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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Poor Tennessee...No One Wants Their Job.

So it appears that no one.....any where....really wants to be the Redneck-n-Chief.  Wellllll.......no one except for maybe this guy:

"Did someone mention a JOB?"

So earlier today ESPN wrote an article all about how the SEC just does what it wants when it wants
Obviously in response to my article about the new HC for Arkansas and how the seventh or eighth best job in the SEC is better than the third best job in the Big Slow Twelveninie. 

So Arkansas takes the HC of what is currently the best program in the Big Ten but consider the flip side of this SEC dominance coin......Tannercee.
Now Vol fans will tell you that Lane Kiffikins was their first choice just like media will tell you that Obama ain't a Communist.  Kifficakes was low....low down on their list and was a desperate hire.  Then there is Diddy's Baby Boy..............how many people said no to Tannercee before they finally...reluctantly....disappointingly hired Double D?  Now it appears that choice numbers one, two, and three are not all that into the mystique of inbreeding and illiteracy. 

Of course Gruden said no that was to be expected but
Gundy with a straight up no and now it would appear that Strong is a no go as well?

I think the problem is where Tannercee is shopping:
Gruden gets paid a lot to do nothing so why would he want to get paid about the same to do a lot more?  Gundy is at his Alma mater and OK ST has that oil money behind it.  Then there is Strong....if he says no I can't blame him.  If it is true that black coaches don't get as long to fix things then why would you take a job that is:
a) in shambles,
b) is impatient with white, SEC legacy coaches, and
c) most likely has unrealistic expectations.

Oh well there is always Petrino but no....y'all are too noble for that up there in Hillbilly Heaven.....so who will it be?  Perhapse we could offer a recommendation?

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