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Friday, June 29, 2012

At least we don't have to worry about the stupid two players in the same number problem

Between our two #1s, one may not be around much longer. We meant this doom and gloom article as a joke guys, not as a challenge to make it come true. But at least we've got Malcome, Marshall and perhaps Gurley.

We'll admit, we got fooled. We know off season talk is just that, empty off season talk. Everyone is doing great, working hard, ready to take that next step. Everyone is getting in to the best shape of their life. You get statements like this, rising your hopes up,...
"I think I need to be more accountable, and just handle my responsibilities better," [Crowell] said.

If this turns out for the worst, he's gone. Sad too, because the man can clearly play the game. He just can't keep on the field when it comes to making the off the field decisions you have to make to remain at the higher levels. Let's hope this is all some weird misunderstanding. We're known for rinky dink crap like emerging from an alley, failing to give a middle name you've forgotten you even had since you've never used it, or passing out drunk taking a dump. We don't do felony weapons charges. But if not, well, as Crowell said in that Emerson article...
"I thought we needed more running backs. So I think that's a good thing [we landed Keith Marshall, and then Todd Gurley]."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

8-4 is too good for us: Are we used to disappointment enough yet?

Inspired by Spears' old piece from dawgsports.com, we'd been mind wandering on a prediction piece all week. So, here goes, why 8-4 is too good for us, and you need to get used to the disappointment.

Sep 1 vs Buffalo- With half the roster suspended, and the other half empty (we only got 73 on recruited scholarshipped players), Cordy Glenn's new team comes in ready to prove a point. Oh, wait, the Bulls, not the Bills? Gotta love Yankee creativity I guess. Either way, we'll struggle through a half on a weakened roster that still has 3-4 more suspensions waiting to hit over the next two months. But one half should be enough against a purchased win? It should be, until our true freshman kickers shank 4 FGs as Bobo's O stalls out between the 10 and the 20 on every drive, while the punter can't get any hang time allowing 3 big returns. 2 of those returns reach the end zone, and when combined with a late Murray pick 6 when we're driving to put the game away, final score: Buffalo 21-Georgia 9

Sep 8 @ Missouri-With a healthy QB and next great freak WR on the edge, our suspended secondary leaks like a sieve. Oh, a returning from his game 1 suspension Crowell helps, and combines with Keith Marshall for 278 rushing yards and 4 TDs. But Green-Beckham has 4 himself, helping make the final score: Missouri 45-Georgia 31

Sep 15 vs Florida Atlantic-Carl Pelini, brother of Bo, takes over Howard Schnellenberger's crew. Seems like a gimme win, right? Well, this is a better team than Buffalo, better coached, and more talent. We cakewalk in to a hungry bear unexpectedly, as two defensive geniuses go toe to toe. Unfortunately, the Owls don't have a crayon offensively, or a debacle freshman kicking game, leading to a final score: FAU 6 UGA 4

Sep 22 vs Vanderbilt-When you've already lost to one James Franklin, why not make it a double? Vandy comes in pissed off after last year, and we're still shellshocked from the season's surprising start. Most of our DBs have returned from suspension, but cut blocking Commodores make the knees of Jenkins, Geathers, and Drew turn the wrong way. Our offense just can't get on the field as Vandy runs it down our throats for a final score: Vanderbilt 24 Georgia 16

Sep 29 vs Tennessee-A well groomed Vol squad caps off 4 September home games (against no October home games), and Barbara Dooley will have spent a week on the airwaves defending her baby's winless start. In an effort to salvage the inevitable firing, she calls in her last favor from Mad Pete Trullo, gaining access to the groundscrew operations room like that Wild Wings commercial, sabotaging our efforts from within. A couple well timed sprinklers cause the final score: Tennessee 7 Georgia 3

Oct 6 @ South Carolina-Gamecock fans keep saying we wanted this game moved back, and those people are representative of the worst public education system in the country. Marcus Lattimore is back to full form after knocking off the rust in September. Ward has worked out his beginner kinks at DC, and a relatively easy early schedule causes a 5-0 start combines with a 98 degree, 12:30 start to make Southern Newark a sweltering mad house. After losing Isaiah Crowell to career ending suspension earlier in the week, Boo Malcome tears a knee on the second drive of the game before Keith Marshall takes a full speed helmet right on a planted, cutting right ankle ending his season a few plays later. A disaster of epic proportions concludes with a final score: Chickens 63 Dawgs 14

