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Friday, January 27, 2012

Jim Donnan continues to prove he's not a good person

you may have seen by now. But if you haven't, click here.

Character and work ethic was his problems as a coach, why should it be any different after?

Let's get this weekend going

Don't forget

Brandon Boykin, Cordy Glenn, and Ben Jones will be on NFL Network tomorrow at 4 for the Senior Bowl. Boykin in particular is said to have really impressed this week, while Glenn is a likely 1st round pick, and Jones one of the top Cs in the draft.

Long overdue Foley Field renovations are coming

We are still skeptical on just how much you can do on that side without closing off the road that cuts between it and Butts-Mehre, buying the houses on Kudzu Hill, or eliminating some of the parking in front of the Dan Magill tennis complex, but at least some minor modifcations are on the way.

Georgia baseball fans can look forward to coming renovations of aging Foley Field, although the exact plans and design projects will not be revealed until May — at the earliest.

Georgia’s Athletic Board approved design studies for Foley Field last May, according to sports information director Christopher Lakos.

This means talks have begun with various Athletic Association personnel about what
kind of projects they would like to see done at Foley Field.For example, coaches discuss the field, stadium, locker room, training room and needs of the student-athletes, Lakos said.

These are long overdue, as Georgia lags far behind other SEC schools in facilities for the stickball, and considering the scholarships allotted thanks to Title IX, plus the number of games for tickets sold and other stadium revenue, baseball can easily be a self-sustaining and profitable entity within the Athletic Department. Plus, better facilities tends to equal better recruiting, and in a state loaded with good baseball players, that leads to more winning which leads to more revenue.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Super Bowl

cheer on long standing NFL vet DJ (or Danny) Ware, the only former Dawg in this fight.

I also have a rooting interest for Eli thanks to an old college discussion on his potential as a #1 draft pick overall after his sophomore season. (Who's laughing now Travis, CBigs? I am, I am laughing).

Elisha is the best Manning ever!

Mark Richt recruits criminals, according to the AJC

Gotta love the headline editors for the AJC. Just can't avoid taking a slam when they get the chance. If you want to read, I'm sure several others will have the link. I'd rather not encourage giving that dying rag the page views. But yes, they run the headling "UGA's Mark Richt goes to jail for recruiting". Because to them, we're a team full of criminals.

What you actually have to read the article to learn is he actually went to church with elite LB prospect Josh Harvey-Clemons. JHC's grandfather has a bail bond business, and his grandson is one of the bail bondsmen. Grandad got a call while at church, so grandson and daughter (one of JHC's aunts) had to go to work. She forget her ID, which is required for posting bail, so Richt and Bobo brought it to them at the jail. They finished the in-home visit there before hitting the road. Sounds like a good visit with a key target remaining on our wish list. But thanks AJC for taking this opportunity to continue to prove why you're a worthless and soon to be dead paper. As someone who used to read newspapers daily, the continued mess that comes from Atlanta makes it no wonder why that industry is dying a slow death.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kentucky basketball recap

Well, that was ugly. Our offense is pitiful, in part because they can't go inside at all. Our best inside scorer is Gerald Robinson Jr, who a) can't post up, and b) struggles to finish in the paint. At least we held them below 60 though, which if we can play D that well the rest of the way, might be 3 more wins in SEC play. Sigh. Will things ever change in Georgia hoops? If we can recruit, if we can ever recruit this state. Said it before, and I'll keep saying it until things change, but we HAVE to add someone to the staff this spring. Unlike football, there aren't strict limits on the number of assistants you can have, since we can add a non-road recruiting assistant to an administrative role. But if staff changes on the bench aren't an option (and some around town claim they should be), we still have to add someone who can help crack this long stubborn Atlanta nut in recruiting. Our personal, extremely biased choice would be from that popular powerhouse of Belmont-Abbey.

A week left in recruiting

Richt will be in church tonight, with Josh Harvey-Clemons. We've got a week to go, and one more hole to fill with monster OL Chester Brown having family issues.
We're still in the market for:
1-2 OL (Avery Young, Brandon Greene, and possibly a late offer or two with Brown no longer coming)
1 TE (Sean Price)
1 DL (Dalvin Tomlinson)
1 LB (Kendarius Whitehead, Josh Dawson, Josh Harvey-Clemons)
2 DBs (Sheldon Dawson, Will Redmond, Nelson Agholor, Kenneth Crawley, Tyreece Jiles, among others)

It should be an active rest of the week for coaches as they close out this class, heading in to official visits on the weekend, and the dead period between Monday and signing day.

What's wrong with basketball?

Dean Legge sums it up in two short sentences.
The state is hemorrhaging with talent… since 2005 Scout.com has ranked 52 players from Georgia in their annual Top 100 list. Three – Mike Mercer,Trey Thompkins and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – have signed with the Dawgs.

You ain't winnin Talladega in a Honda Accord.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Joe Paterno- Dead or In Brazil with all the Ex-Nazi Scientists?

So your an old rich dude and the Po-Po are breathing down your neck because you enabled child rape for the better part of a decade.....what do you do?

How about I have CANCER!
So here is the plan:

Step 1: This past summer before all the "dookie" hits the fan you put all your assets into your wife's name.
Step 2: You then dip into the classic Old Fart defense and act like you are confused and can't hear anything.
Step 3: Penn State turns into the epicenter of confusion and denial for multiple weeks.
Step 4: You then essentially fire yourself because we are all under the impression that you ruled Happy Valley with an iron fist.
Step 5: You then "catch" cancer
Step 6: You then "die"
Step 7: Then this guy hops a plane for Brazil
Good bye Happy Valley.....Howdy topless beaches and Nazi safe houses.  Too bad Israel is not also dedicated to hunting down and killing people who were once associated with Child Rape.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What this guy said, quit being a stalker

Thanks to the leatherhelmet, we found this article from Subway Domer. It can't be reiterated enough, so for anyone who thinks these actions are acceptable, read and just stop.

