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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You Can't Express Concerns in May.....can you?

So the other day Corbindawg over at the Grit Tree (No Relation) asked could Georgia protect their name and reputation.  The story was picked up on a message board and one of our old flings jumped onto Corbin for his story.  I guess our recent time off left some of our closet case, self loathing , Richt-O-Philes desperate to go off on someone roughly associated with grits. 

Now we like Ol' Corbin over here at S&G but like all true believers Corbin was a little shocked that he could be on the receiving end of the Shiite Richt-O-Phile wrath.  So just for Corbin here are a few things you have to remember about Richt-O-Philes.

1. They treat last years record like Liberals treat the Constitution.  If you have never sat in a Con-Law class with a bunch of hippies then let me explain.  If the Constitution helps their cause they want to strictly interpret- but if the Constitution doesn't help then they want to interpret the thing until it says something that it doesn't say at all.  ROPs roll this way with the record from the year before.  If the Dawgs are 6-6 then ROPs demand that you look at the records of Georgia's opponents but if they are 10-4 then ten wins are ten wins and you may say nothing else about the matter.
2. THIS IS THE YEAR!!!!!  Sure we said last year was the year but that was just a slight mis-calculation on our part.  Now this year, this YEAR, THIS YEAR.............THIS IS THE YEAR !  (and if not this year then definately next year.....or the next..or maybe the next....maybe)
3. All writings, comments, or thoughts about the University of Georgia's football program must be prefaced with he following disclaimer or else you are subject to ROP attack:
"Mark Richt is the greatest football coach in the history of football and anything that I write, say, or think about this subject is always with the knowledge that Richt is the greatest person I have ever heard of."

So be careful there Corbin.....there are a lot of days between now and the Missouri game and anything you write short of "Georgia will win the National Title" is sacrilege to the ROP mind and will not be tolerated.