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Friday, May 18, 2012

The University of Texas....College Football's One Legged Man at a Butt Kickin' Contest

So work and other top secret projects have been occupying our time lately but nothing can bring us back to the blogging table quicker than the chance to laugh at the University of Texas.  So in case you missed it here is a re-cap of SEC expansion from start up until today.
1. SEC invites Texas and Texas A&M, then
2. Texas craps pants at the prospect of having to play more than two decent teams in a year, then
3. Texas runs and hides from the SEC.  SEC follows the doo-doo smell and finds Texas' hiding place, then
4. Texas cries, holds breath, pitches hissey fit, and says that the SEC does not have enough true research facilities, then
5. SEC offers Chokelahomo, then
6. Chokelahomo calls their Masters in Austin to ask permission for the ability to ask for permission to consider if they should ask permission to consider the SEC's offer.  Texas denies this request.
7. SEC gets stuck with Missouri, then
We get today's decision to have the Big 12 champion play the SEC champion every year.  This is confusing because the main goal of Texas and Oklahoma in all of this has been to avoid having to play the best in the SEC every year.....yet now they will......play the best in the SEC every year.  Wow!  Texas really out maneuvered all of us on this one.  So we can now officially write Texas and Oklahoma out of every having a chance to ever win the National Title ever again.  Want to hear what a retard thinks about all of this?  Well here goes:

"This is another example of the strength and stability of the Big 12 Conference," Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds said in a statement.


  1. "So we can now officially write Texas and Oklahoma out of every having a chance to ever win the National Title ever again." Actually, if Texas or ChokeU are ranked high enough to go to the BCS NC, the #2 team in the Big-12 will play in the SEC-Big-12 matchup. That game will only see the top SEC and top Big-12 team only if both conference's best team isn't ranked high enough to get into the BCS-NC. This means the ACC/BigEast/PAC/B1G will have teams ranked higher than the SEC's and the Big-12's best. If that anomaly ever occurs, the end of the world is near. That is, unless the BCS decides to screw over another SEC #1 as they did with the PlainEagles.

  2. Dodds will never be anyone's whipping boy...including Mike Slive. Dodds runs the show in the Big 12....and will always run the show....wherever the burnt orange may land.