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Monday, October 8, 2012

Your Obligatory Post-Embarrassment List of Richt Replacements.

I am not going put Kirby Smart on this list because I cannot see UGA firing Richtie-poo and hiring an unproven commodity.  So no need to ask where Kirby is on this list.

Oh....you knew this was just around the corner.  CCRider's #1 with a bullet, son.  This is no less than our 20th post since 2010 in which we called for the stout, frumpy, man-nificent perpetuator of all things bombastic and intense to replace Richt. 
WHY: Defensive Guru who in the same period of time has out shined Richt in terms of building a program.  YELLING SKILLZ, SON!
WHY NOT: We are probably way too soft and too weak to actually attempt to harness the lightening.  We may not want to pay $4 million a year to get him.

2. BOBBY PETRINO: Sitin' at home licking his wounds
I don't care how he screwed the Falcons or that hot blond chick.  All I care about is that he wins games and I WANT WINS RIGHT NOW!
WHY: Offensive Genius.  Embarrassed the darkness necessary to win in the SEC a long time ago.
WHY NOT: The Falcons, that Blond Chick, plus Auburn wants him.

3. THE DREAD PIRATE LEACH: Head Coach Washington St and Chief Resident at the Northwestern Head Trauma and Concussion Treatment Center
And...you knew this one was coming because this is at least the 20th post since 2010 we have had demanding the Pirate relocate to Athens.
WHY: If you have to ask you will never understand
WHY NOT: ESPN and man's innate overall weakness.

4. CHARLIE STRONG:Head Coach- Louisville
A defensive guru just like we like and he is just wasting away in Kentucky.
WHY: Deep roots in Southern recruiting soil.  DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE as well as a desire to prove himself.
WHY NOT:  Unfortunately, as with loving Richt's persona, I still don't think we are ready to put winning first and in that I mean I am not sure our powers are ready for a black HC.  I know they are not ready for a black HC with a white wife.  Sad to say but I fear that would come into play.

5. DANA HOLGORSEN: Head Coach- West Virginia
Fire up the score board baby because when the Dude is not busy rockin' out to some Jimmy Buffet or downin' Red Bulls with the quickness he likes gettin' them points just like his mentor who can be seen above at number 3.
WHY: The Dude abides and scores them points baby.
WHY NOT: Athens is way too close to Myrtle Beach and that could cut into his coaching time.

It should be noted that John Gruden is 100% NOT AT ANY TIME AN OPTION FOR ANY COLLEGE TEAM SO DON'T NAME HIM. Also, I personally don't really like Mike Gundy or Dan Mullen and Chris Petersen is just Mark Richt only not in the SEC so he would be about the same and Chip Kelly's crap won't fly down here.

Oh and P.S.


  1. Bear Bryant wouldn't have saved Georgia ass Saturday night.Gurshall? lol

  2. I wouldn't write Gruden off. I think he'd like to lock horns with Saban.

  3. If they would take the job, an NFL OC may work. It maybe a shorter run, but it would be energetic.

  4. I'd take Patterson but wouldn't allow Petrino the privilege to eat my poop. I think the pirate's personality is a bad fit for Athens. Strong is just that. He'd be welcome. Holgorsen, well, he'd have to hire a genuine SEC defensive co-coordinator, but with that caveat, I'd like to see him as well. Some good suggestions, but I doubt Richt is in serious jeopardy just yet, despite the utter failure to beat a decent team the last few years. Unless of course, the wheels just totally fall off the rest of the way.