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Monday, November 12, 2012

Basketball game recap


  1. this posting does not condone suicide in any way shape or form. But Fox, a very good basketball coach imo, may have killed his chance at success here by his own actions and choices. I hope not, cause I really want to see the guy flourish, but the talent is so far down, the team is almost Felton-ish in year 4, and certainly looked to be as poor all around in dribbling, shooting, and passing, with a one man show offensively (KCP = Yata) in year 4 of their programs here. Combine that performance, with the what looked like triple digits of fans in the stands, and that is a recipe for disaster.


  2. You should have used the picture of Dan Aykrod in Trading Places where he attempts to shoot himself in the head wearing the santa suit, the gun miss fires so he throws the gun into the alley and it discharges scaring a dog.



  3. I voiced this else where but Fox is a likeable version of Paul Johnson. Early success with someone else's recruits. An abject failure with recruiting one of the most fertile basketball environments in the nation less than 2 hours from campus.


    1. Right now, it's not easy to disagree with that assessment Alpha. I'm hopefully this is just a hiccup, and a learning experience on a night when we couldn't hit water in the middle of the ocean. And also a wake up call to get some assistants in here (like Jonas) that don't let us miss on every good local player we pursue.