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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Annual Pre-Season Hotseat Report- Teaser

Well for the second year in a row we find that Richt is not the leader.  In fact he is not even in the top five of SEC hotseat coaches.  In arguable the closest preseason ranking in S&G history John L. Smith (who was fired after the 2012 season before he was even hired for the 2012 season) barely edges out Diddy's Baby Boy in Knockersville and Coarch Pit Stains in Gainsville. 

We will give the complete break down and rankings next week but in the mean time....since the Ar-Kansas job is open........of course you know their fax machine has been blowing up.



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    1. Of course, sir! You must be new here. The resume is written in blood and comes from a Tortuga area code.