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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Them Crazy Kooky Chickens

Do the SEC proud and take home a 3rd skraight baseball title...........and then go ahead and jump on the hottest train in football.  Go ahead snap up your next HC in waiting for life after Spurrier.  You'll have Tanner in the dugout and I Has A Crayon roaming the sidelines.  Can you say "Power House Athletic Department?"


  1. You guys eat your own in the Peach State ... but how would y'all feel if he, you know, happened to win at Cackalacky? We remember him leading three ranked UGA squads to three straight victories over us in 97, 98 and 99, so from our perspective the guy's a winner. Not to mention putting three QBs into the NFL while on the Red and Black staff.

    1. Hello, sir. We noticed that you commented on both of today's stories. It appears to us that
      a) you are a new reader, and
      b) you are a Gamecock fan.
      As to your new reader status let me warn you...if you read us enough we will probably offend you but just try to keep in mind that this is humor/opinion blog that focuses on the Georgia Bulldogs, SEC sports in general, and the greatness of the American South. We usually have more action on the comment sections but alas we are just now exiting our second round of censorship/banishment by the powers that be that run the Georgia Blawg-O-Sphere feeder sites. You see over here most readers rely on a feeder site to inform them when new stories are up by the various bloggers. Two years ago we were banned for content detrimental to the program in that we were having a negative effect on recruiting. Of course that year Georgia had its biggest recruiting haul since the days of Donnan (but do you think we got a thank you card from anyone---nope). We were banned earlier this year for being racists I think. You see we wrote an article about how jobless minorities had ruined the Regency Mall in Augusta and then we did a story on how all black scrambling QB's are failures and we were banned again. We are back in action now but probably won't set the comments off for at least a few more weeks.

      As to your status as a Gamecock fan and your belief that we eat our own let me say the following:
      There are lies, damn lies, and statistics as Mark Twain once said. Any stat that you throw out about Bobo is a false stat. He lacks the ability to make adjustments and is rendered helpless against top tier opposition. We are not Clampsun and we do not hang out hats on the concept of beating the South Carolina Gamecocks. In fact the "rivalry" with South Carolina is not in our minds a rivalry at all so we put little stock in beating Carolina. As to his QB's we like Bobo as a QB coach but he is in way over his head as an OC. Finally, we are about winning and if that means firing a former QB because he can't get the job done against the Alabamas and LSUs of the world then so be it.

      Thanks for reading us and come on back now ya' hear!

    2. CC - Thanks. Longtime-reader but an infrequent commenter. And, yes, guilty-as-charged Gamecock fan, whose tongue was well in his cheek about "eating your own" ... not to mention well-versed in the majority opinion within the trans-Savannah that there is no rivalry between USC and UGA (what I call the "Deep South's Oldest Non-Rivalry"). See you around the block.