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Thursday, June 7, 2012

NCAA 13 numbers leaking out

http://www.sbnation.com/ncaa-football/2012/6/6/3066983/ncaa-football-13-team-player-ratings SBNation has some of the info, including ratings for every team in the game. We know some of y'all love this stuff, like CC, so we'll lead you to the early scoop. And I know I'm not the only one confused by Georgia's rankings. Yeah, we return some talented backs, lots of recieving stats, and a veteran QB. But how the hell is our O rated better than a D including beasts at the nose, All American candidates at LB in Jones and Tree, and a deep, veteran, fast, skilled defensive backfield, that for gaming purposes, weed doesn't = suspension (and often = improved play, or so you think before that 11 yr old kid in Idaho smokes you 84-6).


  1. Well, don't you know, we automatically score 30+ points every game. Our offense is not the problem. Cough, cough. It's that darn defense giving up turnovers, going 3 and out, not stopping the special teams from letting other folks score.

  2. I don't know about this site - weak as of late.

    Coach softie signs a 5 year deal with virtually no buyout, Grantham gets big bucks with a $75k/yr bumper (woohoo), Sasha Reinhart is busted on backpage.com and Auburn bros. are capped in LaGhetto of all apartments (next to supper club) while par-taying during summer semester - can I get some dialog please??

    Last post of such said off-season news slow - I beg to differ.

    Let's call a spade a spade (oops) - Aub yields violence.

    Step up your game S&G and quit worrying about reinstatement on www.dawgbone.com.

    ---TXBaller (aka the Hammer)

  3. 88 dawg = Sasha


  4. I liked Richt's extension. No more money until rings. I'd agree with that. He's earned good, but not great. If he wants great, he can go get it, if not, he can keep being "good".

    We're not gonna talk about some German professor. And while news is slow, differ all you'd like, we also have lives we're concentrating on right now. We'll get back more later this summer, when things start picking back up and life slows down.