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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Arkansas Offers Mike Bobo Head Coaching Job!

Has Crayon.....Will Travel.

It is Boboz timez up in Hawg Nation.

I assume since we are all just making up absurd stories about who Arkansas has offered a contract....I can throw one out there.

The offer is 17.5 years the salary is $75 a week, plus his very own CiCi's Pizza in his back yard right beside his super sweet tree house/fort, and of course a coupon that will allow him to walk into any Wal-Mart or Sams anywhere in the world and get all the Crayola products a shopping cart will hold.


  1. Do not get my hope up like that.


  2. I know you are joking, but this would be a good grab for the Razorbacks and Bobo alike.

    Think of what Bobo could develop with Arkansas' offensive talent that Bobby Petrino has recruited, and this would give Bobo an opportunity to coach in the SEC at a place where expectations are not sky high.

    1. I think NC St fits him well too, considering how well he's recruited that state.


    2. Corbin,

      You should read my post right before this one. Not only are expectations high in Arkansas they are unreasonable.


      I think Chad Morris gets the NCState job.