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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NFL = Good Old Fashion Facism.

Now before all the Falcunes fans get on here and start talking crap about the Saints and calling us Saints fans let me clear......I do not give a crap about the Saints just as I do not give a crap about the Falcunes.  In fact I don't give a crap about the NFL other than to keep track of former SEC and especially Georgia players.  I have waxed poetic on here before about how the NFL is nothing more than an open air, 100 yard field version of the Arena League.  Defensive players are simply not allowed to play actual football.

Now before the all the troglodytes get on here and start crying about player safety let me say this......if you sit around and think about player safety then get your purse and start going to soccer matches but don't go with a group of guys who feel the same way as you do unless you all want to be on the same cycle.  Does anyone really think that the following is a true statement:

"You will get $10,000 if you physically rip Tom Brady's head from his body."

This like all of the Saints bounties were simply over the top statements intended to give a false sense of intensity and bravado to the players who are on the side of the ball that are not allowed to actually play football.  I heard some idiot on ESPN radio earlier say that it was not so much the bounties as it was the fact that Gooseneck told them to stop it and they didn't.  That's right........Gooseneck dropped the hammer in true Machiavellian fashion because a subject heeded not to his orders. 
Sean Peyton got a year and Greg Williams is most likely done forever in the NFL.

Back in the early 80's a bunch of rich dudes got together and started a competitor to the NFL.  There were no gimmicks it was simply played in the Spring and put teams in cities that would most likely never get an NFL franchise.  They then began to lure top NFL talent away: #34 himself, Reggie White, Jim Kelly, Steve Young, etc.   Now with the current state of the NFL I have a business model proposal:
1. Get some rich dudes
2. Get them to start a new Spring league
3. Allow defensive players to actually play football
4. Go after the top college defensive talent every year and pay them top dollar while promising to not take that money away from them in fines if they should actually tackle someone.
5. Possibly keep the teams in the larger metro areas of the South and focus in on players from Southern schools (after all no real defensive player comes from anywhere else).
6. After five or so years begin to focus in on top running back prospects because the NFL is making the RB position a thing of the past and a new defensive league will need RBs in a big way.
7. Do not allow Donald Trump to buy one of the teams.
8. In about 10 years move to the fall and compete with the National Quasi-Arena League Football League.

Here is the first free agent that the new league must make signing a priority:


  1. I'm a huge Saints fan and follow all former Rebs like you do the Dawgs. Willis isn't a sellout like the Jerry's, Mike Wallace, and Michael Oher. When he's introduced on the lineup it's "Patrick Willis, Ole Miss". The others, "Mike Wallace, "O. Perry Walker High School". All the ones listed state their high school as if their H.S. had a damn thing to do with them getting into the NFL. Pisses me off to no end. McCluster is also not a sellout. "Dexter McCluster, Ole Miss". Sorry for the rant. I hate ungrateful mofuggas.

  2. As for the suspensions, something tells me we haven't heard the last of it yet. They've yet to go after the players like Vilma, etc. I do think it was harsh as hell and if Goodell thinks the Saints are the only ones doing it, he's a fucking moron.

  3. Potential litigation is driving all of this. You have a league where salaries have increased a great deal over the years and which comes out of the owner's pockets. So the players are suing the owners for running a mean nasty league where they received injuries and concussions. The players received the big salaries, played when hurt, actually inflicted the injuries on other players and now want a bigger slice of the pie from the owners own money. Not their share but from the owner’s share.

    Goodell is not driving this. The owners have to take a hard stance in order to protect themselves from all potential litigation. So, look for the disclaimers in player contracts to become very clear and players will be kicked out of the league for things which in the old days only merited a fine or one game suspension. The owners will not care what the players union thinks when they start to lose money in these lawsuits.