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Friday, July 6, 2012

Really? Are we shooting for a 1-AA title?

Georgia continued it's push to reduce scholarships to 1-AA levels in hopes of finally getting Mark Richt that championship everyone keeps whining about. Brandon Burrows may have trouble ever seeing a field after repeated injuries, but he was a talented young player who is now going elsewhere. Combine his departure with Crowell and Harrow from earlier this week, and we are now below 70 scholarships (not counting rewarded walk ons), and creeping ever closer to the 65 mark for 1-AA schools.

Our depth is now a serious issue. We start the season without a full compliment of players due to suspensions of starters like Rambo, Ogletree, Commings, and Smith. There will be an injury or three during camp in August (unless we go completely no-contact to keep healthy, which of course leads to a very poor tackling D as we saw a couple years back). There will probably be another departure or two, or a suspension from downtown chicanery. We'll be lucky to travel with 50 scholarship players at this rate when we head to Columbia, either Columbia.

Listen, I understand the morality of oversigning to the point where you're cutting hard working, but less talented kids who are doing well in the class room. But the gap between us at below 70 kids, and the LSUs and Alabamas competing for titles with a full compliment of 85 that have been battle tested and fought hard for their spot because it was at risk when someone had to go to make the number, is huge. We saw just how huge in the second half of the SEC Championship game when LSU's deep DL and overwhelming running game pounded on us like a jackhammer. It's honorable that Richt refuses to play that oversigning game. But it's also gotten self destructive as Richt lets his moral superiority blind him to the reality of a guaranteed handful of kids leaving every single year. That has added up and added up to the point where we are now a full signing class behind our competitors in the West and East, and where we'll take the field this fall a full 15-20 kids weaker than the guys on the other side. I'm not doing the math, but with the new SEC limits on 25 man classes, I don't see how we can even get back to 80 by the fall of 2013 and may still be down around 75 after a kid or two goes pro, another gets too drunk, another can't put down the bong, and a couple others get home sick or want playing time. We have imposed a scholarship reduction worse than the NCAA has hit on anyone since SMU, and it will take at least 2, if not 3 signing classes packed as full as we can get them to get us back up to a full squad of 85 scholarshipped athletes. It's beyond ridiculous and is just getting comical now.

On the plus side, if you are a big guy and want to play college football in the SEC? We've got room for ya students of Athens. Just walk on, and you may not only see some playing time, but you'll get a years scholarship too because we gotta give it to someone. Or maybe this is all part of the Michael Adams and Puppet ADs scheme to maintain profitability, by not having to pay for 20 scholarships a year.


  1. it's hard to understand why a ranked kid in a Georgia HS now would not have UGA at the top of his list, if for no other reason than the chance to come in and play immediately.

    1. I'm serious with the bit at the end too. Kids should walk on, we'll need the depth.

  2. You guys have lost a complete signing class. I wouldn't be a partisan if I didn't say that thought didn't make me smile a bit.

    On the positive side for the Dawgs, your 2 deep is really good. But if you consider that any squad likely carries 7-10 guys who aren't good enough to see the field for whatever reason (e.g., never could master the schemes; never recovered from injuries; can't hack the coaches) and 7-10 freshman who probably aren't ready to play yet without getting badly burned ... then not counting special team specialists (PK, LS, P, etc) you guys are dangerously thin behind the two-deep.

    An injury here or there ... Aaron falling of a roof while drinking natty lite in a Noles shirt ... and ... who knows ...

    1. And that's just it tryp. You're going to have injuries. You are going to have another kid or three act like a knucklehead and get suspended for any of a plethora of reasons. You're going to have freshman fail to qualify or not be as good as advertised. We're under 70 now. Subtract known suspensions, and players expected to redshirt, and that gets us down closer to 55 or 60. And that's with July still to go, August camp days still to go, school not in so downtown isn't flowing full strength, etc.

      With a QB entering his 3rd season as a starter, and most of his playmakers back, and a D that returned almost everyone from an extremely dominant unit, this year had so much promise 7 months ago, only to be pissed away completely in a summer of ineptitude.

    2. Yup. It's brutal. During the meat of last year's season (Games 7,8,9) South Carolina was playing our fifth string RB (after Carson and Lattimore went out with season-ending injuries, and Miles and Baker were limited by nagging multi-week injuries). Are you guys even carrying 5 RB now? Would you have to pull a guy off starting D if you get hit that bad? Y'all avoided the injury bug pretty well last year (from an outsider's perspective at least - your stars played injury free all year except I think IC1 missed or was limited in one game). Will that luck hold out?

      Truthfully, S - notwithstanding Spurrier's jabs, I hope both of us are at full strength for 10.6.12.

    3. 5th string TB? Malcome, Marshall, Samuel, Gurley, which leaves you at maybe Brandon Harton (unless he's higher up the depth chart than 5th) or a Kyle Karempelis. So 5th string is walk on territory (we can't spare DBs with the limited depth there).

      And full strength is already impossible. We're missing 20% of "full strength" already (17 scholarships empty of 85 allowed).

  3. That 8-4 is too good for us article seems more and more likely every day.....