Oct 20 @ Kentucky-After a week off, and demolished backfield, Bobo puts the game in Aaron Murray's hands, going 5 wide for most of the game. It works to the tune of over 500 yards passing, 6 TDs and only 3 interceptions. Unfortunately, Grantham took the Tennessee job replacing a fired Derek Dooley on October 7th, and the defense is in shambles under a returning John Jancek. 10,000 traveling Dawg fans stop to make permanent camp outside the Jim Beam distillery after witnessing a final score: Kentucky 45 Georgia 44

Oct 27 vs Florida-Following their dominant victory over a worn out South Caraolina the week before, the Gators show up at the Cocktail Party leading the SEC East. Mark Richt checks out the forecast Friday morning, and gives up proclaiming, "It's too hot down there, and the buses don't have AC either. We forfeit" forcing the record books to show a final score: Florida 1 Georgia 0

Nov 3 vs Ole Miss-Riding high on the hope of Hugh Freeze thousands of Rebels descend upon Athens looking forward to a victory. The Athenians are much appreciative of the beautiful ladies of Oxford easing our pain. But not that appreciative, cause Ole Miss is still as pitiful as ever. Aaron Murray, although worn out from the night before, still manages to have his first interception free day, leading the Dawgs to their first victory and a final score: Georgia 27 Ole Miss 12

Nov 10 @ Auburn-Van Gorder spends the entire week polishing his moustache and combing his hair, reviewing exactly 0 film from the current season. He still has a perfectly positioned defense to counter every Bobo play call, causing a final score: Auburn 28 Georgia 0

SeNov 17 vs Ga Southern-On a day where Georgia announces a statue to Erk Russell will be erected outside Gate 3 of Sanford Stadium, an inspired Eagles team enjoys a Dawg front seven missing Geathers and Drew from Vandy, Ogletree to suspension, Jarvis to Mudcat's car, and Jordan Jenkins to an alcohol related suspension, rushing for 378 yards, 5 TDs and a final score: Southern 35 Georgia 21

Nov 24 vs Georgia Tech-A soon to be ACC champion Jackets ride in to town, with most of their fan base crowing about the week before, and reminding everyone they meet that Paul Johnson is the best coach Georgia Southern ever had. Erk rises from the grave to crush his skull with a head butt right before opening kickoff, and Georgia plays it's best game of the year, reminding the bugs they still run this state ending in a final score: Georgia 51 Tech 3.

Following the 2-10 season, Greg McGarity disappointedly announces that part of the problem this past season was Mark Richt feeling the call to do missionary work in the Phillipines, to which he is retiring effectively immediately. Mike Bobo is announced as his replacement, with a 5 yr, $13m contract on December 21, which is immediately followed by the arrival of 1,000,000 Mayans screaming "I told ya so!"

Monday, June 25, 2012

Brad Smith > Herschel Walker; mindsplosion

http://www.teamspeedkills.com/2012/6/25/3115570/the-team-speed-kills-ballot-for-the-sb-nation-college-football-hall A vote for SBNation's project for a better college football Hall of Fame (would be able to include Erk, so automatically better). But the site's SEC-centered blog teamspeedkills has a vote for SEC fans, with the Bear getting an bye to the balloting. And while Derrick Thomas is a strong choice, somehow Brad Smith leads the way, over guys like say, the greatest college football ever in #34. Vote, and vote often. Cause who dafuq is Brad Smith?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Them Crazy Kooky Chickens

Do the SEC proud and take home a 3rd skraight baseball title...........and then go ahead and jump on the hottest train in football.  Go ahead snap up your next HC in waiting for life after Spurrier.  You'll have Tanner in the dugout and I Has A Crayon roaming the sidelines.  Can you say "Power House Athletic Department?"

