million if need be and we would have shamelessly pandered to Manning's well documented love of the SEC to bring him into the fold.
Jason Campbell: Back-Up- This years draft class is thin at QB in SEC terms.  Matt Flynn would not be an option as he will want to start and signing Rex Grossman would be the exact opposite of attempting to build a winner.
Running Back-
Peyton Hillis: Starter-  Now you have to understand that current NFL requires a two back system.  Hillis would be your grind it our power back who can carry the ball 20 to 25 times in a game.  The Browns over worked him and left him banged up all the time.
BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Change of Pace Back- Coming from the Patriots system he is well equipped to be a role player.  An explosive athlete Green-Ellis would be the third down back and would be the featured back on two to three series in a game.  BenJarvus would also be a great player to work in as a slot receiver and quasi H-back.
Ronnie Brown: Back-Up- You would have a number of choices here- Cadillac Williams, Joseph Addai, or Jerious Norwood.  In the end Brown is more durable than Cadillac, consistent than Addai, and experienced than Norwood.
Full Back-
Le'Ron McClain: Starter- McClain gives you a lot.  A blocking full back, a pass catcher out of the back field, and a FB that can actually run.  Getting McClain gives you a lot options in a single player and he is younger and more talented than Earnest Graham.
Jacob Hester: Spot Starter- Hester like McClain is a value signing.  He is too small to be a TE and too untalented to be a running back.  However, as an H-back he can be a match-up nightmare against line backers in the short passing game.  He is also a back-up full back and a running back in a pinch.
Wide Receiver-
The Chiefs franchised Dwayne Bowe and Mike Wallace is a RFA and not really worth what you would have to give up to get him.  Alshon Jeffery could be had in the second round of the draft but he is most likely not a true #1 receiver.  In this free agent class there is no true #1 but there are a number of wide outs that could be serviceable (especially considering that we have Peyton).
Robert Meachum, Donte Stallworth, Early Doucet, and Andre Caldwell- Meachum and Doucet would likely be your starters with Stallworth in the slot and Caldwell in spot situations.
Tight End-
Jacob Tamme: Starter- Tamme would have familiarity with Peyton from their Colts days and Tamme has shown flashes of great ability.
Leonard Pope: 2nd TE- A very big target who has under-performed as a professional.  Pope is not as talented as Randy McMichael who is available but Pope is much younger.  Pope is also more talented than Donald Lee who is also available.
Offensive Tackle-
Marcus McNeil: Left Tackle- Great size and tons of talent but with major durability issues. 
Dennis Roland: Right Tackle- By no means a long term solution but tremendous size and decent run blocking ability would make him serviceable.
Tony Ugoh, Stacy Andrews: Back-Ups- Andrews is on the down slope of his career and Ugoh would be a player that is a bit of a risk as he has never lived up to his potential.
Offensive Guard-
Ben Grubbs: Left Guard- A talented mauler who has nimble feet and excellent upper body strenght.  A long term solution to the LG position.
Evan Mathis: Right Guard- One of the most underrated players in the NFL in the prime of his career.  Mathis would bring stability to the RG position for at least three years.
Todd McClure: Starter- Scott Wells is also available and is younger but is less durable and talented than McClure.  McClure would be little more than a stop gap and may not provide an answer at center for more than one season.

As the Nature Boy Slick Rick would say "Just like that" the Fighting Updykes are a pretty good offensive team:
QB- Peyton Manning
RB- Peyton Hillis / BenJarvus Green-Ellis
FB- Le'Ron McClain
TE- Jacob Tamme
WR- Robert Meachum / Early Doucet
OL- Marcus McNeil, Ben Grubbs, Todd McClure, Evan Mathis, Dennis Roland
Bench- Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown, Jacob Hester, Donte Stallworth, Andre Caldwell, Leonard Pope, Tony Ugoh, Stacy Andrews

Tomorrow GM Rider shows you how to build a defense based on shrewd FA signings of former SEC players.  Coming soon GM Rider will show you how to set up your draft board and draft properly.


  1. You would draft Jason Campbell over Eli Manning or Matthew Stafford?

    1. No Kev. This is only this year’s available free agents we are talking about not the draft.
      Here I am showing how an expansion team could pursue free agents.