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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Picks Guaranteed* to Win You Money, Week 2

Does that say week 2?  Sorry for the typo, I didn't make any picks last week.  Nope, and you can't prove it.  Oh, what's that, I went 1-9?  Well, read the small print. 

Now, for round 2 of the picks, we're sure to get back on track this week.  As always, we use a close proximation of the lines off ESPN, and start with the team ranked #1 in the AP and go down until we got 10 games (but I list from the lowest ranked choice to the top game).  And if the law of averages is anything, considering our 60% or so win mark last year, these picks are going to be fire from here on out.  They are truly guaranteed* to win you money.  West Virginia (off), Florida St (Savannah St), and Oklahoma (Florida A&M) drop us 3 more spots, so we begin with the Badgers from the Coldlands.

#13 Wisconsin (-7 1/2) @ Oregon St - The Beavers had their opener postponed with purchased win Nicholls St couldn't fly out of Louisianna due to the Hurricane.  So this is their opener, and the papers are hyping it up as the biggest ooc game ever in Corvallis.  Oregon St's coach Mike Riley did have them humming along nicely for a while, but the wheels have fallen off of late.  The environment should help keep it close for a half, but the overwhelming power of Wisconsin beef should pull away late.  Take the Badgers, give the points.

#12 Clemson (-27 1/2) Ball St - Yeah, they still lack Sammy Watkins, but this is Ball St.  The Tigers should be able to knock off some weak MAC team, right?  Nope.  The MAC has that nice, defensive focused, slow down brand.  Clemson wins, but they don't cover.  Take the points, and Ball St.

#11 Michigan St (-20 1/2) Central Michigan - MAC team again.  Against a controlled Michigan St?  With an in state, we must earn respect aspect from the Chippewas?  Don't care.  D'Antonio's D, and their power running game grind a big win, and the Spartans cover.

#9 South Carolina ( 20 1/2) Eastern Carolina - That's a low number, but Connor Shaw is already turning to a hunk of junk, and Ruffin McNeil will go all out to stop Lattimore.  If SC's backups have any ability (which we doubt they do), it'll be tight.  But, while we doubt their offense is effective, that Gamecock D is stout, and Clowney creates 14 points on his own.  South Carolina covers.

#8 Arkansas (-30 1/2) La. Monroe - The Warhawks didn't play last week (Hurricane Isaac again).  That doesn't bode well for the Warhawks.  Struggling in week 1 fashion against a stronger opponent who's already knocked the rust off?  Look for the piss to get firey as John L Smith hits his highest point with the Razorbacks and blows Monroe away.  Give the points, take Arkansas (#1 pick of the week).

#7 Georgia (-2 1/2) @ Missouri - If Richt would say what is going to happen with Rambo and Tree, this would be an easier pick.  We're glad he's making it difficult.  Without those two, the Tiger passing game becomes a huge problem.  With them, and our defense is deadly.  But Mark Richt, on the road, giving a team a chance for a signature win?  That's not a good sign.  After last week though, we're going opposite of our instincts.  They say take Mizzou for the upset.  Richt gets things on track for a big year, Georgia wins 34-24.

#4 Oregon (-34 1/2) Fresno St. - Pat Hill must have shaved his moustache at some point, because the mojo left years ago.  Oregon is a scoring machine, and hopefully won't give up in the second half like last week.  Take the Ducks, give the points.

#3 LSU (-23 1/2) Washington - Washington will have to travel a long way for a rough game.  LSU should be able to run things along the lines all night long.  Considering LSU barely covered that on North Texas, I want to take the Huskies.  But then I think about the differences in the lines, and how the Sarkisians struggled to beat San Diego St last week, and the Bayou Bengals roll.  Give the points, geaux Tigers.

#2 Southern Cal (-26 1/2) @ Syracuse - Syracuse struggled in a loss to Northwestern last week.  That's a lot of points to be given on the road, but the Trojans should feel fine on the fast track of a dome turf.  Take Southern Cal, huge.

#1 Alabama (-40 1/2)  Western Kentucky - Last year, we rode Bama.  We are sorry we forsook you almighty Saban in week 1.  It won't happen again.  60-0 sounds about right here.  Take Bama, forever.

*guarantee is not actually a guarantee and should not be relied on, nor is it enforceable in any court of law civil, criminal, domestic, foreign, or universal


  1. First - my apologies. I was under the influence of west nile and tequila Monday pm - a friend of mine convinced me that sipping Patron from the bottle would cure all - so some of my posts were borderline crude & offensive (I hate our pre-kickoff music)....but a great COWBOYS victory last night cured all and I am back in the saddle and ready to deliver a 10-0 weekend.