Over the past several years, social media has critical massed itself 100
times over. Almost everyone you know is either on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,
or a wicked cocktail mix of the three. This is the new world that we are living
in, where information is everywhere and everyone has their opinion that
absolutely MUST be heard. It is within this brand new world where the rules are
in a fuzzy shade of gray. Why? Because like most of the internet for the past
15+ years, there are no rules. To be honest, I like having no rules. No rules
allows for self-moderation, and self-moderation can lead to an enlightenment of
ones own morals, ideas, and personality. Unfortunately, there are thousands upon
thousands that are unable to operate within a certain code of conduct within
this digital realm that the non-digital world lays out in law and in societal
rules. Why are we talking about this? Well, because of that "gray" area,
people actually think it's acceptable to interact with recruits via social
networks. They think it's OK to try and get involved with some 17 or 18 year old
high school student. They think it's OK to try and get involved in the lives of
kids. This is definitely not "OK."People, mostly grown men, spend their days
trying to contact potential "program changing" high school athletes. Most of
these attempts are "harmless" in their minds, but at the root of situation lays
the problem. They justify talking to a 17 year old on the internet because they
are offering, "wisdom," words of encouragement, and of course advise on where
these kids should attend college. It's all innocent and good natured-
right?Wrong. Because it is acceptable in their eyes, it is also "acceptable" to
chastise, warn, threaten, and downright get nasty with these recruits when
someone else's child makes a decision about their life that they don't like.
This, of course, is why social media has become a threat to college football-
because it is not right to try and get involved in these kids lives. The News
Tribune in Tacoma, Washington recently
published an article
speaking to some of this. A lot of the article had to
do with message board posters. As unfortunate as the negative comments and the
consequences that they have on these message boards are; they are mostly
intended for the "boards" themselves and are not a direct attack upon a
particular recruit. That doesn't make it right, but it is what it is because for
many years this is what has been accepted. We allow poison in our lives.Now is
the time to make the move to strike against this nonsense across the realm of
social media. We as fans, bloggers, parents, friends, and members of a more
decent society must make the stand against those that would use these platforms
to "help" their school/team by chastising kids who may not make the decision for
their lives that some grown adults would like.We have long seen people "friend"
recruits on Facebook and then leave nasty messages for all to see. We have seen
people on Twitter harass recruits on a daily basis for them to "make up their
minds" on the biggest decision of these kids lives. What the hell is wrong with
these people? Recently on Twitter, I came across some "fan" of a particular
school cuss out a recruit because they "THOUGHT" that the recruit has already
chosen a rival school to commit to. It was flat out disturbing. Equally
disturbing was "fans" of the same school trying to reach out to the recruit to
tell him that this isn't what this particular school was about- blah, blah,
blah. They are all, in effect, trying to become recruiters for their
institution. This is wrong, and also a NCAA violation.Notre Dame had a
decommitment last night. I am not on Facebook all that much, and I certainly did
not "friend" this particular recruit, but i am positive that he has already felt
the wrath of those wo felt betrayed. This is what our beloved sport has turned
in to. A massive cat fight between fans, recruits, and parents of recruits via
social networking. It's sad. We need to take this sport back from the lunatics.
I am proposing a set of standards:Absolutely NO Facebook. Do not "friend" these
recruits or join their "groups." Facebook is much too personal. Even asking to
be a friend just to follow what they say is too intrusive. If you are on
Twitter, I think it is OK to follow a recruits account. It's basically public
information, so seeing what info is out there is no big deal. However... if a
recruit's account is protected, I recommend not following. A protected account
needs the approval of the user, which is a lot like Facebook friending. Also, DO
NOT INTERACT WITH A RECRUIT FOR ANY REASON. It doesn't matter if you are just
saying something like, "Congrats man! Eastern Michigan needed you and your
decision just made my day!" Or, "Our class is filling up! Still have room at
Wyoming for great TE recruits like you. Be a Cowboy and be a LEGEND 4eva!!!"
None of this is OK. That should be simple enough. Basically, don't interact with
someone else's kid. Don't become involved. Don't be a factor- whether good or
bad. We as fans and bloggers can help clean this up by policing our own. Let's
help create a culture void of this type of interaction. I am asking all of you
to help spread this message. Become co-signers. Simply; retweet, like, copy and
paste, link- whatever. Spread the word that this type of behavior is not
acceptable. If you want to help your school ,these recruits, and college
football- follow these guidelines and let others know that they should do the
same!Sincerely, The Subway Domer

A win is a win

Well, it wasn't much of an enjoyable win, but it still goes down as a W. We've got a chance for another Saturday, when Ole Miss visits Steg at 4. Other than that, it'll be Slim Pickens until March. Aside from tough road games at Tennessee weekend after this one, and in Columbia, SC the Wednesday after Valentine's, all other February games looks like a certain loss.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reminder, Men's Hoops tonight at Steg, at 8, vs. Tennessee

The title says it all. We need a good fan turnout for this one, because the Vols always try to travel well.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Contributor, The Dealer, Gives Us His Off-Season Must Do List.

From The Dealer:
The following has been said but for the sake of a summary of thoughts and random rants the following things must happen asap if we ever want to be a great football team (for the record UGA has Never had a GREAT football team).  We are a good team but good shouldn't cut it!  If you are ok with good then spend 60-bucks for Boilermaker season tickets and move to West Lafayette, Indiana.  Danny Hope gets paid about 1/2 of what Richt takes home (after he subsidizes his under performing assistants out of his personal piggy bank) so there your pursuit of mediocrity will be justified and welcomed!  
1: Establish a "Creating your value attitude"!  This goes from the players to the Coaches!  CMR should be fined or even terminated immediately for paying his assistants out of his pocket!  Period!  These guys work for a living like everyone else in this world.  You get paid what you get paid because of the value of your services.  If you need or want to earn more money then become more valuable by producing a better result.  The AD and the higher ups at the University of Georgia have signed contracts with these coaches for an amount that equals their value.  For another employee to take money from his income and give it to another employee devalues the concept of "you eat what you kill".  Why would anyone then have to step up the game and bring more to the table?  CMR will pay you anyway!  Players...ditto!  Coach Godzilla Grantham brought a novel of an idea his very first day at UGA.  Best players will play.  Just because you started last year isn't worth a wooden nickel this year!  Next year every starting position should be an open competition!
2:  Bobo...holy crap where do I start...?  I won't.  Let's just say UGA ponnied up the cabbage to pay for Godzilla Grantham and see what that has done for us!!!  Why wouldn't that apply to the offense coordinator's position as well?  Obviously Richt doesn't need the money.  Cut his salary by $300,000 and buy an offensive upgrade!  If it makes you feel better keep Bobo as your QB coach.  Actually no...can his under performing ass!  Make an example that nothing less than excellence will be tolerated within our program!
3:  Murray needs to be splained this one thing!  If your #1 target appears to be covered...don't throw it anyway.  In my opinion Murray would be better off with one receiver and let the others stay in the backfield and help block the guys that the linemen miss.  Don't get me wrong, Murray is a good QB and has the potential to be Great.  However until he learns to check to the next receiver and/or not stare down the intended receiver, he will never be great! 
4: Feature RB.  Again holy crap where do I start.  UGA needs a hoss'!!!  A guy who can take 25 carries a game when we need him.  Not because he wants to pad his personal stats but because if you play not to lose then you damn well better have a bruiser who can tote the nugget to chew up the clock! 

When Georgia Rises Up and Decides to Dominate they REALLY Dominate!






Come on with all that truth Newt Dawg!  If South Carolina votes for a soulless, Mormon robot without any real convictions or plans then they should have their "First in the South" status stripped from them.

Can we win tomorrow?

Tomorrow night, Tennessee plays Georgia in Steg at 8. Is it possible we get our first conference win?

Both us and the Vols have been playing better (still losing, but with runs). They turn the ball over, aren't very good offensively, and aren't very good defensively. We can, and probably should win this game.

Our biggest issue is, well, us. If we let the arena get half full of orange (which it can and has in the past, when apathy ran deep), their 4 GA native starters-Jordan McCrae and Cam Tatum, a sophomore and senior decent but nothing special pair of wings, Kenny Hall, a junior big man who's tall, and Trae Golden, a sophomore scoring point who's their best player, will probably go off. If we actually stopped dressing as seats, and season ticket holders in the bottom level showed up, and cheered for the Red and Black, we will win.

A proposal for altering the SEC football schedule

with this year's schedule an admittedly one-off and future schedules to be built from scratch, here's a proposal that helps rotate teams in and out on a regular basis AND preserves historic matchups.

