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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Georgia Tech Gets It Right While We Continue To Get It Wrong- And Other Sure Signs of the Aztec Apocalypse.

Mostly because they have a huge inferiority complex Georgia Tech decided that Georgia would NOT be the State leader in giving up yards and points this season.  The Techies have been givin' it up to the tune of about 40 points and 600 yards per game.  So as a result Al Groh got his walking papers.....mid season......GULP!..... If we fired someone mid-season to show that we mean business all of Georgia south of Atlanta would be flooded with the simultaneous bladder release of a million Pee-Pee Dawgs.

The Big Onion dropped the big hammer on Bro. Al.  Johnson hates two things- regular baths and not holding onto the ball for 49 minutes per game.
The Shamecocks beat us three years in a row and two of them by dominating us.....then G.T. gets all ballsy.  What is going on here?  Down is up, left is right, day is night......are we in an episode of the Twilight Zone?
All this insanity has me wondering if all the talk of the Mayan/Aztec/ Cherokee (I don't know exactly- some Indians said the world would end this year) prophecy is true.

Over on SECtalk on Sunday a Gamecock fans asked the following question:
"If Jimbo Fisher is the FSU Mark Richt...and Mark Richt is the Georgia Dabo Sweeney.....what does that make Dabo?"
My answer to that was:
"Two years away from being the recruiting coordinator for Alabama."

All this talk of the end of the world, all this craziness going down, and the though of Dabo at Bama got me thinking.....................College Football really is the best indicator for the End of Days and here is a timeline of how you will know that the world is ending.

Day 1: Clampsun fires Dabo Sweeney,
Day 2: Alabama hires Dabo and his Florida bag man to be the recruiting coordinator for Alabama,

Come on over here and let me show you how to throw this here football.
Day 3: Georgia Tech fires Paul Johnson,
Day 4: Alabama hires Paul Johnson as OC.

And you though I was a huge douche bag when I had no talent in Atlanta.
The humanity....the humanity.
Alabama would get every single top recruit in the nation.
Alabama would average 52 minutes time of possession in every game.
Alabama would win every game 28-0....like clock work.

Day 5: Georgia gives Richt and Bobo LIFETIME extensions.

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