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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Todd Gurley, the next MEAST Safety?

We all got excited about landing not just 1, but 2 elitely talented rushers out of North Carolina. Keith Marshall has already arrived, and shown off his electric speed. But the under the radar back, Todd Gurley, may be even better. He has elite track speed as a hurdler, on a bigger, more powerful frame. He could be a Rodney Hampton type back for Georgia, or could he be something completely different? We've got backs, with Boo Malcome and Isaiah Crowell, as well as Marshall and the hopefully incoming Derrick Henry (amongst other potential top rushers in the 2013 class). And we all know about a desperate need to fill the disturbingly thin depth chart in the defensive backfield. So, with that in mind, and the load of backs we already have on the board, could Gurley be destined for greatness somewhere other than an offensive backfield?
Butch Davis recruited Gurley for North Carolina when he was still the Tar Heels’ coach. “He doesn’t have the electrifying speed, but I’ll tell you what’s intriguing about Todd Gurley,” Davis said on ESPNU on signing day. “In camps when you watched him, he reminds me of the kid that I recruited to the University of Miami that did similar things in high school by the name of Sean Taylor. Sean was a high school running back and we flipped him over to play strong safety and he became one of college football’s greatest strong safeties.” Gurley said he played safety the first eight games of his senior season before moving to defensive end. He said Georgia has not talked to him about playing safety.

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  1. Jack Tatum was recruited as a running back at tOSU. Woody switched him to safety, where he became known as "the Assassin" and a Hall of famer in the NFL. Thomas Davis played both ways at Randolph Clay HS and led the team in touchdowns as a running back. So it's not unheard of, I want to see that kid at RB though, UGA hasn't had that kind of power and speed in a while. Maybe Lump if he could have stayed healthy.