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Monday, December 3, 2012

The SECCG, Murray, Bobo, Grantham, and Richt's Legacy

I must admit that as I sat in the Georgia Dome mere moments after Tree returned the blocked kick for a TD...........I BELIEVED.   In fact in my head I had the story title all ready to go:
"UGA To National Title Game......Sports and Grits Says- Your Welcome Dawg Nation".
Needless to say we would have taken full credit for the post 2010 turn around, the improved recruiting, the changes to S&C, etc.  How you say?  Simple we held a complacent coach and program's feet to the fire. 

Of course all of that fell apart.  In any other circumstance I would tell you that there is something romantically Southern about a David vs Goliath fight in which the little guy holds his own and pushes the mighty to the limit.   In this circumstance I can't find anything other than an empty feeling.  The drive home a year ago was much easier than this one.  In the past it has been an early season loss or something that we did not realize was so crucial at the time that has kept us from the NT.  This year it was a single play.  I have not watched any sort of replay and I understand that the ball was tipped.  At my angle and from what everyone around me saw the ball did not look tipped.  It simply looked like they should have spiked the ball, did not, threw it short, and blew it. 

Murray is what he is......a good QB that we over hype.  He has the tools to come out next season and be a Heisman candidate.  Right now....he is a talented QB who has a tendency to panic in tough situations.  However, even that is not a constant because he looked very poised on the last drive.....a far cry from his look in the SC and Missouri games.

On the matter of Bobo he had a good game.  He should have spiked the ball.  You spike it with 15 seconds left and you get two plays....two thought out plays....two plays.  The point was made that had the ball gone into the endzone and been incomplete they would have had another play......I concede that.....but obviously Bama got set enough to tip the ball so in the end it was a decision that is reflective of Bobo's immaturity as a play caller.

On the matter of Grantham.  I have seen the South Carolina game as more on Richt for the suspensions than on Grantham.  The third quarter and for that matter the entire second half of the SECCG falls on Grantham.  How could you not adjust to stop the run?  How could you not understand that after three possessions of nothing but runs, the third being one you stopped, how could you not anticipate the play action?

On the matter of Richt.  There is a common mis-conception about our site.  That is that we hate Richt.  We don't.....we just hate losing, we hate moral victories, we hate weak sauce excuses, and did we mention we hate to see Georgia lose? 
Richt and his program stand at a crucial intersection.......Do we build off of this or do we allow it to haunt us?  Is this our SECCG game loss in the same way that Alabama lost to Florida a few years back before taking the Conference over?  Does this push Richt to desperately seek the validation of his legacy with a NT or does he just Joe Cool-shrug this one off like so many before?  The emotion at the post game presser needs to carry over.  No matter what you thought of the timing of the question it was valid.  Chuck Oliver did not question any one's effort.......he questioned if Richt and Murray's best effort was just not good enough........he question if Richt can ever win the big one.......sorry coach-you may not have liked it but it is a real question and the answer as of now is NO!

First things first....we need to make a statement against Nebraska!  We need to own them for four quarters, roll that into recruiting, and then come out like a bunch of rabid junk yard dawgs against Clampsun next year. 


  1. Admit it, CC.......you hate all of them and you love Chuck Oliver.

    1. I don't even think Auburn fans are closet Chuck Oliver fans.