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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Steve Spurrier is now a crazy old fool

So, we all know how last summer, he whined with a straight face that SEC game shouldn't count in the SEC standings.  Now, Alabama can beat an NFL team?

Simple math, if Alabama is the most talented team in college football history, it has what 30-35 future NFL players?  Jacksonville has 53, current.  There might be, being generous, 5-8 Alabama players that could start an NFL game this season.  Jacksonville has 22 (24 if you add kickers).

Just shut up Spurrier.  And enjoy your cupcake schedule next year.

(I should add, it's not like we didn't know he had no clue about the NFL, but still; crazy.  old.  fool.)


  1. That was kinda hard to follow. This is what he was referring to and it will clarify the post some.

  2. spurrier is an idiot. An idiot who owns richt and booboo.


  3. Don't throw cupcakes in a bundt-cake house, Sanchez.

    Though it's not like two years of cupcake scheduling has fazed y'all, so why should it faze the Cocks?

    And let me know the next time the NFL wants any of the current UGA coaches to be a NFL head coach. That will never happen. Ever. CTG is a reject NFL journeyman who'll be lucky to slink back in to the pros after his defense is eviscerated next year. CMR wouldn't be allowed to coach special teams. We all know how you feel about #Bobo.

    1. Spurrier's mouth is beginning to embarass him routinely tryp. The Bama/NFL thing, Dabo on Lattimore day, the schedule, the conference games, he's losing his mind. Thankfully he hired Elliot and Ward before that happened.