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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Can We Get An Overall 20% Impairment Rating?

Personal Injury Legal Work (Ambulance Chasing) is considered "sleazy" by most people's standards.  Of course that is until your car is totaled and you get offered 70% of what it actually costs and then you can only access $25,000 from the the person who hit you and you have $350,000 in medical bills.  Then the ambulance chaser becomes Matlock as far as you are concerned.
So as we sat in the Ol' Curiosity Shop this afternoon we had a personal injury walk in client.  Needless to say we were somewhat surprised when that client was Slutty Bobby-P.  Here is how the consultation went:

CC: Obviously you were hurt....do you have an accident report.
BP: Sure do.
CC: Well I see the other party was charged with the accident.
BP: Let me axe you a question.  How much money you think Ima get?
CC: Well I can't really say because I'm not sure what your injuries are. 
BP: Well you know I mean like......I be in....you know ugscrutiatin' pain....it be like the whole left side of my body just be hurtin.  Oh, and like my neck and my back is like it ain't never gone be the same.
CC: Hmmmmm.....I think we may need to send you over to Ken Nugent.

(alright you got me this is not a conversation that we had with Petrino it is however a conversation we have at least five times a week with all sorts of pillars of the community.)


  1. Of course that is until your car is totaled and you get offered 70% of what it actually costs and then you can only access $25,000 from the the person who hit you and you have $350,000 in medical bills. Then the ambulance chaser becomes Matlock as far as you are concerned..

    Um...No. Unless you're homeless or an uninsured idiot, the reason you have health insurance is so that you won't have to hire some sleazy d-bag "attorney".. LMFAO that you try to portray the bottom of the sleaze barrel & the reason EVERYTHING costs way more than it should - fear of stupid lawsuits - as some kind of noble knights. Ambulance chasers are the scum of the planet & we'd all be much better off without their sorry, lying asses.
    I'm gonna laugh about this all day. Matlock? Really? What's next, the pimps cruising downtown ATL are really here to help us? IRS agents are the salt of the earth? Ha!
    Some 'tard suing the hell out of everything & evryone is really a hero, not the slimeball we always thought? Thanks for the laugh!

    1. 88,

      Ah yes the slack jawed masses that heard something one time and now they think it is the gospel. Well if you could get your penis out of your sister long enough to pay attention I will enlighten you.
      Your "health insurance" is not in play when you are the victim of 3rd party negligence. You see in Georgia the hospital is not required to turn your bills over to your health insurance. What's that you say (well not you 88 because you are a mouth breather) the hospital can't do that I have a contract with my health insurance provider. I pay them each month and in return they pay my medical bills. Well here in Georgia anyone who prevents that contract from being executed is guilty of tortious 3rd party interference with the execution of a contract. Well that is except for the hospital in the case of 3rd party negligence.
      Who do you have there 88, United Health Care? Blue Cross Blue Shield? Well guess what numb nuts when the hospital doesn't turn that bill over then your health insurance will deny it because you violated your end of the contract by not getting them the bills within a certain time period after the initial treatment. "Well I would give the bills myself" of course you will turd brain but guess what you can't it has to come from the provider i.e. the Hospital.
      L-M-F-A-O that you are gay enough to use LMFAO and once again got on our blog and talked straight out of your ass. Do me a favor shit for brains call your health insurance company and ask them what happens if the hospital doesn't provide them with the bills. Then get an O.C.G.A. (official code of Georgia—or for you and your limited understanding “our laws”) and look up at what time does a Hospital lien attach to a patient. You go right ahead and see if that $350,000 bill doesn't financially ruin you… health insurance and all.
      Thanks for the laugh that was actually me feeling sorry for what a dumbass you are. Check the laws before you step up again son.