The only reason we keep divisions in college football is NCAA bylaw (c), which mandates having divisions with round-robin play as a requirement for having a conference championship game. But if we wanted to do it differently, do we not have enough clout to force a change in the wording to allow it? Could we not just do what we want, give the NCAA the bird and see if they'll do something about it? It's not like they'll punish themselves by restricting their largest revenue maker and dominant force on the scene. Especially when we've shown a willingness to section off from them and quit letting them have a piece of our pie back in the late 70s/early 80s in the lawsuit that got this gravy train of money started.

So, in an effort to keep the desired 8 game schedule, plus the traditional rivalries, all while also playing the remaining members of the conference on a somewhat regular basis, we are proposing the following as the new SEC football scheduling template.
Each team will play 4 games yearly, on a home/away (or in the Cocktail Party's case, neutral site with h/a designations for uniforms), and rotate 4 other schools to complete their 8 game schedule. Of those rotating games, they will be done home/away, away/home, with 2 on and 2 off every year. This can accomodate a 14, or perhaps an eventual 16, team conference, and still keep the 8 game schedule. To determine SEC Championship game participants, you take the top 2 overall records and play them in Atlanta. In the event of a tie between 2nd and 3rd, you
d go first to a head to head matchup as a tiebreaker. If they didn't play, or you have more than 2 teams tied for 2nd (or perhaps a 3-4 team tie for 1st), you take the highest rated school according to the BCS rankings.

Each school's 4 permanent opponents would be (yes, you lose 1 or 2 currently significant annual games, and start a few currently meaningless ones, but bracketing every team with 4 caused sacrifices in favor of the greater good):
Alabama-Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee
Arkansas-LSU, Missouri, Mississippi St, Texas A&M
Auburn-Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi St, Texas A&M
Florida-Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt
Georgia-Auburn, Florida, Missouri, South Carolina
Kentucky-Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt
LSU-Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Texas A&M
Mississippi St-Auburn, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt
Missouri-Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas A&M
Ole Miss-Alabama, LSU, Mississippi St, Vanderbilt
South Carolina-Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee
Tennessee-Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina
Texas A&M-Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Missouri
Vanderbilt-Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi St, Ole Miss

Monday, January 16, 2012

Those in the Augusta Area Come out this Wednesday and meet NEWT-DAWG!

Unto our Augusta breathern hop on the Gordon Highway this Wednesday afternoon and make the short trek into Aiken County, South Carolina and see Newt Dawg himself at Bobby's BBQ at 1:30 pm.
Newt will talk about:
- How he balanced the budget four straight years as Speaker,
- How he reformed Welfare and made deadbeats go back to work,
- How he was paid money by businesses for his brain powers and then told them how they were screwing-up (as he did for Fannie Mae).
- How he will ruin Iran's stuff if they don't disband their nuclear bomb program.
- How he has always been a Republican unlike Romney who is a man without a soul who will say anything to anyone in order to be elected and therefore give validation to his life (in other words he will be a "real boy")
- How he does not have on magic underwear and does not believe in digging up corpses to re-baptize them so they can go off and become the personal Jesus of some planet out in the solar system all because a make believe angel named Macaroni showed some dude in upstate New York magic tablets that only he could see.  Oh and the Indians don't forget about the 100% disproven theory that the Indians are the ten lost tribes of Judah. Do you really want to nominate a member of a cult?  That is what I thought.

Recruiting needs: What we got left to get over the last two weeks

We've landed some big names and other needed spots in the last few weeks, like Todd Gurley, Jordan Jenkins, and Mark Beard.

So position by position, here's what we can expect these last two weeks:
QB-No need
RB-No need
WR-Not much of a need. But we lost Lonnie Outlaw to grades, so adding a Cordarelle Patterson would be welcome, especially considering his immense talent. We may try and steal Jaquay Williams, out of Sandy Creek, from Auburn. Otherwise, without an elite talent, I'd assume we hold off and focus on loading up in the next class.
TE-With Orson Charles gone, we are somewhat thin here, and could use another. Sean Price is a possible, as an elite out of Florida similar to Charles, and we could be looking to steal someone currently committed elsewhere.
OL-We've got a big class with Theus, Beard, Pyke, and Brown. We could use 1 or 2 more just to keep the depth strong. We've been mentioned hard with Avery Young, as well as Brandon Greene and others.
DL-We've got Deloach, and Taylor, and maybe Atkins although he could go OL. Another 1-2 here, if we've got room, would help. We're in on Dalvin Tomlinson, and the thick wrestler would be a great add. IF Ray Drew and Sterling Bailey are big enough it'll be a struggle to keep them from the 280s.
LB-We got Jenkins, but are going after one more, and may be willing to add an inside LB too. Kendarius Whitehead and Josh Harvey-Clemons are the names you'll hear a lot between now and that first Wednesday in February.
DB-Here is where I think is the biggest need left. Yeah, we might have had bigger overall needs, but we've got studs already at those spots. We don't at DB, and really need to restock the depth. Boykin is gone, Rambo and Commings and Smith and Williams will be gone after next year. We just lost Love. We could use a S to battle for a starting gig in 2013. We could use CBs to keep the spot loaded (see how LSU and Alabama Ds looked with 4+ lockdown CBs to rotate in and out). Stealing Memphis natives Sheldon Dawson and Will Redmond is a goal. Bringing NJ native Yuri Wright down south looks like it's not gonna happen. We need DBs. Rumors abound about silent commits, but in the tenuous relation of commits, if they aren't going public, just how committed are they?

So, add 2 or 3 more on offense (an OT and a pass catcher), and another 2 on the defensive front 7, along with 3 DBs, and we're set.

So this is what Jordan Jenkins meant by not feeling "safe" at Alabama


So the kid has a knee injury, and gets cut. What do y'all figure the odds are on him making it into next year's class? 12:1, maybe 25:1? But at least they're gonna find him a "job" in the meantime.

Not addressed in the article is in addition to Alabama already being at the 25 limit for the class, and still pursuing others who will force already committed kids to be cut, is that Bama doesn't have space to bring in 25. At least not without a few transfers to friendly programs or taking a "medical hardship". But oversigning does have positive benefits, as we all saw in the national title game.

Hopefully Georgia can use Saban's fun with math to sneak back in on Geno Smith, Kurt Freitag, Dakota Ball, or Brandon Greene.

NFL draft early entrants benefits us

Linked is the list of everyone going pro.

From the SEC:
LB Dont'a Hightower
CB Dre Kirkpatrick
RB Trent Richardson

TE Orson Charles

DT Michael Brokers
CB Morris Claiborne
WR Russel Shepherd
WR Reuben Randle

Mississippi St
DT Fletcher Cox

Ole Miss
OT Bobby Massie

South Carolina
CB Stephon Gilmore
WR Alshon Jeffery

Georgia Tech also lost their only WR in Stephen Hill, and return a grand total of 0 receptions next year.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vandy thoughts

we lost, played well for a bit, and then went back to the 4-5 minutes of incompetence we've been all too familiar with every game.

But I'll add on their unique configuration, the cheerleaders have room on the sidelines, why can't a bench and players fit there? It is ridiculous Vandy has that set up.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Posting issues

It's been brought to our attention some of you are having trouble reading stories and clicking links. We are aware of the problem and were hoping it was just us. To the best of our knowledge, you can still click on our front page (sportsandgrits.com) and read everything except the comment threads there.

