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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crowell wasn't that bad

Our much hyped #1 took a lot of grief last year, and seems to be putting in the work this summer. Well, looking at his highlights as a freshman, if he's getting better, the SEC best get ready for a stud.


  1. Beware of highlight videos. We absolutely SUCKED last year, and suck balls. Watching this sugarcoats our suckage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0A5kLlRIG0

  2. But no one on Ole Miss has anywhere close to Crowell's ability.

  3. Sure we do. Running backs have never been one of Ole Miss's problems. To say anything contrary is disingenuous at best.

    1. And to compare Ole Miss RBs to a guy who was a top rated recruit nationally, and when healthy, was a very dominant back. We're talking about a guy who barring injury and suspension would have easily topped 1000 yds last year, and even with those issues won SEC Freshman of the Year, and Freshman of the Week multiple times. Comparing his talent and ability to anything Ole Miss has right now, is also 'disingenuous at best'.

      We're not talking about polishing a fat turd here, like that Ole Miss video, we're talking about the glimpses of a very special player, who had some issues last year as a freshman, and from all summer reports has put those issues far in his rearview mirror.

    2. Wait, you're talking about the guy ya'll trashed all last year, right?

    3. You must have us confused with others. Neither I, nor CC, "trashed" him "all last year". We thought he did well, and had an issue with injuries.

  4. BTW, given the fact that Georgia had a much more complete team, better coaching, and a helluva lot better offensive line protecting Crowell, I'll take Jeff Scott's numbers at Ole Miss all day long. He put up the same average numbers without having near the amount of help that Crowell had opening up lanes for him. With the players Crowell has around him, he SHOULD have topped 1000 yards.



    We have many damn good players on the roster. We just had piss-poor coaching decisions, starting with Jeremiah Masoli.

  5. I like Crowell the athlete/runner. I did not much care for Crowell the chirper after each good run, or the poor teammate (and I mean that with all due respect as an outsider). If he matures, he may turn out to be the guy you've been waiting for all these years since Edwards (not knocking Moreno either, but thinking Edwards was the last complete Dawg RB).