    #31 (Jeff Sanchez), I currently have a two game lead after a dismal 3-8 weekend - not bragging - just saying!

    WISCONSIN -7.5 OREST: This line started at 11 and has come down to 7.5. Betting public all over the Beaver. Wisc almost got punked by N Iowa last week. I like the home team here outright. OREST +7.5

    CLEM -27.5 BALLST: Clem coming off a nice win v. Tiger/War Eagle/Plainsmen - struggled v. an inferior team. Ball St 31-11 ATS their last 42 road games. Clem will let down....win...but not cover the chalk. BALLST +27.5

    MICHST -20.5 CENTMICH: Spartie blasted the Chips last year in E Lansing - 45-7. MichSt coming off an emotional win v. Boise. MAC teams always tough....and seeking revenge. MICHST wins....but does not cover the number. CENTMICH +20.5

    SOUCAR -20.5 ECAR: I love me some pirate....oh, nevermind, that was last week. Big Ruffin will be eating collard greens and grits while Lattimore runs wild. Spurrier runs this one up. USC -20.5

    ARK -30.5 v. FUNROE, LA (home of Delta Airlines): This will get ugly quick. ARK - 50

    GA -2.5 MIZZOU: Georgia comes in with an unimpressive win over Buffalo. Of suspect for the DAWGS will be the O-Line, secondary & unproven QB in big games. Mizzou is still a BIG 12 school regardless. But Richt is 0-2 during regular season v. Big 12 opponents and has proven not to travel well of recent. Mizzou can talk the talk - but can they walk the walk? Franklin ain't no Chase Daniel (and you know what I mean). Green-Beckham should have a huge night v. #1 when defending. Pinkel is going to throw the ball 50 times! I still have nightmares from Stillwater & Boulder. This is a do or die for UGA 2012 - lose, and a spiral out of control could occur (don't say it's not possible because most of this Jr & Sr laden team were energy vampires a short 2 years ago). Win, and it could catapult UGA into uncharted waters. My heart says UGA - my flag will say UGA - my pregame Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & Flo-Rida jams will say UGA - however, my $$ says take the MIZZOU money line +$135. MIZZOU +2.5...and it won't even be close.

    OREGON -34.5 FRESNO: Damn, Oregon could have scored 100 on Gus and ARKST last week (50 with 5 min to go in the 2nd qtr) - but Chip pulled his #1 QB and most 3rd & 4th stringers played the 2nd half. Love Pat Hill - he has balls of steel. But the Ducks will roll here. ORE -65

    LSU -23.5 WASHINGTON: Steve Sarkisian has something going on at U-Dub. Washington wil not be intimidated. I was not overly impressed with LSU last week - Mett was Ok - but the team seemed to lack spark & focus. LSU queaks by Sat night on the bayou....but I'm taking U-Dub +23.5

    USC -26.5 SYRACUSE: Sanchez, I think this one goes off at the Meadowlands, site of the Tony Romo ass-kicking last night. Another ass-kicking is coming Saturday....Kiffin lays the smack down for one reason alone - recruiting. NY/NJ kids want to see SC run it up - and Kiffin will oblige. USC-26.5

    ---TXBaller (recovered 100% from West Nile)

    1. Oops - had that one written down.

      ALA -40.5 WESTERN KY: A good source in Tuscaloosa is telling me Saban will sit all starters in the 2nd QTR (assuming game is under control) in preparation of SEC opener next weekend v Ar-Kansas. Yeller Hammer has the obvious talent skew here, but the Toppers will cover the number with a late 4th QTR surge v ALA youngins. WKY +40.5

      Thanks for the heads-up #31.


    2. Clarification - Richt 0-2 v Big 12 regular season on road. Damn, West Nile is taking it's toll.


  2. 3-7

    Gave myself a additional loss for uncontrollable posts monday pm


  3. CC & #31 - can we get a gametime thread going up in here??

    I'm gonna be on brown liquor come 2:30 Texas time...but pledge obedience and courtesy when posting.


  4. 2-0 Sanchez - we on a roll today!

  5. Sanchez - had us both 5-5 for the week.

    #31 (Season) - 6-14
    Baller (Season) - 8-12


    1. I got you going 4-6.
      W-WKy, SC, Ball St, O St
      L-SC, UW, Ore, Mizzou, Ark, CM


  6. 10-4...you are exactly right. My bad.

    Revised totals:

    Sanchez - 6-14

    TX - 7-13