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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mark Richt Gets His Shot Despite Another Early Season Loss to the Gamecocks

For a moment that was as fleeting as the aroma of a really bad fart......the SEC was not going to win its seventh consecutive National Title.  Then that all came crashing down in an ugly Chris Fowler tear-soaked instant on Saturday night.  Let's all be honest with ourselves..............Notre Dame will have no chance against Alabama or Georgia. 

This is not 02 nor is it 05 nor is it 07............the football gods have finally shown the Beloved a glimmer of hope.  Richt will have a legitimate shot at placing the Georgia Bulldogs in the seat of power that has managed to elude Georgia, the only SEC champion in the Richtian Era to have the prize denied them.  

The Georgia faithful will find all the reasons why the Dawgs can win.  Everyone else in the world will just look at this and say....."Oh its a big game with the biggest stakes imaginable......oh, Aaron Murray is the QB at Georgia.....oh, Mark Richt is the head coach.....yeah we'll take Bama."

Now the weaker segment of our fan base will say....."You guys hate Richt so much you don't want Georgia to win this game."  Well let me tell you this...the Ol' Boys here at S&G would sell your first born child to win this game and the National Title.  Here is what could potentially happen should Georgia win its next three games:

1. Mike Bobo could get a HC job offer,
2. Our weaker fans and members of the "Powers That Be" could get a tast of winning and then spend the next 50 years chasing that dragon at all costs,
3. Florida could suck it,
4. Sakerlina fans could develop a chain of logic in which they beat Georgia early, then lost Lattimore, and are therefore the National Champions but for about 15 different variables that did not go their way.
5. Tannercee could get shafted by Gruden and Petrino before having to re-hire Fat Phil (ok so that one is going to happen with or without us running the table).
6. Mrs. Sanchez will be treated to Brothah Sanchez's happy, fun, sexy time, tighty whitey, mating dance.

So for the next couple of weeks FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.......


  1. For the record, boxers not briefs.

    1. love the echo in here...and the crickets..

      CMR leads our team to #3 in the BCS and your headline harps on the 1 loss of the season? CMB's offense breaks season records & you assclowns still want him fired?
      Suck it. You guys should move to Starkville and start a blog for the other bulldogs.

    2. Can always count on you to give us the hits with your bitching. Keep on whacking it ya jerk off.

    3. You know what Sanchez……I got this one.

      Hi there 88Dawg. How are you feeling today? I don’t just mean how do you physically feel but also how do you emotionally feel. God, if we were face to face right now I would be gazing deeply into your eyes and really connecting with you on a much deeper and more spiritual level.
      Listen I’m real…real sorry that a while back on our blog here you got on and posted a really witty and hilarious comment that we should have acknowledged and appreciated as opposed to replying with something wittier and funnier that made you look real stupid. I know that those sorts of actions can be hurtful and are 100% insensitive and uncalled for. If we just had a magic button that could rewind us back to that exact moment when you got so butt-hurt with us….. we would press that button. We wouldn’t just press it over and over again so as to relive your hurt feelings because that is insensitive and wrong….no, we would press it so that we could go back and fix things. Since that button doesn’t exist can we just tell you how deeply and truthfully sorry we are that we were so mean and did not value you as a person or your opinion no matter how stupid it may have been. Hopefully, we can get past this because we are of the understanding that the longer you allow sand to remain in your vagina the greater the chances of you developing some more serious medical problem.

      With deepest love and compassion,
      The Ol' Boys at S&G

  2. Let's all be honest with ourselves..............Notre Dame will have no chance against Alabama or Georgia?

    Maybe not against bama but us? Remember who our coaches are.


  3. The problems UGA has had on offense has nothing to do with Bobo. He is a very good OC. Where we have failed is recruiting decent running backs, For Richt's offense, which is completely tied to the play action pass, to work we have to have a strong running game. We haven't had even a decent running game on a consistent basis since Moreno, and he was good not great. If wins and losses mean anything, Richt is the best head football coach UGA has ever had. This years offense is the best offense we have ever had and it all starts with the running backs.