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Friday, April 27, 2012

Best of the Rest- The 15 Best Players Still on the Board for Round 2

Remember Kids---The Sgt. Osiris Rule is still in play:

Friday is now the day in which teams are built.  The 2nd and 3rd rounds allow you to take a few more risks without violating the Osiris Rule (Round 1, just so you know, is not the place to test the Osiris Rule).  By our Cold Blooded calculations there were at least 13 players taken yesterday that were not 1st round material (and at least 6 that were not even 2nd round material).  Our calculations also show that there are at least 6 players still available with a 1st round grade and 9 others who were on the line between the 1st and 2nd rounds in their grades.  Here are the best players still hanging around:

1. Courtney Upshaw- OLB Alabama:  The Packers, Patriots, and Texans all whiffed on the chance to take a player perfect for the 3-4 and with experience in this system.  Expect Upshaw to be gone very soon this evening.
2. Alshon Jeffery- WR USCe:  The Cardinals, 49ers, and Titans all stretched for WRs and all made huge mistakes with their 1st round picks.  I expect Alshon to get gobbled up by the Rams...maybe with the first pick of the second round.  I still believe that Alshon is the best WR in this draft.
3.Bobby Massie- OT Ole Miss: 3rd best OT in the draft and a guy who could have easily been a 1st round pick.
4. Cordy Glenn- G UGA: If you want him as a OT then he is a mid-2nd round pick if you want him as a guard then he is just slightly behind DeCastro who is the top guard of the draft.
5. Peter Konz- C Wisconsin: Top center of the draft.  O-linemen from Iowa are tricky because they are so well coached; O-linemen from Wisconsin are just plain good.  Konz anchored arguably the best O-line in college football over the past two years.
6. Orson Charles- TE UGA: A nightmare mismatch for almost any line backing corp in the league.  Penalized by most because his true potential was never shown under the coordination of I Has A Crayon.
7. Reuben Randle- WR LSU: LSU has produced so many receivers in the past 8 years that some of their guys can get lost in the shuffle.  Randle has great size, great hands, and great instincts. 
8. Jared Crick- DL Nebraska: Has played DE and DT while at Nebraska.  Overshadowed by Suh, then injured, then moved out of DT and into DE.  All of these things hurt his production but could be a steal for the right team.
9. Josh Chapman- DT Alabama: Short by most standards but a powerhouse nose that would be great in the 3-4.
10. Coby Fleener- TE Stanford:  Not the mismatch nightmare that Charles is at this position but he is a better blocker than Orson and like most of the Stanford Cardinal that we have seen in the draft the past few years he is a very smart player.
11. Jonathan Martin- OT Stanford: Honestly too finesse to be a LT but much like Chris Williams from Vanderbilt that went to the Bears a few years back could be a RT or a left guard.
12. Janoris Jenkins- CB N.Alabama:  1st round talent still on the board.  Why you ask, simple:
He was kicked off of the Florida Gators team under Urban Meyer.......the only real question is just how many dead bodies are there.
13. Jake Bequette- DE Arkansas: Think Jarret Johnson formerly of the Ravens now with the Chargers.  A white DE from the SEC who could excel if converted to a pass rush OLB in the NFL.
14. Brandon Boykin- CB/KR Georgia:  Can be molded into a nickle corner but a huge value as a kick off /punt returner and gunner in punt coverage.
15. Andre Branch- DE Clampsun: A less talented but almost as lazy version of Quinton Couples.

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