S&G Reviews Abraham Lincoln- Southern Murderer…….I mean Vampire Hunter

Now I have to give you full disclosure here……I have not nor do I ever intend to watch this absurd piece of crap.  This movie like a countless number of books, articles, television shows, and text books is yet another example of 147 years of an organized effort by academia and the media to make Lincoln more than what he was.  I am only 31 years old but I can remember the good old days when any and all conversations about who was the greatest President started and ended with two names….Washington and Jefferson.  Sometime in the early 90’s there began an organized effort to tear down Thomas Jefferson.  Most recently there has been a similar effort to replace Washington with Lincoln as the President who is “first in the hearts of his countrymen”.  Last December I took the mini-Riders to Disney World.  We went to the Hall of Presidents where they had a very realistic robotic version of every President past and present.  The stage full of Robots was preceded by a brief movie.  Now if you knew nothing of Presidents you would have left believing that Lincoln was the first the President…then a bunch of nobodies….then FDR…..then a total suck-fest….then Kennedy…wasted years….Clinton…then Obama.   The Robotic show was very similar as it was dominated mostly by Lincoln with a little Obama action at the end.

Abraham Lincoln was personally responsible for the deaths of an estimated 500,000 to 600,000 American soldiers, civilians, women, and children.  Abraham Lincoln resides securely in Hell right beside Hitler and has the seat on the other side of him reserved for Jerry Sandusky.  Now before all of our liberal readers get the pink, trans-gender, thong panties in a wad let me ask you a few questions:

- You are a liberal so you hate George W. Bush more than life itself, right?
- What if Bush had suspended the writ of habeas corpus?  Lincoln did that almost as soon as the War started.  But Rider we were at war and Lincoln was trying to save the country.  Uhhhhhh…Bush was leading us during a War on Terror and trying to save the Country as well.
- What if the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ruled that Bush was acting outside of the Constitution and Bush continued to act anyway?  Lincoln did that when Chief Justice Taney ruled in Ex Parte Merryman.
- What if Bush tried to have the Chief Justice arrested after this ruling?  Lincoln did that as he attempted to have Taney arrested after the Ex Parte Merryman ruling.
-What if Bush ordered that everyone at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and every other liberal leaning media outlet arrested?  Lincoln did that as he had every Southern sympathizing newspaper man arrested and imprisoned without a trial.
- What if Bush had a liberal member of Congress (who opposed him) arrested?  Lincoln did that when he had Ohio Congressman Clement Vallandigham arrested for opposing the President and again when he had Maryland Congressman Henry May arrested.
-What if Bush had thousands of random citizens arrested for “sympathizing with enemies of America’s interest”?  Lincoln did that when he had thousands of Maryland citizens arrested for being Southern sympathizers.
- What if Bush had the majority of California’s state legislature arrested because California seemed like they may oppose him?  Lincoln did that when he had the majority of the Maryland Legislature arrested and imprisoned.
- What if Bush had the city council, police chief, and mayor of San Francisco or New York City arrested?  Lincoln did that when he had the mayor, police chief, and city council of Baltimore arrested and imprisoned.
- What if Bush sent a letter to his Secretary of Defense telling him to bomb the cities in Massachusetts or Vermont if they defied him?  Lincoln did that when he sent an April 25, 1861 letter to Gen. Winfield Scott ordering him to bombard Maryland’s cities if they were to secede.

Hmmmmmm…..well, well, well Mr. Liberal-man is you is or is you ain't ready to start demanding that the Lincoln Memorial be torn down or do you want to start clearing off a spot on Mt. Rushmore for Ol’ Dubbyah.
“But Rider it was all worth it because Lincoln just wanted to do right and free the slaves!”
Hmmmmmm….why don’t we go to some of Honest Abe’s direct quotes on what he thought of blacks?

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” ~Abraham Lincoln Fourth Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858

Ohhhhhhh...so there is a black side kick to boot. 
In 15 years this will be taught as fact in our public schools during Black History Month

Or how about this one:

"If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that."

Well what about the fact that I have seen the movie Glory and Lincoln gave Black Men their dignity by letting them fight for the Union?  How do you feel about that one Lincoln:

"I thought that in your struggle for the Union, to whatever extent the negroes should cease helping the enemy, to that extent it weakened the enemy in his resistance to you. Do you think differently? I thought that whatever negroes can be got to do as soldiers, leaves just so much less for white soldiers to do, in saving the Union. Does it appear otherwise to you? But negroes, like other people, act upon motives. Why should they do any thing for us, if we will do nothing for them? If they stake their lives for us, they must be prompted by the strongest motive—even the promise of freedom. And the promise being made, must be kept." ~Abraham Lincoln, letter to James C. Conkling dated August 26, 1863.

