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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Learn more about the Cornhuskers

Over at dawgsports.com, I've been handling most of the Q&As with rival sites heading into the games. With Nebraska coming up, there's been several sets of questions and answers going back and forth between the staffs at dawgsports and Corn Nation, the SB Nation site for Nebraska.

You can look at the first set of questions here, getting a basic overview of what to expect out of the Huskers on the field.

They asked about Georgia's traditions and such.

And in another set, we get more detail about dynamic dual threat QB Taylor Martinez plus a pulse of their fanbase's excitement to make a return trip to Orlando. Corn Nation should have another set of answers, this time more about what to expect from the Dawgs and specific matchups going up on New Year's Eve.

 Click the links, and learn some things.

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  1. The second set of questions and answers from the Cornhuskers,...