We apologize for any problems, and appreciate your patience and support while we deal with blogspotsucks.

Todd Gurley takes Georgia


Guess all those people who said we'll never land a good recruit with everyone talking bad about our coaches on the blogs must be feelin awfully smart about now.

Todd Gurley will pick, ....


Seriously though, I'm starting to want him as much, if not more, than Keith Marshall. The way Socrates describes him as a person, combined with ideal size, speed, and athletic gifts. This has all the makings of a big time playmaker in the SEC. Marshall for all his great attributes, is still a little on the slender side and that can lead to injuries against the big, physical SEC Ds we face week in and week out. Gurley doesn't have that issue. He's got the junk in the trunk to dish out a licking, and the raw speed to leave defenders behind. He's an elite hurdler, which I love. When targetting lineman, I love wrestlers (which is why I really, really want Dalvin Tomlinson on the DL). But when looking at RBs, I love the high hurdlers. Sprint speed is all well and good, but hurdling takes a little more agility, and it's that ability to elude and change direction that is much more important than straight line speed.

Come on down Mr. Gurley, the last thing you wanna do is suffer late season collapse after late season collapse at Clemson. (And when is the last time any of their big name offensive players actually panned out in the pros?) I can live with choosing the home team in North Carolina or NC St, but by all means son, don't throw your life away in Cow Town.

The Grit Tree Wants One Piece of Evidence Against Bobo...Axe and Ye Shall Receive.

So yesterday we got a not so anonymous tip from a fellow blogger that our beloved Grit Tree Blog was.......(fight urge to throw up in mouth, fight it, fight it, too late) defending I Has A Crayon.  Now before we get started let me just say that we L-O-V-E Corbin Dawg and everything the Grit Tree stands for on their site.  Long have the Cold Blooded Ones listed the Grit Tree amongst those "Things We Don't Hate" and Corbin was once so gracious as to share the airwaves on a Podcast with The Rider during the "Dark Days" when the iron curtain of censorship reared its ugly head upon the Cold Blooded Ones.  In fact we have lots in common with The Grit Tree like.... well.... we both have Grits in our name.  Glorious, buttery, creamy, velveteen grits....... We both hate mongrel, slavic tainted blood line having, Godless, pieces of human garbage known as yankees.  Here is what the Grit Tree says about them:
"As we talked, our disdain for yankees came up several times."  Now here is what one will find listed under CCRiders "interests" in the Riders profile (oh yes the Rider has now taken to referring to CCRider in the third person):
"Looking down upon yankees as the inferior species that they are"
Sufficed to say that up until this point our only place of disagreement with the Grit Tree has been their failure to include Brother Larry Sconyers and his bountiful array of low and slow cooked BBQ meats on their Thursday BBQ Map.

This is the small pork plate as it is only roughly 15lbs of meat. 
The purpose of this plate is for the feeding of small children and women on a diet. 
 If you order this and you are an adult male your waitress will look upon you with disgust and disappointment. 
One should always go with the "Plantation Platter".
Take the potato salad over the cole slaw, and the BBQ turkey over the chicken...the chicken is a sucker's bet. 

Anyway, the Grit Tree wants one piece of evidence to support the firing of Bobo.  Our overall Lawyerieness makes us want to present a preponderance of the evidence but we shall stick to just one piece. So here it is:


"Nothing further Your Honor.......the Cold Blooded Ones rest our case."

Here was the Grit Trees initial argument:

"UGA scoring offense per season going back as far as I could find (Bobo play calling years bold):
2002: 32.1
2003: 26.5
2004: 27.9
2005: 29.5
2006: 25.2
2007: 32.6
2008: 31.5
2009: 28.9
2010: 32.1
2011: 32.0
Everyone wants to have a scapegoat, but sorry folks, the reasons Georgia has not won a National or SEC Championship the last few years is not Mike Bobo.  The only year since he has taken over the playcalling duties there was a drop off was 2009, but I contend that has as much to do with Joe Cox than anything.  It hasn’t mattered-Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, A.J. Green or Joe Cox, Washaun Ealey and Michael Bennett; the scoring offense has been stable since he took over.
Here is your chance to prove your point to me, Bobo haters.  I want you to provide ONE piece of tangible, statistical data to prove Mike Bobo deserves to be fired.  Not this emotional, “he called a run play on 2nd down and long in the first quarter of the 2009 Kentucky game” BS.  I want real, tangible data."
Just remember Grit Tree in the immortal words of that poor man's Faulkner, Mark Twain:

"There are lies
  There are damned lies
  and There are statistics"~Twain

Basketball at Vandy tomorrow at 4

First, there's that abomination of a floor set up that somehow is only allowed in Nashville. With their raised floor, they could put the benches on the side LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY FROM REC LEAGUE TO THE PROS, but they have to be different.

On the floor, John Jenkins is a dominant PG, who can light it up from beyond the arc. Jeffery Taylor is a dominant athlete at SF, who should not only score and rebound well, but also shut down Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. They've got Festus Ezeli back inside, to go with Lance Goulbourne and Steve Tchiengang, so their early season weakness won't be the same.

Yeah, we're gonna get torched again.

Todd Gurley recruiting diary

ESPN has it.
With regards to Georgia, and I hope "next top school" isn't a slip that NC St is his leader, he says...
"My next top school is UGA, which is a school I visited three times and I see why people say it's a great school. First of all, the food is the best and that's my favorite thing about the school. My bro Keith Marshall goes there now and that would be good to have two NC boys in the backfield representing for our state. Plus, the relationship I developed over time with (running backs) coach Bryan McClendon and coach Richt has been great. Two great coaches running a great program. "

Photo caption contest: Brian Van Gorder is Dirk Diggler, age 50

Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Important Read for All Georgia Fans

Whilst catching a sit upon my throne of skulls deep within the bowels of Snake Mountain with the mouthwatering aroma of freshly clubbed baby seal hanging in the air like a delicious fog I, CCRider, pass the time with these various evil activities:
1. Complaining about how Liberal those Communists are over at Fox News (or should we say the Romney 2012 press secretaries).
2. Making broad sweeping generalizations about foreign countries,
3. Telling women with hyphenated names that they are stupid because instead of having one name that a man (their husband) gave them they now have two because their maiden name was given to them by their father, and
4. Grooming my children to take over the world as everyone else becomes more and more PC and weak.

Me, Chillaxin after an arduous day of oppressing minorities, being a sexist, eating animals, and spraying an excessive and wasteful amount of aerosols into the atmosphere.