What about all the noble members of Lincoln’s cabinet and their freeing of the slaves:

“ (The Emancipation Proclamation) a hollow, meaningless document showing no more than,  our sympathy with the slaves by emancipating the slaves where we cannot reach them and holding them in bondage where we can set them free."~ William Henry Seward, Lincoln's secretary of state

Well surely Lincoln had always wanted nothing more than to maintain the Union and was never a person who believed in rights of the individual State but only flipped that position for political gain….right?

“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right - a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world. Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people, that can, may revolutionize, and make their own of so much of the territory as they inhabit.” ~ Abraham Lincoln January 12, 1848

I guess it is only fitting that the man who was sarcastically called Honest Abe by his contemporaries would be the President used in this absurd movie.  I mean after all it’s not like Washington, Jackson, or Teddy Roosevelt would have been better choices on account of their actually seeing battle as opposed to hiding in the White House while ordering the death of hundreds of thousands of citizens. 

Lincoln’s war against the South was all for money.  The invasion was nothing more than political pay back in return for the Northeastern manufacturing and railroad interests that supported the Republican Party and his campaign for the presidency.  These contributors would have seen no return on their investment if a low tariff Confederate States of America were allowed to peacefully, democratically and constitutionally secede from the United States. Thus the real reasons for Lincoln’s War have been hidden by historians.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Education time: The 3-4

EC over at leather helmet has a good starter kit up on the 3-4. We suggest you check it out if you need to fine tune some fundamentals understanding, or if you are just really craving football with little more than two months to go.

Playoffs? Don't talk to me about playoffs.

Oh, we're talking playoffs. The entire issue has been debated ad nauseum for years, and extensively by the Senator for the last several months. So now we get it, a four team playoff, that allows for multiple (probably 2 at most, and then only in years where they are a clear 2 of the top 3) SEC teams. It's an interesting change, and one that will develop over time to either be good or bad, or indifferent. Our opinion on a playoff used to be very pro-playoff. Over time, we've adapted to seeing the benefits of having a more impactful regular season (it's not a regular season playoff, or an every game matters regular season, but it's definitely more meaningful from start to finish than any other major American sport). There's positives and negatives to playoffs, old bowls and polls, the BCS, among other systems that have been used, so that neither is better or worse than the others. It's all a matter of personal preference in our opinion, as you make some gains, but have some losses, no matter which format you choose. The question now comes in the details. That the big game is going to the highest bidder is no surprise, cause this has always been about maximizing money. But what forms the committee, is it conference commissioners, old coaches, media members, who? That will be a significant detail to be determined. And the other comes in the form of the eventual expansion. This has come about also because bowl games, with the help of ESPN, so oversaturated their market that they became less and less profitable, especially as the BCS left only one with any real impact so that it wasn't an exhibition and vacation excuse (whereas in the old bowls and polls system, a much wider range of games had impact on the champion). Making a playoff adds 2 more "bowls" as mattering, but continues rendering the rest little more than TV shows for entertainment only. As their profitability goes down, they pay less, and a greater profit margin comes from an expanded playoffs. Expansion is a question of when, not if. So how long does that take? 5 years? 10 years? 20? And how deep does it eventually go? I'd say we're at a minimum of an 8 team playoff by 2020, and perhaps 16 teams by then, or 2025. Contract length with ESPN (or Fox, maybe NBC or CBS but most likely ESPN/ABC) probably play a role in the timing of any expansions. Of course, the playoffs will also create a byproduct, or sideproduct, in continued reshuffling of the major conferences seperating big boys from smaller revenue schools. But while everyone rejoices today (not everyone, but most media sheep), watch out. Because the devil will be in the details, and we can only hope the playoff expansion push stops at 24. This is only the beginning my friends, not the finale, and no one knows where the rabbit hole ends.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tyler Dawgden breaks down Michael Carvell's breakdown of Nkimdeche's commitment

absolutely hilarious.

Crowell wasn't that bad

Our much hyped #1 took a lot of grief last year, and seems to be putting in the work this summer. Well, looking at his highlights as a freshman, if he's getting better, the SEC best get ready for a stud.

What's left for recruiting?

