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Thursday, April 26, 2012

MERRY DRAFT DAY! Time To Get Your Kiper Hedge On.

Sometimes six consecutive championships just isn't enough to prove your superiority.  When titles aren't enough you can use the draft to show the nation just how much better you are at football than everyone else.  By our calculations the SEC should be sending roughly 44 players to the NFL over the next three days.  While that is not surprising here is what is surprising- the West will outshine the East 26 to 18.  In the past the division has been almost even.  This year the West has eight more players looking to go than the East.  Additionally of the 12 players that could go in the first the West will send 9 and the East only three (with 2/3 of those players coming from USCe).
Anytime one Conference sends more than 35 players in a single draft they can crow about their talent level.  The SEC has averaged 40 players a year since 2000, and by the way next year we can count two more teams in the SEC.  If we could count AnM and Mizzou this year the total would be 52 players with 6 coming from AnM and two from Mizzou.
Here is the team by team breakdown with the projected round posted by the players name:

Cordy Glenn  OL  (1)
Brandon Boykin CB (2-3)
Orson Charles TE (2-3)
Ben Jones C (3)

Melvin Ingram DE (1)
Stephon Gilmore CB (1)
Alshon Jeffery WR (2)
Antonio Allen S (4)
Travian Robertson DL (5)

Chris Rainey RB (4)
Jaye Howard DL (5)

Tauren Poole RB (5)
Malik Jones DE (5)

Winston Guy S (5)
Danny Trevathan LB (6)

Casey Hayward CB (3)
Tim Fugger DE (5)
Sean Richardson S (6)

Trent Richardson RB (1)
Mark Barron S (1)
Dre Kirkpatrick CB (1)
Courtney Upshaw LB (1)
Dont'a Hightower LB (1)
Josh Chapman DL (3)
DeQuan Menzie CB (4)
Brad Smelley TE (7)

Morris Claiborne CB (1)
Michael Brockers DL (1)
Reuben Randle WR (2)
Brandon Taylor S (3)
Ron Brooks CB (3)
Deangelo Peterson TE (5)
Will Blackwell OG (5)

Fletcher Cox DT (1)
Vick Ballard RB (5)
Quentin Saulsberry C (7)

Ole Miss
Bobby Massie OT (1-2)
Brandon Bolden RB (6)

Jake Bequette DE (4)
Joe Adams WR (4)
Greg Childs WR (4-5)
Jarius Wright WR (6)
Jerry Franklin LB (7)

Brandon Mosley OT (4-5)


  1. I'd add at least Butler to our tally. With his pedigree, hang time, and length, he'll at least garner a 6th or 7th round pick for someone needing a punter, if not a 5th.

    1. I 100% agree but I left all K/P off the list because it is so hard to judge those guys.

  2. My BOYS get the stud corner needed to solidify our secondary - Mo Claiborne....welcome to big D.


  3. Brandon Bolden went undrafted and picked up after it was over by the Pats, but maybe the Pats know something about Ole Miss RB's. They have one on the roster that went undrafted now. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BenJarvus_Green-Ellis