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Saturday, October 27, 2012

0-6 never felt so good

Thoughts on the game:
 Will Muschamp is now 0-6 in Cocktail Parties. Ain't it great?

 Aaron Murray did his damnedest to lose that game, but Jarvis Jones, Shawn Williams and the defense wouldn't let him.

 Not enough can be said about the defensive performance. Bowing up twice around the goalline when Murray hung them out to dry, big play after big play from Jarvis Jones, who gave us the Leroy. This was the defense we've been expecting all season. And they were certainly men.

 Shawn Williams and Mark Richt called this team to the carpet, and they stepped up. Well done all around.

 Todd Gurley was the biggest recruit in this past class. His game was huge, and about the lone bright spot offensively.

 Nice to see Tampa get redemption with the put away TD after finally drawing a foul for day long jawing. 

That had to be a record in combined personal fouls. We may have gained more yards due to flags than on the ground or through the air.

 Everything is now staring us in the face, and we control our destiny. As Richt said earlier this week, our goals are in front of us for the taking. But we have to make it happen. Don't sleep against a much improved Ole Miss. Don't sleep against Auburn in a game that is always crazy and where they likely have their one strong performance for the year. Don't revert back to the run D we saw the last 3 games vs Tech whose system would eat that alive.

 But we'll get to next week tomorrow. Tonight, we celebrate. Because it's GREAT. TO BE. A GEORGIA BULLDAWG!

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