We've gotten a bevy of touted players already. The reports have said Richt and Co. will sign over 30, including several early. So we'll run down position by position with needs remaining, starting with what's already filled.
K/P-not needed after landing two last year.
QB-Brice Ramsey fills this need, and is said to be a potential star on the Stafford level.
WR-We've got options with recently picked up Rico Johnson as a shorter speedster, Tramel Terry as a potential Malcolm Mitchell threat, Uriah Lemay filling as the larger WR, and Reggie Davis adding another burner. We've got lots and lots of speed, although size does seem to be lacking. I'll guess we're done, although we could add a bigger target.

Yet to be filled completely...
ILB-With Carter, Rankin, and O'Neal already in tow, this group may be set. But Reuben Foster still lurks, and we're still pursuing heavily, and if we add Kamara at RB to Matthews at S, he may flip to Athens instead of stick with Tuscaloosa. But the possibility, as slim as it may be, of a Foster flip, is all that keeps this spot in the "yet to be filled" file.
OLB-We loaded up big time last year, and already have a top target in Naim Mustafa committed. Davin Bellamy is still out there, and someone may emerge as a senior as well. But like with TE, it just seems there's an unusual lack of players in the 6'3+. 230+, range statewide this year, so we may not add more to Mustafa after reloading with Jenkins and Deloach and Dawson and Floyd and Harvey-Clemons last year.
DL-We've got returning from JUCO Chris Mayes, and Moose Johnson already committed. That's a great start. But with Abry Jones, Jon Jenkins, and perhaps Kwame Geathers, among others potentially moving on, adding 1 or 2 more would be a good idea. Montavius Adams and Kelsey Griffin, among several others, lead our list of who's left, and we should land 2 very good ones to round out this group.
CB-We desperately needed to restock here, and boy howdy have we done it. JJ Green, Shaq Wiggins, and Reggie Wilkerson are already committed. We have a few more elite guys we're keeping tabs on (like Kell's Langley), and perhaps Terry or Johnson end up here cause they have the tools to be elite CBs as well as big play WRs ala Tampa Mitchell. We'll take one more in all likelihood, it's just a matter of who.
S-Just like CB, we were in desperate need to more depth, and we've almost filled up. Elite S Tray Matthews commited a long time ago, and has been a rock since. JUCO Steven Nelson joins Matthews as potential immediate contributors to the depth chart. We could use 1 or 2 more, with Vonn Bell at the top of the charts, so while we've gotten off to a great start with Matthews and Nelson, there is work left to be done.
RB-We lost Henry it appears, although he may not have stayed here at his height. But he is still being pursued, as is Alvin Kamara (close friend of Trey Matthews and Ruben Foster), and Elbert Co.'s Tyshon Dye is still on the market. We'll land one TB, it's just a question of who, and maybe a FB depending on how Hicks and Ogletree do this year (cause walk-ons have produced here very well in the past so signing FBs isn't a huge need even when we're thin).
TE-As a proponent of 2 TE sets, I'd like to add 2 here to solidify the depth chart, and make use of the plethora of 6'3+, 235+ amazing pass catching athletes at our disposal around the Peach State and our beighbors. But I doubt we add two with Lynch, Rome, and Smith all coming back (ideally, cause with 12 months to go, you never know who will be staying or going). This appears to be an off year statewide for TE targets, which may explain why who we want here is a mystery right now. We've got a couple out of state guys we're looking at, but who knows which one, and it'll probably be just one, that we end up with.
OL-Our interior seems set with the Firebeast Kublanow and Buford center Cardiello in tow, along with OT prospect Aulden Bynum. Devondre Seymour has long been rumored ours, but the longer we wait, the more doubt creeps in on his eventual Athens arrival. Laremy Tunsil, the top OT in nation out of Lake City, FL, also seems like ours to lose. Add those two, and we've got a helluva class. Miss on those two, and it's hard to tell who's next in line after other targets have opted elsewhere (Devine to Tech, Vonashek to Cackalacky).

Say it ain't so Harv, say it ain't so

He already admitted it to Finebaum, which is what got him caught in the first place. So why Harvey Updyke telling the Auburn student paper that he poisoned the oaks the Plainsmeagles were slowly killing themselves is getting such play is confusing. Still, it's a nice article for a student paper, showing the softer side of the Updyke.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is the biggest play of the Mark Richt era?

Poll and videos over at dawgsports.com where I wrote it after Kyle King spurred the idea.

Monday, June 18, 2012

#1 Player in the Country (and Georgia Native) picks.....Clampsun!?!?!?!?!?

