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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Will the last one out of Butts Mehre please turn off the lights?

this is getting ridiculous. Not since SMU has the NCAA imposed scholarship restrictions this severe. Alabama was slave trading Albert Means, and didn't get knocked down to 70.

Of course, considering he was accused of being little more than a best friend buddy for Crowell, the timing of this so soon after #1's dismissal is going to be fodder for the Cosmo Bradley's and Hacky Carvell's to write articles about how awful things are in Athens and how horrible it'll be for Richt's recruiting efforts.

An aside, you jackenapes wanted to whine about how detrimental we were to recruiting? Why don't you start blasting the AJC and demanding boycotts of that waste of toilet paper for all the tripe they spit out on a daily basis that's detrimental to the cause?


  1. Sanchez - on a serious note, is not the social networking rants of the likes of Corn Washington taking their toll on recruits like Foster, Nkemdiche, Tunsil, Bell, Adams and others?

    “all think you know so much, but in reality you know nothing. You don’t know what we come from, you don’t know our struggles, all you know is the number on our jersies. 99% of you don’t give a crap about us outside of football. When we’re doing well you’re all in our faces, when things get tough and we need encouragement you’re nowhere to be found. You’re fake and I despise you for it. We shall band together guys, we’ve been working hard and we only need each other. NONE of those outsiders will contribute to our survival as a team or as individuals, you can guarantee that."

    What do they come from?

    What are their struggles?

    You despise?

    Don't be fooled for a moment that this kid is not spewing similar to recruits. My opinion, Richt should come down on this kind of disrespect for the alum & fan base and potential collateral damage it could cause as hard as other offenses.

    Keepin it real bra....Fa-sho!


    1. Let's not be mistaken, the majority of the football team comes from a very different place than the St Pius, Marist, GAC's, and etc that several of their fellow students grew up with, so they do come from different places, and have struggled through things I couldn't have made it through to get to where they are.

      But things like that, are why I have said, and will continue to say, no UGA athlete should be allowed a facebook, twitter, etc account. Those things do no good, and are only trouble.

  2. It should not be about where a person came from, it should be about where one is going. When a person is given an opportunity, it is up to them as to how they choose to use it. It sounds like to me that Mr.Robinson might have felt the need to throw his own "pity party". I say take it out on an SEC opponent, not the Bulldawg Nation.

  3. Sanchez & CC;

    Dudes, you have to search the blogosphere for "Bobby" - the GA FAN that put Corn and any other UGA football player in his place last week.

    He, in my mind, should be knighted an honorary S&G hall of famer!

    Anyone that can call a duck...a duck...and end his commentary by jabbing our "candy ass"" coach is deserving of such!