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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thanks for a great career Hines. Now about your next career...

Hines Ward has retired from the NFL, and most are discussing his eventual stop in Canton for the Hall of Fame (Wasn't that Jammi German a great pick?).

But from a Georgia perspective, could this be a huge boost? Hines said a little while back he dreamed of coaching in Athens under Mark Richt. Well let the dream now come true.

Yes, the NCAA allows on a certain number of assistants, and we're at our limit. But the man could easily enroll in Athens and pursue a graduate degree of his choosing, and become a grad assistant. After making upwards of $50,000,000 in his NFL career, an assistant job making under $250,000 isn't going to mean much, that is if he's even wanting to put in the long, thankless hours of being a coach. But we'll take him at his word, that his dream is to coach, and as a football lifer, it makes sense.

The benefits of Hines on the staff in any capacity are incalculable. He's got the smile and charm for mamas, as evidence by his Dancing With the Stars success. He's got the rings for recruits and their daddy's. He'd be a huge weapon in recruiting, even if his role doesn't allow him to recruit off campus. He knows football well, having been a jack of all trades under Donnan (excelling at RB, WR, QB, and return man), and playing 14 years under various NFL systems that were often among the more creative in the NFL. He'd be an asset for Bobo, to both bounce ideas off of and to give him better ideas. He's got special teams experience, and would be a huge boost on that 1/3 of the game (and that could be a primary role as a grad assistant without sacrificing one of the current staff now). He's got the eye, and expertise, to be a type the NFL calls "quality control", recognizing what you do right, what you do wrong, and how opponents will attack. He'd be beyond ideal on staff.

Somehow, someway, this needs to happen. Hopefully before the season starts, or at least by next year. Who knows, when 2013 rolls around, we might even have an opening (#MikeB4SC).

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  1. You've just given me many more reasons why I want to visit!