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Monday, October 29, 2012

NO! This Does NOT Mean We Are Getting Soft!

Sometimes..........just sometimes..........so don't go getting carried away with this.....but sometimes....it does make you feel good when your Head Coach is concerned about things other than football.  Richt and the Dawgs kept it classy on Saturday according to this report.

"ATHENS -- Marcus Lattimore has been a thorn in Georgia’s side the past three years, but the rivalry was put into context Saturday.Georgia held a postgame prayer Saturday night for Lattimore, the star tailback for South Carolina, who suffered a serious knee injury during an afternoon game against Tennessee.“We prayed for him as a team,” head coach Mark Richt said Sunday. “As we were just kind of closing out the day, we thought about him and just what a warrior he is. What a great football player and what a great competitor, and a guy we all have a lot of respect for as a person, as well. We all know how an injury like that is just very difficult to deal with, so we wanted to pray for him and his family, so we did that.”Lattimore has rushed for a combined 457 yards against the Bulldogs, and his national coming-out game was against them as a freshman in 2010.As soon as Lattimore was injured on Saturday, there was an outpouring of support over social media, with Georgia players joining in. Senior defensive end Abry Jones, himself out with a sprained ankle, tweeted, “Prayers sent out to Marcus Lattimore” within minutes of the injury. Later several other players, including All-America linebacker Jarvis Jones, tweeted their support and prayers for Lattimore."

We are all hoping that Lattimore makes a full recovery.  As the anti-Ealy/Crowell.. all members of the SEC and their fans should hope that this kid heals up so that he can rip it up in the NFL.

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  1. Wish him well. Making a full recovery from the first ACL would have been spectacular given that it was a twisting ACL injury with the defenders weight added to the injury. Two injuries to two different knees. The second being a hyper extension, and subluxation of the patella, and ligament involvement. NFL.... = Not For Long for healthy RB with good knees. I hope he gets his degree and plays ball with his future kids in the park. Yeah... that is how serious it was.
    just sayin'