Find it Here

So many of you are saying to yourself right now...."WHAT THE FUDGE?"
I know, I know, I know.....if it was Florida, Alabama, or LSU you could kinda live with it....but Clampsun?  I mean lil' Auburn ain't even got a Chick-Fil-A on campus so how in the world do they keep going into Florida, Georgia, and NC and taking the top talent from other states?  Well for those of you who are confused we present the "DANNY FORD CRUTIN' BLUEPRINT"

1. Take some money and place it where the HC can find it.

2. Wait for HC to get hungry and find said money.

3. Wait for Dabo to come to you with the money and asking
for advise. Tell him we have to put the money somewhere safe until
the Cap'n comes back for it.

 4. Tell Dabo it might be safer to give the money to a certain
Recruits Grandmother for safe keeping.  Tell him "If you
can't trust someones Memaw then who can you trust."
5. Wait for "Oops all berries sugar buzz" to wear off and then
tuck Lil' Dabo in bed and tell him what a good boy he is for
helping to protect the Cap'n's money.

6. Call recruits Grandmother and congratulate her on
hittin' her numbers.  Remind her that when boys play at
Clampsun their Grandmommas have a much higher chance
of hitting their numbers multiple times over a 3 to 4 year
time span.

7. Acted as if you are pleasantly surprised when recruit picks
your backwoods, small potatoes program, in a crappy conference,
over the SEC powers.
8. Call Chizik and tell him that Clampsun may
be nothing more than a second rate knock off of Auburn
but you have been paying players since he was poopin'
his Pampers.

9. Pray to God every night over the next few months that Uncle Mal
and his midget don't take a sudden interest in your recruit and his
Grandmother's financial well-being.

Washington State Has Decided to Come to the Party With Their Balls OUT!

Oh it may just be a concept helmet but if they were to rock it.......well lets just say they would be the only team West of Texas that this Ol' Southern Boy would respect.

And they think they're better than us?

I'd rather not have that mess uglying up our front page, so see here for the pic, or here for the link that houses the pic. Stay classy bugs, although we're more ecstatic that the Tech may finally have some ladies amongst their midst (even though that has to be a groom's cake). But really, are you that obsessed and that infantile Tech? Sad, just sad. And for the rest of your life, on what is supposed to be a day you'll always remember, you have roadkill. What a miserable existence to be forced in to deriving that level of fake schadenfreude for any bit of joy. But then, I guess that's what you have to stoop to after getting whipped in football for all but once for two decades (without cheating) and falling below us in their last refuge of basketball too. Have fun joining the Big East bugs, once the ACC crumbles to dust and the Big 12 laughs at you in favor of that fast-rising and soon-to-be more competitve Georgia State program.

I take it Priester didn't call seat saver

We lost a WR from Brookwood over the weekend, in the form of Kyrin Priester. And before the weekend was through his spot had been filled, by an absolute burner from Swainsboro. We lost a perhaps too tall TB in Derrick Henry, but I'd assume that battle isn't over and we are still making our pitch. Fortunately, as great a talent as Henry is, TB isn't exactly a position of need with options like Crowell, Malcome, Marshall, and Gurley around (although Gurley may end up at S), and with recruits still out there on the board like Alvin Kamara and Tyshon Dye.

We'll have a better recruiting roundup later this week, time permitting.

Strength and conditioning overhaul

As the Senator noted, Tereshinski went under the radar to work on rounding out his S&C staff. With Keith Gray, Thomas Brown, and Tony Gilbert taking jobs elsewhere, we had 3 spaces to fill. We added a long time S&C guy who ran Penn St's program for years (although to be honest, I was never impressed with their athleticism, but I haven't watched them much either). He brings experience. Then we add Sherman Armstrong, a speed expert, and we've lacked exactly what he brings to the table. The old Bear Bryant quote about his teams being "mobile, agile, and hostile", well, we only had the hostile part last year, so Armstrong is here to do something about being mobile and agile. Now, we've added Lovett from the Broncos. He's made a fast climb up the S&C career ladder, from a high school program (and in Colorado no less, I could have seen something like that in Texas where they are nuts, but what high school has an S&C guy, or the funding for a S&C program? Damn) to UTEp for a short time, and then the Broncos the last couple years. A fast riser like Lovett seems like a pretty intriguing selection, and the NFL background certainly doesn't hurt.

