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Monday, October 8, 2012

To answers the Senators' question: No, you may not have a life.

So, the Senator asked, should the coaches have a life? Should they sacrifice themselves, their health, and their families just to win?

The correct answer, as with all questions you'll ever ask a lawyer is, It depends. What it depends on you ask?
1) Do you want to win titles?

That's it.  I can make an argument about how not focusing solely on winning football games makes our coaches better humans.  How putting their family first is the right way to do it, because after all, it's just a football game.   And that's right.  Now, I'm trying to stop short of saying the other way makes someone a bad person.  Nick Saban isn't a despicable human being because he cuts kids who are working hard, or just doing what he wanted.  He isn't a heartless mercenary because he prioritizes winning above loyalty, friendship, and everything else.  Urban Meyer isn't a lying douchebag because he went back to work after he got gassy and his daughter cried about getting her daddy back.  He isn't going to hell because he ignores his family 5-6 months a year from August until mid February.

It's hard to argue with a person who puts his faith and his family before monetary gain, about someone who you can't honestly say doesn't have his priorities in proper order.  Because at the end of a day, it's just a game.  But if you want to win in the SEC, if you want to win national titles, your family needs to move on without you.  You don't go watch your kids softball games, unless you are forgoing sleep in the rest of your 20 hour workday.  You watch film.  You get to work so early it makes Jon Gruden look like some college pothead sleeping in all morning.  You refuse to let your team come out flat in big games because everyone knows if someone fails to produce their butt will be on the first Greyhound home after being treated like a leper.  If you want to win a title in today's SEC, you can't be nice, you can't have a life, you can't care about the kids, or your family, or your health, or anything but putting the next week in the W column.  You can't, because the other guy won't, and in a game where the margin for error is so razor slim, having that edge on your side tilts the scales 40 points in your favor or makes sure your team looks like a hot and juicy fart when they face top level opponents.

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  1. A-f$&@ing-men Sanchez. Hopefully McGarity will keep that in mind when they finally decide to rid Georgia of the stench of Richt's mediocrity.