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Monday, October 8, 2012

MARK RICHT IS A HABITUAL FAILURE- And Here Are The Numbers To Prove It!

We are in year two of the second decade of the Richt tenure in Athens.  Twelve years is unheard of in the SEC (and there is a reason for it).  So just as we did way back in the summer of 2010 here is what is and what is not acceptable at the University of Georgia.


Mark Richt is 111-39 in eleven and a half seasons with the Bulldogs and it doesn't take a math major to know that Richt averages 10 wins per season. Richt has also taken the Dawgs to Atlanta four times to represent the SEC east in what is now the defacto National Title Game. Richt has won two of those four games. Richt has taken his team to a bowl game every year and is 7-4 in those games. The average sane person would look at this and say your coach is 111-39; 2-2 in SEC title games; and 7-4 in bowl games and did all of that in the SEC how is he considered on the hot seat? However, this is not the Big Televinie and being really good in the SEC is sometimes just not good enough. We need to look at his record a little closer.

-Non-Conference Games: Now let us just say that some of the non-conference stuff is not Richt's fault. If you play in the SEC and you have a permanent in state game with an ACC school then why in the world would you schedule anyone tougher than Southern Miss for other non-conf. games? Oklahoma St. and Boise State those debacles should rest squarely on the shoulders of the AD that made that decision. You play in the SEC you don't need to schedule big out of conference games, Georgia needs the wins not the extra money. Not counting the Georgia Tech game in any given 10 year stretch the Dawgs play 30 non-conf. games and the only thing that is acceptable for a program that wants to vie for the National Title is a 30-0 record in those games. Anything less than 30-0 in these games is unacceptable. Richt is 29-3 in these games because a number of seasons were comprised of only 11 regular season games. However, he has lost three more game than is acceptable at the University of Georgia.
Should Be: 32-0
But He Is: 29-3                   FAILURE

-Georgia Tech: This is an intense in-state rivalry game with a team from a major conference. In any 10 year stretch a Georgia coach must be no worse than 8-2 in this game. Tech is an inferior program and must be dominated. Richt is 10-1 in this game better than expected for a UGA coach.
Should be: 9-2
But He Is: 10-1                    SUCCESS

-Kentucky and Vanderbilt: I can not stress this enough The University of Georgia should NEVER, EVER loose to Kentucky or Vanderbilt. Georgia should be so good that if they are having a terrible day and the Wildcats or Commodores are playing their best game of the season the Dawgs should still win. In 10 years a Georgia coach should be 20-0 against these schools. Richt is 20-3 and that alone is grounds for his dismissal.
Should Be: 23-0
But He Is: 20-3               FAILURE

-South Carolina: South Carolina is an inferior program from a smaller state, and they must share talent with another in-state program that has traditionally been superior to the Gamecocks. However, the Cocks care about football unlike Vandy and Kentucky. The Cocks try really hard and don't shy away from paying for big name coaches. However, the University of Georgia should expect to be 8-2 against the Gamecocks in any 10 year stretch. Richt is 7-5 which is possibly the most unacceptable part of his resume.  This year’s game was not one in which Carolina squeaked out a win.  Carolina should only barely beat Georgia in the 2 years out of ten that they beat them.  2010 was a Gamecock beat down and the 2012 game was by itself reason for firing Richt.  The Carolina record is alone grounds for firing.  In his first decade Richt was 7-3 and that is a failure.  Two years into his second decade Richt has used up all of his loses to USCe.
Should Be: 10-2 (9-3 worst case)
But He Is: 7-5                               FAILURE

-Tennessee: Tennessee if taken in any 10 year window is about the same program as Georgia. While sometimes UT is down and UGA up that role has switched a number of times. In a 10 year window the Dawgs should be 5-5 against Tennessee. Richt is 8-4 so like with G.T. he is better than expected but an * is necessary here because UT has been in a downward spiral for 5 to 6 years now.
Should Be: 6-6
But He Is: 8-4         SUCCESS

-Florida: Since 1990 the Gators have dominated the Dawgs and that is unacceptable for Georgia. It has not only been Spurrier and Meyer, Zook also enjoyed success against the Dawgs. To truly contend the Dawgs should be 5-5 against Florida in a 10 year stretch. Richt is 3-8 with this year’s game looking pretty grim. Unacceptable and grounds for firing.
Should Be: 6-5 or 5-6
But He Is: 3-8                    FAILURE

-Auburn: Another fierce rivalry but yet another inferior school and program. By simple virtue of being in the SEC and being a program with tradition and success the Tigers should be a yearly challenge. However, in a 10 year stretch the Dawgs should be 6-4 against Auburn. Richt is 7-4, so like with Tennessee and G.T. more success than expected.
Should Be: 7-4 (worst case 6-5)
But He Is: 7-4                              SUCCESS

-SEC West- Georgia pulls two teams from the West in addition to Auburn every year. LSU and Alabama are equals to Georgia and Ole Miss, Miss St., Arkansas, and are by far inferior programs. Losses to Ole Miss, Miss St are unacceptable and should be considered the same as a loss to Kentucky or Vanderbilt. Georgia should experience the same level of success against Arkansas as they experience against South Carolina. Alabama and LSU are like Florida and Tennessee a 50/50 split with those teams is acceptable. Georgia should be 16-4 in a 10 year stretch against these schools. Richt is 17-5 (one loss to Bama and two against LSU, one to Arkansas, and one to Missy St. ).  Richt’s loss to Missy State is unacceptable and places him below sea level on the SEC West (non-Auburn).
Should Be: 17-5
But He Is: 17-5   SUCCESS

Post-Season: If the Dawgs are winning at the pace that is outlined above then they should represent the SEC east in Atlanta 4 times in a given decade. Richt has almost done that. They should also win 2 of those 4 appearances. Richt has done that. Also, Georgia should be in a bowl game every year, Richt has done that. Georgia should be 9-2 in those bowl games. Richt is 7-4 so he a failure in the Bowls department.
Should Be: 2-2
But He Is: 2-2        SUCCESS
Should Be: 9-2
But He Is: 7-4       FAILURE

Overall at this point Richt should be:
However Richt Is:

Non-Conf. (Non-GT): FAILURE
Georgia Tech: SUCCESS
Kentucky and Vandy: FAILURE
South Carolina: FAILURE
Tennesse: SUCCESS
Florida: FAILURE
SEC West (non-Auburn): SUCCESS

So the Richt Score Card is that he has been a Success in 5 out of 10 areas and a Failure in 5 out of 10 areas.  Failure in any one is grounds for dismissal because it does not meet the standards that should exist at UGA.  Richt fails in 50% of the 10 areas.  Due to the number of 11 game seasons Richt would not have quite as many wins because of fewer non-conf games however he should have no more than 30 losses and right now Richt has 39.  So if we take nothing but the record under consideration Richt should in fact be fired.

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