So, after letting S&C bog down to become a serious problem, Mark Richt and Joe Tereshinski have done what, on paper, looks like a great job overhauling that area and bringing in a wide variety of experts that can address specific needs. We admit, we were skeptical about the reshuffling that led to Coach T taking this spot. But it looks pretty shrewd right now. Of course, the proof will be in the pudding when they take the field, so we've got at least a year, if not two, before seeing whether or not these were good or bad hires. But an NFL guy, a speed expert, and some experience sounds like a great start.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sports and Grits gets it's wish, again!

You've seen the immense influence we have in Athens, as our recruiting is going great and continues to explode since we arrived on the scene. Mark Richt has followed our advice, to great success last year. Mark Fox may slowly, but finally, be on the same path.

Now, the S&G power players gets another wish in the hoops program. It's not official, but the little birds are chirping that the long desired addition to Mark Fox's staff may finally be happening. We wanted to see Jonas Hayes hired over a year ago, and it seems like we're gonna add him to the staff. Callou, callai, what a wonderful day!

You imbeciles question our influence. Is there any doubt now who pulls the strings in Athens, and pulls the right ones?

Pushed to the top one more again, just to remind y'all who runs this state.

Walk ons rule the depth chart

Everyone wants to make noise about the walk on as first team FB. Well, that's worked pretty well before (JT Wall, among several others). But so has the potential Athens native who walked on at kicker/punter. Plus like the aforepictured punter, specialists from Clarke Central have also given plenty of success.

That NORML rep who's been meeting with all the Georgia bloggers is apparently quite convincing

The Senator addressed it, now T Kyle King is taking his hits too. Surprising, cause if we were putting odds on which SEC schools' blogging community was going to take the lead on the legalization push, the odds on favorite would have certainly been Florida. Or maybe Kentucky, with their love of the "blue grass". Then again, if we're going to give an F U to the feds, shouldn't tradition cause South Carolina to be the first to strike?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Senator nails it

we've put our thoughts on the insane nature of Georgia's drug policy and testing timing before, well, the right, noble Senator has a posting today on similar thoughts, and he kills it.

If there ever were a serious conference debate on the subject [of uniform drug testing penalties], I have no doubt that Adams would be in there lobbying his fellow presidents to follow Georgia’s lead. I have equally no doubt that his sales pitch would be disregarded by his peers. ... Even if you don’t share my attitude about how pointless and wasteful this country’s four decades long War on Drugs has been, you can’t help but note how much public opinion has shifted on marijuana usage in the last five to ten years. The kids Georgia recruits certainly don’t share Michael Adams’ conviction about weed – and let’s face it, the majority of violations of Georgia’s drug policy involve marijuana – but it’s also likely that recruits’ parents don’t share his fervor either, at least to the extent that it results in more negative publicity and more down time than at other schools. And if that’s not affecting Mark Richt on the recruiting trail, I’d be surprised.

Guess What Brother Bobo Has Been Doing This Summer.

So I happen to know the absolute biggest Homer/Richt-O-Phile in the world.  He knows all about this little website but refuses to read any of the content.  He is a great person and very funny but he just loves him some Richtie-Poo.  I saw him the other night and couldn't resist an opportunity to give him a hard time.  In the middle of our back and forth he said to me......

"Do you know what Bobo has been doing?  He is out in San Francisco with Jim Harbaugh learning from him!"

As he said it there was this joyous quasi-insane gleam in his eye.  He stood there all wide eyed with a grin on his face sort of nodding his head up and down.  I didn't have the heart to burst his bubble but I wanted to cut him off and say...

"So we are going to kidnap Harbaugh, fly him down to Honduras, and have a "doctor" perform a hotel room brain transplant between Bobo and Harbaugh, then send the Harbaugh body back to SF with the Bobo brain to promptly go 0-16, and bring the Bobo body with the Harbaugh brain back to Athens?"

Anyway here is an artistic rendition of Jim Harbaugh trying to teach I Has A Crayon:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Missouri and AnM Schedule Breakdowns

Big Boy Football is upon our two newest sister schools and as Vanderbilt can attest y'all will need to stock up on the above seen.  I happen to actually know a couple of AnM fans and I can tell you that they are excited.  While Texas is its own unique sub-country within the U.S. they are still Southern enough to know how to gracefully handle the question of how they will fare this year.  The typical AnM response at this point is "We know it is going to be tough but this will be good for us and we will be dedicated to getting up to snuff as quickly as possible."  So they say......but you can tell that in the back of their minds they are thinking "We are going to be a lot better than you self-righteous SEC fans think!"

