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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Que the Homo-ers to Defend Richt

Oh....you are going to hear all about our talent this morning.

You are going to hear all about how we can beat Florida and they can beat Sakerlina and we will be in the SEC Title game.

You will hear all about how we don't need to overreact and call for any one's head.



If you are still happy with Richt you are either:
a) related to him,
b) a functioning retard, or
c) a fan of an SEC program not named Georgia.

P.S. if you talk about his record from last year as a defense for keeping him then you are stupid.  Georgia played three decent teams last year and lost four games.  I don't care if we run the table this year (which we won't) I still want him gone for the shame of being the first UGA HC to lose three in a row to the Shamecocks!


  1. The ROP's will be telling us how Richt is a good man and cares about the starving Moomoos in East BFE. Guess what ROP's this is football not the UNICEF awards. All that crap matter not one iota! A football head coach needs to have a burning desire to destroy our opponents, and lay waste to all they hold dear. He should be the type of guy that would follow a broken opponent to their happy place, kick the door in and burn that s.o.b. to the ground, and laugh maniacally all the way home. Until Georgia gets a coach like that we will always be a second rate SEC also ran. If you think I'm wrong go stick it up your butt. The Richland County Massacre last night is a perfect example of how that type of coach operates, unfortunately he was on SC's sideline.

  2. CC: You'd be the Shamecocks out of Sakerlina. Killer of women and children.

    Shamecocks: That's right. I've killed women and children. I've killed just about everything that walks or crawled at one time or another. And I'm here to kill you, Uga, for what you did to Fat Brad.

    Kindly stop calling us Shamecocks. Unless'n you want more of the same next year.

    1. Unforgiven quotes are always welcome here Tryptic. However, due to the differences in state size, HS talent, resources, facilities, and basically everything that makes football teams "good"....South Carolina should never beat UGA by four TDs and never more than twice in a decade.

    2. Well, I can see as a Georgia fan why you'd feel that way ... but my main complaint was the use of the old "Shamecocks" appellation.

      That being said - yes Georgia has some advantages. It is the state university of all Georgia outside the Perimeter. That is big, since there are a lot of good kids outside Atlanta. Inside ATL, on the other hand, is the CFB equivalent of a mob "open" city. UGA sits close and can sell some kids on the whole state school stuff - but for the most part recruiting is like a bunch of button men going to the mattresses. UGA can't take 'em all even if they wanted to.

      So, in that respect, state size and talent base don't necessarily correlate to UGA success.

      Resources - no doubt you guys turn a big profit, but you kind of pinch pennies a bit. We've been building like crazy in Columbia. I'd say our facilities and resources - at least what the coaches and kids see - equal yours.

      UGA has great intangibles. Big tradition. History. Archetype Southern U College town. Just at far enough remove from A town not to be tainted by daily meddling by legislators, but close enough to sell kids who want access to urban environment. I get all that.

      But when demographics and resources aren't clear advantages, then the "intangibles" can't tip the balance if the coaching is better.

      Keep in mind that pre-Spurrier, Georgia routinely had the pick of the litter in terms of Palmetto State talent. Seymour and Greene are just two examples. It's hurt a bit that you've lost that pipeline, although you've made up for it in North Carolina - that ground is picked over too.

      So all things being equal, there aren't enough inherent advantages for Georgia as I think you think there are. Everyone you compete with has got 85 schollies, 9 coaches and 2 GA's just like you. Everyone's got big stadiums, plush locker rooms and tricked out weight facilities. So it comes down to coaching. That's why were doing better than winning 1 in 4 of late.

    3. Well now be careful because Seymour was told he was too small by Brad Scott. In truth pre-Spurrier Tennessee and FSU had their pick of the SC litter.

      Other than that you are 100% correct it all comes down to coaching in the SEC y'all have it and we don't.

      The Shamecock is intended to appeal to those in our fan base that are in the Richt Cult. As an insult to Carolina well that is just collateral damage.

  3. Brad Scott actually told someone they were too small to play for Carolina? Sigh.

    Seymour was a monster. One of the most depressing things that has ever happened to me as a Shamecock was years ago reading how Seymour said he was proud he swept USC all 4 years he was in Athens - and it was so off-the-cuff and non-chalant that he probably forgot he said it 10 minutes later. Which probably hurt worst of all.