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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If Richt loves UGA soooooo much he will have the decency to resign.

Nixon don't snitch, son!
No matter what you think of the Ol' Quaker above at least he had the common decency to resign the Presidency when everything caught up with him.  Nixon may have been a self absorbed megalomaniac but at least he loved America enough to resign the Oval Office.

If Richt loves UGA so much he will do the same.  Don't make G-Mac fire you just quietly tender your resignation, do some missions work for about 5 years, and then sneak back into the ACC where you belong.  It is really what is best for everyone involved.


  1. Lets see take over $3M a year or not. I am gonna go with take $3M a year until they take the job from my cold dead hands. Just saying. . .


    1. Yeah. Money talks. Richt honestly believes that he can make UGA competitive on the national scene regardless of what the evidence may suggest. He's got the Dawg fans waiting for one magical year where everything comes together and other teams are down enough that UGA can tip-toe away with a MNC.

      P dubb

    2. you hit it right on the head bro!!!!
      it's time to shit or get off the pot!!!

  2. After the SEC championship fiasco against Alabama, and Richt choking with 15 seconds left, he should just apologize and resign. UGA will never win natl title with Richt at the helm. Hopefully Murray will declare for the draft too. And fire Mike Bobo. It's time to just clean house, and start over.