  2. you're a complete idiot. I own an inurance agency. I've seen dozens of auto accient claims fully paid by health insurance carriers. Now if some d-bag "attorney" files some bullshit gold digger suit, I wouldn't be surprised if both the hospital & insurance carrier halt all payments & turn everything over to their respective legal dept..
    You're actually advising your "clients" with this bullshit?? File a lawsuit because the hospital would rather not get paid by their health insurance carrier? And this is all because the hospital didn't send the bills to the carrier? That's utter & complete bullshit.. The hospital would rather deal with a d-bag lawyer than actually get paid by the carrier?? You're a complete moron. Didn't think my opinion of lawyers could slip any further, but it just did.

  3. Had my license since '99 & have had clients file thousands of health insurancee claims over that time - obviously a certain % of those were from auto accidents. Never, not one time has the scenario you describe occurred.. 'Course I tend to advise my clients to file claims with their carrier, not hire some hero lawyer like yourself, out there solely to make sure justice is served to the huddled ignorant masses.

    Here's a thought.. What would health care really cost if there were no lawyers?? How much would a new car cost if there were no lawyers? How much would insurance premiums be if there were no slimy d-bag lawyers to feed??

    1. I am sure you do 88. I'm sure you are everything you say you are at least in your own mind. If you owned an insurance agency then you would know all about the laws that allow Hospitals to not report to the health insurance provider and file a lien.

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Since you are the King of Georgia Insurance why don't you explain add on as opposed to reduced UM coverage? That alone explains why lawyers are needed and I don't have to explain that since you are so well versed in insurance law, right?

    2. So you're a lawyer now? Just making shit up as you go here numbnuts.

  4. Right, now you're gonna tell us it was the brave hero lawyers who rescued us all from the evil, greedy insurance carriers by forcing them to offer added-on UM in GA? Added-on just gives you more coverage, i.e. underinsured instead of just uninsured motorists coverage. Big deal. You 'get' more coverage in return for paying more premium. Who cares?
    On behalf of the huddled masses, thank you fo' gittin' all us a better deal, d-bag.
    And thanks for forcing McDonalds to not serve their coffee real hot. What a freakin' boon to society you f'in leeches have been. Right up there with f'in democrat politicians, who are by and large..."attorneys". No wonder this Republic is f'in doomed with you assmonkeys in charge of the govt & looting the damn treasury like a bunch of banana republic African dictators from the damn Congo.

    1. No all states have UM and in most states it is add on. In Georgia you can get UM reduced which means you think you have UM until there is an accident and then you don't because the liability coverage cancels it out. Odd becuase UM is designed to cover you when the liability is not enough. So you pay for the additional coverage only it is not additional coverage and so the insurance company is just taking your money. I guess that is the the fault of lawyers.

  5. and speaking of the greater good that lawyers bring our society when protecting us from those evil hospitals, I recently read of a $2M lawsuit filed by a dude against the hospital where he was being treated. He was suing the hospital for not preventing him from raping another patient. Yes, an honorable member of the bar had no problem taking this case. In fact the d-bag rapist probably had his choice of fine trial lawyer heroes from which to choose.
    What other occupation - besides politicians - so rewards acting with a total disregard for integrity & a total lack of respect for the rule of law?
    What other occupation exists solely to encourage people to blame others for their own actions?
    I also read recently where the parents of Columbine kids gunned down sued video game makers because they blamed the games for turning those kids into killers. Don;t you just know there were d-bag lawyers lined up to take that case? Doesn't matter what's right. Doesn't matter what's honorable. Just go for the deep pockets & try to win the lottery. And the rest of us pay through the ass for the increased cost of doing business because of you assclown lawyers.
    Look at your phone, desk, window, parking lot...every product & service we use has a grossly inflated cost because of the fear of frivolous lawsuits. F'in asshats!

    1. Wow really you "heard" of a lawsuit in which someone sued because he wasn't allowed to rape someone. You are by far the biggest moron to ever post on this blog and that is saying something. What was the cause of action in that case? Where was that case? Who was the lawyer? You must have read that in the newspaper that is published in the fantasy world between your ears. You know the one where you are an insurance agent.