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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Biggest Thing To UGA Since #34!

Ok so maybe not quite as big a us outbidding Clampsun for Mr. Walker's services but still pretty big.  If you have followed us on the Reginald then you know all about our short and brutish blogging life.  We hit the scene in the spring of 2010 and had approximately five people read our stories from May until July.  Then we dared to broach the subject of "Is Richt the right man for our program".  Well in one hot minute your boys were Internet sensations Georgia-wide. 

We said to ourselves...."Selves...it appears that what the people want is the truth sans the sugar coating." and the rest is history.  We instantly shot ahead of about 95% of the daily Dawg blawgs.  Some of these blogs had been blogging for years.......many painfully, horribly, insatiably, boring years.  Some bloggers were/are apparently run by "Journalists" which as we all know is the only profession less honest and more riddled with human garbage than our chosen profession, Lawyerin'. 

So roughly nine months and a couple hundred thousand hits later the weak did what the weak do and cried until we were banned by the Dawgbone.  Snitches gone snitch, son and we weren't the least bit surprised.  Now old habits die hard and most people are lazy so everyone just goes to the Dawgbone to see who has a new story up.  Needless to say our daily hits took a big blow.  When we inquired as to why our stories were not being posted (oh yeah I forgot to mention they just banned us without telling us) we were told that our "negative" stories were hurting recruiting (and also hurting the feelings of those journalists who everyone should be waiting with baited breath to read on a daily basis but were not because they were busy reading our entertaining stuff and not their boring crap).

Turns out the Dawgbone was 100% correct because we were banned in February 2010 and Georgia had its biggest talent haul since Donnan was on the sidelines.  You're welcome Dawg fans!  If it weren't for us becoming the first voice to question the all mighty Richtie he most likely wouldn't have even tried to recruit in 2010.  After the undeniable preponderance of evidence pointing towards us a) proving the Dawgbone theory correct, and b) proving it correct in a way that helped the football program out, we were re-instated by the Bone.  

The daily hits returned, the jealousy and back biting by the communists journalists returned, and maximum effort in the recruiting field also made a comeback.  Then we went on a small tangent in the off season about how losing four games and only playing four decent teams does not equal job security, how Barak Obama is to Presidents as Willie Martinez is to Defensive Coordinating, and we also exposed the truth about the mythical black scrambling QB.  At this point we were banned again for a) content detrimental to the program, b) telling the truth about Obama being racist towards the President, and/or c) telling the truth about the black scrambling QB being racist towards RGIII.

Well that is the brief history lesson of how we got here.  The good news is that there is now an alternative to the Dawgbone, GATA NEWS.  If you will look to the left and to the right of this post you will see the GATANews logo that you may click on to access this new little blessing for Dawg fans.  You will find that is far more advanced and use friendly than the other list server sites.  So go to GATA News today and get your daily Dawg news and bloggerations there as opposed to those who would seek to suppress our daily TRUTH!


  1. Good job boys!

    No offense, but I didn't see a link for S&G....


    1. That is all on us TX. GATA keeps posts up for 24 or 48 hours not sure. Needless to say us basically taking the summer off means we will have to ease back into daily posting.

      When you go there sign up and then you can rank your favorite blogs and their new stuff will appear at the top of the screen.