I also find the time to occasionally surf the intrawebs for others who are not weak (and for "artistic" pictures of almost fat girls).  It is a rare occurrence when I find something that I do not hate.  It is almost "a never" that I find other Georgia bloggers who I agree with and do not dismiss as sorta' douchie.  Today I found a fairly new Georgia Blog that was not weak and did not leave a disgusting aroma of weakness within my nostrils.  The site is called SUGAR FALLING and it looks like they are students of the University of Cold Blooded Sausage Making who took extensive notes.  Here are a few free samples because I know how you 99 percenters like free things:

"Watching Georgia play, even when we win, is uninspiring."
"That was the question as I re-watched the epic collapse/disaster that was the 2012 Outback Bowl. Richt got a lead and sat on it as he has done so many times over the years. He refuses to step on anybody’s throat. If the Dawgs
"The lesson to take away from the Outback Bowl is, “never play not to lose.” Eventually you will lose. There is no doubt in my mind that Georgia was the better football team. However, Georgia has routinely been defeated by less talented teams throughout the last 5 years. This happens when you play not to lose. No matter how many times you safely punt the ball away, eventually the other team will score. Even if you keep making the opponent start in their territory, they will get a break. It does not help when the Offensive Coordinator and quarterback do not handle pressure very well."
 "Aaron Murray has moments of greatness, followed by moments of coma-esque brain function. Although the seniors on the offensive line (Jones, Anderson, Glenn) could not have missed anymore blocks"
"Justin Anderson did not block a soul yesterday. He either attempted to block someone and failed, or he let defensive lineman run free into the backfield"
"Then he probably preceded to walk over to Todd Grantham’s office, hand Todd the check, and give him a resounding, echoing, stinging high five for being awesome. I really hope on the “for” line it says, “NCAA, go **** yourself.” "
Excellent work our young Padawans!  Now all ye counted amongst the Cold Blooded Nation go forth and deliver page views unto these young men.

Here is some advice boys-never back down, never sound retreat, never be complacent, never accept good when great is just one more delivery from the bag man away, and remember ten wins means at least two loses.  If it is in the SEC then it ain't cheating........it's just the industry standard.

Fletcher Page has the best news of all: Grantham stays

DC Todd Grantham's name has been linked to the DC opening with the Atlanta Falcons. Grantham shot down that rumor Wednesday in a statement. "I’ve had discussions with Coach (Mark) Richt and (AD) Greg McGarity and we are on track to finalizing a contract extension. ... My desire is to be at UGA for a long time."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Win one, you lose one: Charles goes pro but Rambo stays

Considering how inconsistently Bobo used his TEs, Charles probably made a good decision. We see a player similar to Randy McMichael in terms of size and ability, so Orson has a good decade plus long career awaiting in the NFL. But the good news is, we keep a rising senior S, and the SEC leader in picks. Bacarri Rambo is staying put.

The Results Are In.....The S&G Downtown Athletic Club Presents Your 2011 Harvey Updyke Award Winner!

First of all we would like to apologize for the delay....the results were initially challenged by Gamecock boosters who felt El Magnifico was cheated out of points because he should have received residual points for G.A. Mangum letting the ladies of Greenville peep the reason why they call him Coach MAGNUM (wink).  While causing a delay in the end the challenge was denied because the S&G Athletic Club ruled on this already--see here--.  Now without further delay the Commissioner of the S&G Downtown Athletic Club.....CCRider.

"The Sports & Grits Athletic Club is pleased to announce our 2011 Updyke Award Winner. This is the inaugural year of the Updyke so we need to explain all the factors to be considered for what will surely become the Heisman of the SEC. Here are qualities necessary to be considered for the Updyke:

1. One must be associated with the SEC as a player, coach, AD, or naturally a fan.
2. One must not give a "flying monkey fudge" about anything other than winning and tasting the oh so refreshing tears of their rivals. (and or getting them dollah dollah bills y'all)
3. One must perform at least one act that shocks the senses while attempting to win and/or extract the afore mentioned tears. (or gettin' them dollah dollah bills y'all)

Well let's start with those who were excellent examples of SECery but who fell just short."

5. G.A. Mangum- QB Coach South Carolina-
One Penis + the open air of Upstate South Carolina= Updykian Gold! 

4. Todd Grantham- DC Georgia-
As a coach within the most vanilla, PC, focused on things other than winning program in the SEC Grantham still managed to try and bust James Franklin's head down to the white meat. 

In SEC Country it is only acceptable to use the F-word when you find out a relative voted for Obama and when someone insults your program.  For the latter one may use the F-bomb 50 to 75 times (see above).

3. Stephen "EL Stephano the Magnifico" Garcia- QB University of South Carolina
 We can't lie --we considered his career as a whole and not just this single season.  What started with the keying of a professor's car ended in a far less glamorous fashion than we anticipated (We were thinking that he would go out on top and kill six hookers-- one more than five just to spite Craig James).  You came roaring in like a Lion and yet went out with a whimper less than a mouse.  In typical Gamecock QB fashion......You sir were a tremendous disappointment.  What sets Stephano apart and truly shocks the senses.....is that he was actually talented and had a HC that could actually have developed him.....all advantages that no Gamecock QB has ever enjoyed.

2. Gus Malzahn- OC Auburn-
Turned down a $3 million plus contract from Vanderbilt to take the same job for far less money at Arkansas State.......enough said.


YOUR 2011 HARVEY UPDYKE AWARD WINNER IS.....................................................

1. Dakota Mosley- TE Auburn-
Armed Robbery, Home Invasion, multiple counts of Robbery.
Here is Dakota as a HS recruit back when he was still a white kid that knew he was white:

Here is Dakota in what we call his "transition into wigger" stage:

As you can see Dakota has obviously signed with Auburn and has watched one too many videos on BET.  Dakota is still white and he still knows that he is white but he has become fascinated with the black culture.

Finally this is Dakota finding out what it is like to be black in America.........He has "caught some charges".  What Dakota has most likely already discovered is that:
a) there ain't a lot of white people where he now is,
b) the Black members of Alabama's Correctional Facilities are most likely not going to be impressed with his "free-stylin' skillz".
c) The "Thug Life" ain't all its cracked-up to be.
The best part was when the story ran "One Auburn Player Out on Bail". Hhhhhmmmmmmm.....four players, three black and one white, one got out on bail.  Looks like somebody decided to cash in on their whitieness just as things were starting to get "Real".

This is why you play the games.  Dakota was a dark horse and yet came out of nowhere.  This years front-runner, El Magnifico, put in a solid campaign but fell all the way down to third.  Congratulations Dakota........your actions are now akin to pouring gallons of poison on an ancient tree and then calling PAAWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLL to engage in a little RRRRROOOOLLLLL TIIIIIDDDAH!

For those interested here is the voting breakdown:

Florida/Georgia recap: In picture form

just follow the link.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Racists Rejoice-- Jordan Jefferson Sets Black Scrambling QB's Back 20 Years!

Les Miles doesn't get enough credit for being a progressive who is 100% color-blind.
A few years ago he won a National Championship with the much fabled "white running back" in Jacob Hester and the mystical and elusive "black pocket passer" in JaMarcus "Sippin on Syzurp" Russell.

This year....despite the vast annals of history working against him, Les Miles clung unto the idea of Vince Young vs USC and went with Kid Dynomite JJ.  Here are some descriptive terms that explain what JJ looked like last night:
Lacking the ability to process complex information
Happy Footed
Sure Les could have put Lee into the game but lets me honest.......a white kid.....named Lee.....getting the start over JJ........you people act like Obama ain't the Prez. 
Ol' Les said "Nay" the civil rights movement is far more important than College Football.  Of course all the black LSU fans immediately disagreed with Les' statement.
Look out 2012 SEC........Les is gonna start a WHITE CORNERBACK!

