Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Friday, September 7, 2012

Tomorrow Night is a MUST WIN....A must win in September? You Better Believe It!

Not just a win but a drumming.  I really mean it.......we had better come out looking like we just snorted a few kilos of bath salts.  Missouri is inferior.  Missouri is not deserving of a spot in the SEC.  If we can't kick Missouri's teeth out of their collective rectums then what are we doing in Athens?

I occasionally take the hate and spread it around other places.  One of my new favorite spots is www.SECtalk.com.  This past week I put it all out there:

"Yes Sir!  I am sick of bringing a knife to a gun fight.  I am sick of these imaginary rules.  I am sick of holding onto assistants because they are personal friends when they are inadequate.  I am sick of hearing about what a good Christian Man Richt is.  That is great but guess what...if I need brain surgery and my choice is between a  good Christian man who flips burgers and an atheist who is a brain surgeon I want the atheist.  God ain't got nothing to do with football.  I am sick of hearing all about how our kids will be better people in the long run because Richt cares and Saban, Chizik, and Miles do not.  We recruit black thugs from the ghetto and spoiled brat white kids and then when they act like thugs or brats we act surprised.  This is college they are going to drink, smoke, and fornicate.  Bring them in, milk at least three years out of them, and then send them off to the NFL or prison.  We want wins not good citizenship awards.  Do you really and truthfully care about Isaiah Crowell's soul?  Do you care about what he contributes to society?  Do you care about what kind of man he becomes?  You can say you do but that is a lie.  Why live a lie?  Why not be honest....we love you because of what you do for us on Saturday.  The moral victories have got to stop because they are nothing but excuses that we allow someone who's job depends on them to pawn off on us.  Georgia v. Missouri should be a foregone conclusion....it should have been a foregone conclusion months ago but it is not because of self-inflicted "moral high road" rules." 

 There it is......I have had enough.  I should not be sitting in Augusta, Georgia typing this with anything other than 100% confidence that we will annihilate some yankee white trash school.  So why do I not have that level of confidence?  Well here are a couple of reasons:


The Crayonator for obvious reasons but Richt is causing me indigestion because of his absurd, weak, sand filled female naughty part approach to dealing with and suspending players.  I covered this as well over on SECtalk:

"....everyone hates Slive for this Missouri pick so Slive schedules them against Georgia early...why?
 1) Richt is a pussy who follows absurd rules that no other coach follows.  Have any of these players been convicted of murder.....no?  Then play them and stop being a pussy!
 2)Georgia always starts slow under Richt (also on account of the pussy suspensions).
 3) If Missouri gets beat then...hey they still belong because Georgia is the defending Eastern Champ.  If they win then they belong and no one can ever call Slive a dumb@$* for his bastardization of the conference with a Yankee school.  Either way Missouri gives Georgia a better game this Sat than they would in November.
 4) We still have "I Has A Crayon" calling plays so everyone is automatically in a better position to win against us.
Missouri may win because no matter how good Georgia ever is Richt and Has Crayon Will Travel are on the sidelines and they are playing by imaginary rules that Saban laughs at and Miles doesn't understand because he can't read.  No matter how good Missouri is and no matter how bad Georgia, Tennessee, or Florida are Missouri should NEVER beat any of those three and should only win 3 out of every 10 against South Carolina.  It's nothing personal Missouri....hey if I was program with no real recruiting base, traditions, or hope of ever being anything other than middle of the pack in some AQ conference I would jump all over the SEC and all that money. You just don't belong...geographically, demographically or historically.  You will always be the yankee that married one of our distant relatives and your only hope is that SEC teams are so deflated by having to play an average yankee team that they fall asleep on y'all."

We better win.  We better win big.  Boboz better melt my face off with his mastery of the playbook, adjustments and befuddling of Missouri.  Everyone who in not injured or suspended by an official NCAA rule had better play and they had better play well.  We better look like we did against Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl a few back.  RICHT NEEDS TO PROVE TO US THAT ALL HIS EXCUSES, DELAYS, "BUILDING", AND ALL THE OTHER CRAP THAT HE DOES THAT HINDERS THIS PROGRAM IS A THING OF THE PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. So much for the pipe dream of a big win. :(

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    1. I will have to see if we can remove that.