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Monday, September 17, 2012

3 weeks in: Could the stars be aligning?

With our depth issues, I liked some of our talent, but thought we'd struggle down the stretch.  3 weeks in, and while I know those injuries and attrition to a thin roster can start occuring about nowish, I'm getting optimistic.  Here's why:

Our D is good.  As in really, really good.  Saturday showed issues, but get everyone healthy and on the field, and we are as good as it gets.  That's not to say we are without a doubt "the best", because there's 3 or 4 Ds that could make that claim right now (like of course, Alabama's).  But with the way our remaining regular season opponents have looked, there's no one to worry about.  Jarvis Jones is the best defensive player in the country (sorry Chickens, Clowney is good, but Jarvis can rush the passer just as well, but is better against the run and MUCH better in coverage obviously).  Alec Ogletree last year was threatening him for the best player on that defense, so getting the 6'4, 250 pound and speedy knock out artist gives us another do-everything weapon for opponents to worry about.  And when they focus on Jarvis, Tree will inform them of the problems with that plan.  Get them healthy, get the DBs back together so they can refamiliarize themselves with each other, and with our front 7 ability (Shaun Williams has made me look smart calling him our best all around S since Sean Jones, and Herrera is showing out like the next in line of our great LBs), we can dominate any offense left on the schedule, and shouldn't allow 20 points to any of them.

Our O looks solid enough.  Marshall has shown his speed, and Gurley has looked as good as any true freshman rusher in a long time.  He is the complete package of size, speed, vision, and what looks like solid hands, as well as what we assume is a good ability to pick up the blitz (since we won't play a RB who can't as we've noticed with Bobo and Richt).  Getting Rambo and Commings back in the fold, allowing Tampa Mitchell to get more reps on offense, should help.  But while Chris Conley has been slow to make an impact, Arthur Lynch and Michael Bennett have looked capable of filling the go-to receiver voids.  And our OL, while still young, just may be coming together.  Theus has some experience under his belt, Gates is looking good, and we have been clicking against lesser competition.  The competition increases each of the next 3 weeks, with a decent front 7 in Vandy, very good in Tennessee, and one of the best we'll face in Columbia.  So we'll learn a lot over the next month of time, but it's not hard to be optimistic about the progress and potential shown offensively.

But the main reason for optimisim is opponents.  Yes yes, weak schedule meme.  But Vandy hasn't been impressive.  Tennessee's offense has no running game, and a suspect decision maker at QB.  Florida has looked like crap.  Shaw is hurt for SC and their DBs look like chickens running around with their heads chopped off.  Auburn is looking good enough to get Chizik fired within 24 months of a national title.  Ole Miss isn't much better, nor is Kentucky.  Georgia Tech may truly be the most dangerous game left on the slate, and to reiterate, if our D is fully healthy, they can really attack a triple option with our front 7 loaded with play makers and space eaters.

Is 12-0 really possible?  Or am I high on optimism?


  1. You do realize you posted this on Sports and Grits right? That's about as close to a Disney Dawg post as one will find on this site. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm not sure about 12-0 just yet. But I am cautiously optimistic. Believe it or not, I think the Vanderbilt game will tell us a lot about this team. That seems odd to type. My point is, will we play to the competition (our habit) or will we come out intent on utter annihilation? If it's the latter, our optimism may yet be warranted. But then again, we cooled down pretty quickly after the Auburn game last year. Keeping our foot on the gas seems to be a issue. I absolutely cannot stand to see us play not to lose. Which we do a lot.

    1. I only write for two sites.

      And that's my thoughts too. I want to see us pissed from last year, and the defense come out shooting for a shutout. IF we stay healthy, big if as we get in to the meat of our schedule, but if we can stay healthy, as said above, I don't see our defense letting up too many points, and the offense should be able to put 20+ on everyone we play except perhaps SC or Florida.

    2. I think our offense will easily score over 21 points a game this year due to our big play ability. Even if UF and USCe can shut us down for most of the game, we will get a few quick scores a game on long pass plays that don't require us to drive the length of the field.

    3. If our defense can get us turnovers, then our offense can hopefully score on a short field. JimdawginTexas