Mal Moore Would Like to Cordially Invite Everyone Not Named Alabama to Pucker Up and Kiss His Mighty Whity Hiney!

Men's hoops vs. Florida tonight at 7 on ESPN

I'll forego much of a preview in this one, and just say it should be uglier than Saturday. Erving Walker always has given us fits at PG, and Kenny Boynton can light it up from outside. Patric Young is a specimen of a man in the paint, and should boss us around all night given the vastly superior strength compared to any two of our bigs combined. Brad Beal adds another elite outside scorer as he's been all sorts of Hanson lately.

About the only positive possible, they don't have a long wing to match up with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. But then, considering their advantage inside and outside, that doesn't really matter.

Monday, January 9, 2012

With the Season About to Wrap-Up It Can Mean Only One Thing.......The Updyke Award to be Announced Tomorrow!

Tomorrow one can expect us to "come correct" as the kids used to say in 1994 with the 2011 Harvey Updyke Award for excellence in SECery.

Pitchin' a shut-out with four field goals........it's so Bear-like these are tears of JOY!

Championship game open thread

Comment about how much CC loves Saban, I love Miles, or any other nonsense you love to spew.

Professional Career Mismanagement: Brian Van Gorder is the king

Brian Van Gorder is now the Defensive Coordinator for Auburn. A position less stable, and with less financial reward, than the one he departed 7 years ago. One obvious guess is that after yesterday's failure, he was gonna get fired from the Falcons anyway. But still, the man left Georgia for the NFL to be LB coach with the Jaguars. He then went to Statesboro for a year, blew the whole thing up and bolted town in the firey aftermath for a day as South Carolina's DC, before quickly jumping to the Falcons, where he was LB coach and then settled in nicely for his old boss at the Jaguars (Mike Smith was their DC when Van Gorder was LB coach) as LB coach, then DC for the Falcons.

It fit him well. He was never known as a good recruiter, but a great defensive coach, so NFL LB coach/DC fit him to a T. But the man has proven to be a career mistake expert, so it only makes sense he leaves the NFL to go right back where he was when this long circle began, except at a less stable school, for a less stable coach, and a program with less financial resources than the bridge he torched 7 years ago in Athens. Brilliant, just brilliant.

How to choose your SEC school fandom

Red Cup Rebellion has gold ladies and gentlemen, straight 100% 24 karat gold. Click the link, read the chart for absolute hilarity.

The best part comes right out of the chutes: Do you like football? No. Kentucky.

Congratulations Brandon Boykin

My favorite defensive back since Sean Jones (if not Champ Bailey) is heading to the NFL, where he will have a (health permitting) long and fruitful career as a cover man and return man. But before the Gun Show leaves town, he adds Paul Hornung Award winner to his resume. The Hornung award is in it's second season, and goes to the nation's most versatile player. Considering he had a Champ like final season, contributing as our best cover man, in addition to quality returns and extensive offensive production at TB and a little WR, I can't imagine anyone being a more perfect fit for the award than Boykin was this year. Congrats, we're gonna miss the Gun Show.

Big recruiting week

We'll have some good visitors in next weekend, but before that, we are hoping for a commit or two. Jordan Jenkins announces tonight at 7 on Fox Sports South, between Georgia, Florida, and Bama. The OLB target (or DE if you're Florida) was in the Army All-American game and looks impressive. He is well built, showed good strength and athleticism, and has extremely long arms that his uses extremely well to shed blockers. With Cornelius Washington an NFL question, and big freshmen Drew and Bailey likely growing in to DL, landing him to play with TJ Stripling and others behind Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree (we're gonna go ahead and pencil both in outside, with some combo of Gilliard, Herrera, and Robinson starting inside next year) would be huge for depth in a potentially championship season, and give Grantham the firepower to keep blasting after next year, when we assume both Ogletree and Jones depart as NFL first round picks.

Then Friday, Todd Gurley announces. Some signs point to Georgia being in a good spot here, and as a guy with the size to contribute right away, and the speed to make a difference right away, he'd be a monster pick up. He's got Isaiah Crowell's physical tools, although hopefully without the detrimental issues that have held back Crowell. Adding him to Keith Marshall in this class gives Bobo the I set backs he needs to actually start building an effective, focused offensive system.

The recruits are in

OL Mark Beard, RB Keith Marshall, and QB Faton Bauta are enrolled and ready to get going. In addition to getting a headstart on the playbook and in S&C, there is another added bonus. Every official visitor, and unofficial visitor, we have over the next month, can spend time with players they will spend the next 3-5 years alongside, and those guys can hit their classmates hard with a recruiting pitch. They may not be hosts for visitors, but they can certainly be a huge boost in giving sales pitch to guys they already know well from high school games, camps, and all star games.

Championship game pick guaranteed* to win you money

With the season coming to a close, we give you our final pick guaranteed* to win you money. All year long, we've actually kept that guarantee, winning near 60% in the regular season, and being over .500 in the always unpredictable bowl season. So here's our pick for the championship game.
Tonight at 8:30 in New Orleans-Bama -1 1/2 LSU
The yahoo lines have one favoring the Bayous, and the others with Bama around 2 to 2 1/2. We'll put the line there, and give you a score prediction for whatever your bookie has it at.

Plain and simple, this one should be as tight as last time. Thanks to great recruiting and oversigning to cut deadwood, both teams are loaded to bear on defense. On offense, there's some playmakers, but nowhere near to the extent of their speed and power on the hitting side. Trent Richardson will try to pound out 100 yds and a TD, but the depth off LSU's front 7 makes that a very difficult task. Bama has some stoppers of their own, so LSU can't wear them down with power back after power back like they did us. And they have some amazing DBs keeping Reuben Randle and their other pass catchers covered.

For our taste it comes down to turnovers and special teams. Bama sucks in the kicker department, which is a huge plus for LSU since offense and defense are equal. Jordan Jefferson, in spite of his limitations, has been very secure with the ball, and their offense has looked light years better since he got back in rhythm. We don't trust AJ McCarron, so we're taking the Bayous to repeat. Plus, this one isn't in Tuscaloosa, it's in New Orleans where the Cajuns should be crazy on corn dogs (or corn liquor, one or the other) all weekend and make it a home field environment much more than the neutral site these games usually are.

Take the Tigers to cover, 20-10.

