Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympics Smolympics.....FALL PRACTICE IS HERE!

Heading up the Charlotte to see The Allman Brothers Band and Lynard Skynard.......well the artists once formerly sorta known as Lynard Skynard.  The Southern Rock tag team champs as well as SEC Fall practice in the air..........Ol' CC might just be tempted to re-secede.

We are slowly gearing up the hate machine.  The long summer of your discontent is about to be over my Cold Blooded children..........your boys are well rested and well prepared to hate everything! 


  1. Coming over to S&G and seeing a "screw the Olympics, here are the Allman Brothers" - classic.

    1. Last night, mama and baby were out of town. After a long day, I sat down with a drink, and started listening to clips of a friends' bluegrass band on youtube. That led to finding some Orange Blossom Special, which led to a handful of Johnny Cash songs, which led to a LOT of old Allmans. I found a 25 minute or so clip of them with John Lee Hooker in '74. As much as I love the Allman Brothers, and Hooker, I'm really pissed at myself I just found that clip now.