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Friday, March 16, 2012

This is a prime example of what is wrong with the world!

John McCain...not only a selfish piece of human garbage who placed his own ambition above the good of his country but also the poster boy for many Dawg fans who lie to themselves about what is really important in terms of a football program.

This past Wednesday I spent much of my morning trying to come to grips with the fact that Alabama and Mississippi voted for a big spending, yankee, former Pennsylvania Senator over a former Georgia House member for President.  All of this on the heels of a yankee school being given access to the SEC.  You may now hang your head for the South is being killed a little more each and every day.  At first I was going to sit around and wish that obesity and STD's would over-run Alabama and Mississippi but apparently that wish was pre-granted about 20 years ago.....so I did a little Dawg-O-Sphere searching.  I found a story that interested me enough to actually read the comments over at Get the Picture.
Now with an already fragile psyche the last thing that I needed was to see someone (without the slightest bit of shame) expound on the virtues of self-defeatism and mediocrity.  However, that is exactly what I got from a posted comment over at GTP.  I am not going to name any names but here is the post as I saw it:

"Richt probably won’t ever get a national title, and I’m okay with that. I think the national championship is overemphasized in NCAA football. There are too many variables and outside forces to make that a legit criterion. Now, contenting for national championships is another question and we haven’t done that since 2005. Either way, I don’t see Richt’s lack of a BCS championship as a serious defect.
At the same time, I hope we don’t see another multi-season lapse under Richt."

The Cold Blooded Response to this:
Step 1:  Locate lighter fluid,
Step 2: Locate lighter,
Step 3: Locate own face,
Step 4: Apply said lighter fluid to said face,
Step 5: Strike lighter in close proximity to face,
Step 6: Allow face to burn.

Now for those of you who do not get our sense of humor and/or are Shiite Richt-O-Philes let me say that I understand what this poster was saying.  However, let me give you a very similar statement and you tell me if this shocks your senses:
"Sure I understand that Hitler ordered the murder of about one million Jews, but I'm ok with that.  You have to understand he didn't actually kill them himself it was just more collateral damage as a result of his attempt at world conquest.  I think the value of life is overemphasised when juxtaposed against the backdrop of attempting to take over the world.  I mean you gotta' crack a few eggs to make an omelet, right?"
or how about this one:
"I understand that a lot of Catholic Priests have molested children.  I'm okay with that because they don't molest them all and for some of those children they have a huge positive impact in their lives so it all comes out in the wash."
I just keep waiting for Dawg Nation to have that Vietnam moment in which we ask ourselves......."What exactly is our objective here and if defined is it the right objective?"
The bottom line is this......."YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAMES!"
Nothing else matters.  NOTHING! Everything that you put value in and give credence to instead of winning is a lie.  You are fooling yourself and if you hate this blog it is because we are ever shinning the harsh reality of the truth into your fantasy world of important moral victories.
You see you are weak if you buy into this thought process.  The weak hate the strong because they envy the strength that they lack.  The weak cry out against the strong, create a fantasy world of odd quasi-rules and morality designed to control the strong, and ever conspire to limit the strong.  This is where the Democratic Party, political correctness, Communism, and basically everything in the world that makes the world less enjoyable comes from.  So what is a Cold Blooded One expected to do?  Just wait.......point out the weakness as we see it my children, and allow things to get so bad that the weak will have no choice but to one day say "We were weak and petty....our way has failed.  Now let the strong do as they will and save us."  We much like our hero, George S. Patton Jr. we will simply wait until Eisenhower has squandered American lives in a botched invasion of North Africa.  Once Ike realized that shackin' up with is British Mistress while Rommel kicked our teeth in was a bad thing he picked up the phone and called Patton.  One day they will call my Cold Blooded Ones just you wait and see.


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  2. Invoking Godwin's Law. Oh no you di'int!!! http://photobucket.com/albums/h228/burnsk73/saddam.gif

    1. Is it really Godwin's law? I mean we didn't compare anyone to the Nazi's specific system of beliefs we simply took the "a single life has less meaning when attempting to conquer the world for the good of the heard argument."
      See Nazi apologizers put greater emphasis on a less important thing (world conquest) than on the more important thing (life)--just as ROP's put more emphasis on moral victories than championships.

  3. CeeeeeCeeee, Hey Bro, esssseeeeecccceeeeespeeeeeeeeed! Interesting post, but Ike did not decide to end the affair,Gen. Marshall decided for Ike. Here is the way I heard the story from some people in the know. Marshall got wind of the affair and ordered Ike to end it.Ike said he was going to resign, divorce Mamie, and marry the young lady. Marshall informed Ike that there would be no divorce, and that Ike would remain at his post and do his duty. Everything was kept on the QT because it was wartime and the joint chiefs did not want the distraction. Ike carried out his orders as he was sworn to do. The young lady was a British Sgt., thus an enlisted person under Ike's command, thus the affair was illegal. All affairs by officers were and are frowned upon in the service.

  4. Your first mistake was actually reading the comments on that site. They have some of the dumbest booboo supporters on God's earth there.