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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sports and Grits gets it's wish, again!

You've seen the immense influence we have in Athens, as our recruiting is going great and continues to explode since we arrived on the scene. Mark Richt has followed our advice, to great success last year. Mark Fox may slowly, but finally, be on the same path.

Now, the S&G power players gets another wish in the hoops program. It's not official, but the little birds are chirping that the long desired addition to Mark Fox's staff may finally be happening. We wanted to see Jonas Hayes hired over a year ago, and it seems like we're gonna add him to the staff. Callou, callai, what a wonderful day!

You imbeciles question our influence. Is there any doubt now who pulls the strings in Athens, and pulls the right ones?

Pushed to the top one more again, just to remind y'all who runs this state.

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