*-guarantee only good on Christmas Eve, between 4:30 and 4:49 in the morning, if you're on your way to Toys-R-Us to get your kid the last Transformer doll, and right before you go inside you get smacked upside the head with a brick

Off season to do list

Now that the off season is officially on us, we figured we'd take a look at some of the things Georgia needs to do if it'll realize their immense potential next season. Of course, working hard in the offseason getting bigger, stronger, better, is a given, but aside from that, here's a list.
  • Recruit-We need to keep some players in house, like Branden Smith, Shawn Williams, Bacarri Rambo, and possibly Orson Charles. Those guys are the biggest recruits remaining. But aside from them, we still have some depth issues to clean up with the class coming on that first Wednesday in February. We need some more DBs to keep that cupboard stocked full, especially at CB. Another LB or two would be nice, especially if Ray Drew and Sterling Bailey are outgrowing the spot to become DEs. And one will commit today in the much desired Jordan Jenkins. Another OT would be nice, same with another WR, TE, and RB. And a DL or two, again to keep a good depth chart going forward. We have the room, just have to close strong with the big names left on the board.
  • Figure out OT-Watts Dantzler compete with probably Kenarious Gates for starting RT. Gates could also slide inside with Chris Burnette, Dallas Lee, David Andrews, Hunter Long, and others at LG/C/RG. But as he started at RT as a true freshman, we assume he's Dantzler's primary competition this spring off the edge. At LT, we've got plenty of competition, someone just has to step up. John Theus will be here in the summer, which sets back his readiness a bit. But the much balleyhooed LT has all the skills to start from day 1. Hoping to beat him out for the job will be a battle this spring. JUCO Mark Beard enrolling this week gets him a headstart, and redshirting FR Zach DeBell and Xzavier Ward have the long frames to do the job extremely well. Austin Long is another returning fighting for a job. We're not as worried about this spot as others are, because the bodies and ability is there, but someone has to step up and protect Murray's backside.
  • Improve at QB-That's because Murray does not handle pressure well. He has happy feet, and that effects his accuracy even when he's not pressured. He has great numbers, but his fundamentals from accuracy to learning how to throw the ball away, show a huge need for improvement. Those fundamentals are the job of a QB coach, who makes his appearance in the next need.
  • Determine what we want to do offensively-Are we a shotgun based attack? Do we pound you from the I opening up the deep balls with accurate strikes in short and intermediate passes as well as a strong running game? Just what are we trying to do on offense? We have numbers, mostly against the weak teams. But when we face solid Ds, our inconsistency and inability to develop a strong scheme often become an sore spot leading to losses. We've got talent across the board, with the next step being putting them in the best position to succeed.
  • Figure out RB-Like OL, we aren't that worried because of the number of talented bodies available. Getting Keith Marshall in this week will do wonders for his preparedness, as he can get bigger, stronger, and smarter. Learning the playbook now will help him in pass protection, which is always an issue giving RBs playing time in our offense. Ken Malcome came on strong and established his claim to the job late in the season. Isaiah Crowell has all the talent one could want, he just has to get healthy, stay healthy, and become the consistent threat we all want. Then, there's possibly Todd Gurley or Mike Davis (or both) added to the mix. We have talent, we just need blocking and consistency. I assume Richard Samuel becomes a FB with Xander Ogletree allowing Quayvon Hicks to redshirt.
  • Keep the defense rolling-This goes last, because we should be more than fine here. Geathers, Smith, Jenkins, Jones, and others give us a strong base up front and ideal size/strength for the 3-4. We've got a plethora of playmakers at LB starting with two of the best in the country in Alec Ogletree and Jarvis Jones, and extending down to Herrera, Robinson, Gilliard, and several others. If Rambo, Williams, and Smith return, we've got an all senior defensive backfield. Talent isn't an issue, depth isn't an issue, and experience isn't an issue. Barring premature departures, and an offense that continually hangs them out to dry in big games, we've got the makings for a dominant D to be as good or better than any in the country, and any we've ever had.
The talent and ability to win big things is there. A little luck helps, as is always needed for any team to win championships, and some fine tuning to keep every thing running sharp and all cylinders firing at their best, is all we need. The schedule plays out perfectly. Is next year the season we finally quit knocking on the door and bust the thing wide open?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alabama game recap

Last night was a struggle. The team had some good moments, particularly the run in the second half. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope played great, and the zone defense did a great job of shutting down Nick Jacobs and Jamychal Green inside. Unfortunately, the Tide, particularly Trevor Lacey shot much better than expected from outside and they dominated the glass. And aside from KCP, our outside shooting was atrocious, and as we all know, we have absolutely no inside game offensively.

It'll be a long season (we're thinking something like 3-13 in SEC play), and it'll be interesting to see how Mark Fox adapts throughout the year, and in the offseason. One thing we really need for next year, considering KCP looks like the bonafide superstar he was hyped to be, is inside offense. Maybe it comes from continued development of Donte' Williams or Nemi Djurisic, but considering Tony Parker and Charles Mitchell are crack pipe dreams at best, we need to find an Ant Evans at a JUCO, which probably doesn't exist.

One more spot open in the recruiting class: Jordan [redacted] Love transfers

Jordan Love, who you may remember from an overzealous UGA cop arresting because he had never in his life used his middle name, has decided to move on. The big CB from Virginia played mostly special teams in his two seasons on the field. With Sanders Commings and (hopefully) Branden Smith returning at CB, he was gonna be fighting Damien Swann, Nick Marshall, and Devin Bowman among others for playing time on the outside. His love only adds to the need for bringing in depth in the defensive backfield this recruiting class. IMO, that's the biggest need we've got on the board right now.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Catch several former Dawgs in every NFL playoff game this weekend: Go Bengals!

NFL playoffs start tomorrow. Below are the former Dawgs for each team.
NBC at 4:30-Cincinnatti and Houston
DT Geno Atkins #97
G Clint Boling #65
DE Robert Geathers, Jr #91
WR AJ Green #18
OT Dennis Roland #74

NBC at 8-Detroit and New Orleans
K John Kasay #2
DL coach Travis Jones
QB Matt Stafford #9

Sunday at 1-Atlanta and New York Giants
LB Akeem Dent #52
DC Brian Van Gorder
TE coach Chris Scelfo
RB Danny Ware #28

Sunday at 4:30-Pittsburgh and Houston
WR Hines Ward #86
CB Champ Bailey #24
Injured Reserve, RB Knowshon Moreno #27

Uh oh: Dwayne Allen reveals a little more than he should have, and likely why he reneged at the last minute on a UGA offer

ECDawg has the video, and it is hilarious. People have suspected as much for a while, from the ATM machine pics of Kenneth Page, Travis Blanks' new ride, or Mike Bellamy in front of a pile of bills.
The money quote as Dwayne Allen discusses his decision of whether or not to go to the NFL: "One thing that's not gonna go into my decision is money. Being at Clemson, I have more money and more resources than I've ever had in my whole life."

Oops. Paging Mr. or Mrs. NCAA investigator, Cow Town, Cackalacky is awaiting your visit.

Great news on Grantham

Contract extension talks are in the works, so it seems we'll get our defensive mastermind back next year with a loaded unit. That can't hurt the decisions of Bacarri Rambo, Shawn Williams, Branden Smith, and Cornelius Washington as they ponder NFL, or another year under a genius which will, health permitting, improve their stock.

A closer look at Bama for tomorrow

Georgia takes on Alabama tomorrow night in Steg. It's important on it's own to the small segment of Georgia fans who follow men's hoops, and important to football fans because all recruits in town on visits will be sitting behind the basket with Richt, Garner, and the rest of the staff.

So, fans need to come out strong, pack the Stegosaur, and get loud to show our support for Dawgs, cause empty seats and a quiet arena don't look good to recruits.

Also, the basketball team needs some support and as much of a home court advantage as they can get facing a very difficult opponent. We've had a week off to do some tweaking and work on fixing what ails us (perhaps going full court press to use our athletic depth and cover our pitiful half court offense), so it'll be interesting to see how this team looks tomorrow night.

