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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Senator nails it

we've put our thoughts on the insane nature of Georgia's drug policy and testing timing before, well, the right, noble Senator has a posting today on similar thoughts, and he kills it.

If there ever were a serious conference debate on the subject [of uniform drug testing penalties], I have no doubt that Adams would be in there lobbying his fellow presidents to follow Georgia’s lead. I have equally no doubt that his sales pitch would be disregarded by his peers. ... Even if you don’t share my attitude about how pointless and wasteful this country’s four decades long War on Drugs has been, you can’t help but note how much public opinion has shifted on marijuana usage in the last five to ten years. The kids Georgia recruits certainly don’t share Michael Adams’ conviction about weed – and let’s face it, the majority of violations of Georgia’s drug policy involve marijuana – but it’s also likely that recruits’ parents don’t share his fervor either, at least to the extent that it results in more negative publicity and more down time than at other schools. And if that’s not affecting Mark Richt on the recruiting trail, I’d be surprised.


  1. I am completely in favor of a uniform SEC drug policy. But most of UGA's problems on this front are of the self-inflicted kind, and as we've been repeatedly told in other realms (e.g. scheduling) life ain't fair.

    1. I agree completely tryp. UGA's problems in drug policy is entirely self inflicted. Most of the problems with Georgia's various programs are self inflicted (refusing to pay for much needed upgrades to Foley Field without a fund raiser when we have more than sufficient money, ignoring basketball for years, refusal to add off the field staff like our competitors for the sake of profits, etc.