As for the Tide, here's what to expect from them, beating us up inside. Jamychal Green, Tony Mitchell, and Rodney Cooper or Nick Jacobs start for them up front. Green is a solid big around 6'8, 240 and we have no one inside to match his size/strength combo on the blocks. Mitchell is somewhat similar to Travis Leslie as a ultra athletic 3 who scores around the paint and rebounds well. Like Leslie, he also has a decent stroke from outside and is a bit more consistent there than Travis was. Mitchell and Green both average around 15 points and 7 boards per.

Mitchell and Jacobs are both Georgia boys that Fox wanted. The JR Mitchell, from Swainsboro, was in Fox's first class and time constraints hurt landing him. Jacobs was just a straight miss, and as anyone who's watched us can tell, we really needed that 6'8, 250 pound frame on our low block. He's reportedly shown some consistent moves, and is playing well defensively. That was a bad miss on the South Atlanta product.

On the outside, they just got back Andrew Steele to back up Trevor Releford at the point. The sophomore Releford is a slasher who relies on speed getting in the paint ala Gerald Robinson, and has a poor perimeter shot, so it'll be interesting to watch those two go head to head all night. Joining them are freshman wings Trevor Lacey, Rodney Cooper and Levi Randolph. None of the 3 have shot very well this year, all below 40% from the field and below 30% from deep, so they shouldn't be much of a threat although they have the talent and you never know when a freshman has the light come on. We recruited Randolph hard last year, so the staff should be familiar with his game.

Predicted score, 73-59 bad guys.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

3 of the final 4 games of the year are picked; guaranteed* to win you money

So we came in to the week at 12-10, then went 3-5, so we now sit at an even 15-15 for the bowl season after a pretty strong regular season winning at a near 60% clip.
So with all this year's numbers out the way, we give you the picks guaranteed* to win you money for all remaining games but the big one (which will come Monday).
Friday Cotton Bowl at 8 -Arkansas -7 1/2 Kansas St
The analysis on this one will be short and sweet. K St can't stop the pass. Arkansas excels at it. See the 50+ they gave up to the two Oklahoma schools? The Hogs will approach that, and play the worst SEC D (which is still better than any Big 12 D), so they cover easy.

Saturday BBVA Compass Bowl at 1- Pitt -3 1/2 SMU
Pitt's reeling from having their coach leave in the middle of the night to take over Arizona St. SMU has a pass happy June Jones. That's the extent of our knowledge on both schools. Looking at their records, Pitt didn't beat anyone who didn't suck on the way to 6-6. SMU beat TCU as the only team of note, going 7-5 in Conference USA. Since C-USA and the Big East are about the same level of competition, and SMU did better against said competition, we're taking the Mustangs to upset. That, and because we've always had a soft spot in our heart for June Jones after dealing with the nightmare that was Jeff George and coaching under the Smith-family-owned Falcons.

Sunday GoDaddy.com Bowl at 9- Arkansas St -1 1/2 Northern Illinois
Malzahn ain't coaching this one, so we know less about these two teams than we did about the Pitt/SMU matchup. A quick look at their records reveal both with over 10 wins in the Sun Belt and MAC, and both with big offenses. Should be a fun one on a late night in Mobile. Northern Illinois has at least had a stable coaching situation, plus that's where Michael Turner came from. We'll call one last upset, taking the points and the Huskies.

*-guarantee only good on Christmas Eve, between 4:30 and 4:49 in the morning, if you're on your way to Toys-R-Us to get your kid the last Transformer doll, and right before you go inside you get smacked upside the head with a brick

Several UGA recruits will be in the 2012 UnderArmor All American game tonight at 7:30 on ESPN

As you can read above, there's a big prospect game tonight, one of the biggest, to keep our football fiending satisfied tonight. The rosters are here. You can watch the game on ESPN, and see several announce their commitments live on air.
Among the players with Georgia interest are:
Nelson Agholor WR/S out of Berkeley Prep in Tampa, Florida, (#3 for the Black team)
Chaz Elder S out of Banneker in Atlanta (#15 for the Black team)
Avery Young OT out of Palm Beach Gardens in Florida (#56 for the Black team)
Jordan Jenkins OLB/DE out of Harris County (#92 for the Black team)
Keith Marshall TB out of Millbrook, NC (#4 for the White team)
Jonathon Taylor DT out of Jenkins County (#53 for the White)
John Atkins DT/OL out of Thomson (#77 for the White)

That's 3 Richt commits on the White team, one who will be enrolling this month in Marshall. While the Black team has several guys we are still pursuing heavily to gain their commitment.

Also of interest will be several big names from the Peach St or that we were recruiting in the past but committed to other programs or both, including some we are still after like OT Brandon Greene (#58 White), as well as WR Shaq Roland (#2 White), DT Eddie Goldman (#58 Black), DT/OL Dakota Ball (#44 White), CB Joshua Holsey (#5 Black), OL Jessamen Dunker (#75 White), OL Vadal Alexander (#74 White), S Trae Elson (#16 Black), and K Austin Hardin (#16 White).

The Black team is coached by Herm Edwards. The White by Steve Mariucci.

Return of the King- Richt's Triumphant Return to the Hotseat (and once again he is not alone)

Now the temperature of Richt's seat is not nearly as hot as it was this time last year.  Also, Richt's seat is not nearly as hot as the Chernobyl level temps rising up from Dollywood. From the front of the line at the abandoned mine shaft roller coaster to the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame--Dollywood as a whole is in total disarray.  Just how far over his head is Lil' Dooley?  Well I am not sure, in fact it may be the case that.......wait, what.........oh he said..........oh I see..........
Lil'Dooley:   Diddy what can I do?  How can I turn this thang around?
Vince:  Have you tried signing the greatest player in college football history and starting him at tailback.
Lil'Dooley:  Dang, Diddy you are soooooo smart!

Last year it was Houston Nutt, this year it is Double D, next year we predict Muschamp.  Challengers come and challengers go but in the end there is no coach who can simultaneously vanilla you to tears and yet have total job security. 

Hey Dabo!

Clemson pulled a Clemson last night. Wasn't it beautiful?

Remember midseason when some people tried to say how foolish we were laughing at Dabo? Well, who's laughing now? I am. I am laughing.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two Things You Have That You Don't Want- A Pissed Newt Dawg and A Complacent Richt.

So what is the line in Vegas on Mitt Romney having "Flu-like symptoms" just before this Saturday's debate?
When you are a Democrat running for the Republican Nomination it is not really a wise decision to piss off the smartest man in the Party just before you have to debate him.  Trust us Mitt you don't want Newt-Dawg to go to his un-happy place. 
On the flip side it is reassuring to know that the more things change the more they stay the same.  In that line of thought we would like to welcome back the same old same old King of Complacency, Coach Mark Richt. 

So what can we expect from Mr. Take a knee on second down this off-season?  Well what we always get:
  • A top recruiting class
  • No change at S&C because S&C is a "fad" you will see, and Mark Richt is too classic and classy for passing fads.
  • No change at OC because how much sweeter will it be against Vandy in 2022 when Bobo calls a toss sweep in the 3rd quarter and it goes for 15 yards.  Muuuuhuuuuhahahahahahaha.....that is what I call lulling your opponents to sleep.
  • Your expectations being elevated to a fever pitch and just when you want to believe..... he will get out-coached in Columbia, MO because Georgia loses to non-conference teams giving them validation and that may just transfer over to new conference member, non-SEC talent having, Yankee teams.