As for Missouri I really don't know what they are thinking.  What I can tell you is what you should think of Missouri.  Missouri is to be shunned, disrespected, disregarded, ridiculed, and laughed at as often as possible.  Why you ask......because they are Yankees and therefore they are inferior to you.  You are only allowed to root for Missouri in their non-conference games and yet you must always remember that a non-conference loss by Missouri doesn't really count because they are not Southerners (and therefore are not real people). 

Well with this in mind lets breakdown their respective schedules shall we?


Week 1- Southeastern Louisiana: Ahhhhh....I see you chose to start with a cupcake you Yankee scumbags.  Well played....well played indeed...this is after all the Sparta of College Football so why make it harder than it has to be?  Win

Week 2- Georgia Bulldogs: Now Missouri fans in the know will tell you that a) they will be way up for this game, b) Georgia always starts SLOW under Richt (see South Carolina), and c) Georgia tends to crap the bed in Non-Conference games.....seriously we have become the 90's Gamecocks against Clampson in recent NC games.  Just to add fuel to the fire we thought it would be "real nice of us" to suspend half of the defense for this game.  Unfortunately for Missouri half a Georgia defense is still 5 times more defense than they saw all of last year.  Loss

Week 3- Arizona State:  Hmmmm....so you are now in the SEC yet you decided to schedule a NC opponent from an AQ conference......curious.  I wonder if there is anyone in the Missouri athletic department by the name of D'amon "Panty-Raider" Evans?  Win

Week 4- South Carolina: Arguable the best D-line in the country will put all sorts of pressure on Missouri QB, Franklin.  Oh you had a very successful scrambling QB in the Big XII last season, well guess what....SEC D-linemen are faster than Big XII line-backers.  Franklin will be running for his life against the Cocks just like he did two weeks before against the Dawgs.  Unfortunately for Missouri their D will be matching wits with the Ol' Ball Coach which will be substantially more difficult than two weeks earlier when they dealt with I Has a Crayon.  Loss

Week 5- UCF: Missouri should have no trouble at all in this game.  I mean you can't be taken seriously as a SEC program if you can't beat UCF.  I mean it ain't like anyone in the SEC has recently lost to UCF in a crappy bowl game to cap off a crappy season.  Wait......never mind.  Win

Week 6- Vanderbilt: Now you will want to listen to me here Missouri.....don't go to sleep on Vandy!  They will hang around like a crack head you felt sorry for three weeks ago and gave a dollar.  Win

Week 7- Alabama: Uhhhhhh.....yeah.....good luck with all this.  Loss

Week 8- Open: Well it looks like the scheduling gods smiled upon you this go around.  After the previous weeks game you will just have to hope that the sphincter is a resilient muscle.

Week 9- Kentucky: I suspect you will have a big part to play in the 2012 farewell tour of Joker Phillips.  Win

Week 10- Florida: We will never like or respect you Missouri but if you were to beat Florida we may move you from "Loath you with all that we are" to the "Hate very much" column.  Alas we are fairly sure you won't make such a move.  Loss

Week 11- Tennessee: I suspect you will have a big part to play in the 2012 farewell tour of Diddy's baby boy. Win

Week 12- Syracuse: The battle of the recently added to Southern Conferences, inferior, yankee programs we suspect the SEC will get one over on the ACC once again.  Win

Week 13- Texas AnM: A refreshing conference game that is not wrought with ferocious defensive play and staggering depth.....it will be like a....well.....a Big XII game.  Loss


Week 1- LA Tech: Just keep reminding yourself- "cupcakes are delicious, cupcakes are delicious, cupcakes are delicious."  Win

Week 2- Florida: A familiar foe in Corch Boom MF'er but without that odd Mack Brown voodoo that oppressed this program for so many years.  I suspect Florida will be better this year but Sumlin's relentless air attack should show us if BMF'er has the depth to compete in the East.  Oddly enough this is the SEC debut of AnM but the pressure will be on Florida in this one.  Win

Week 3- SMU:  Could be just like UCF for Missouri (sneaky good) so don't be drunk of your week 2 success in this one.  Win

Week 4- SC State: Good thing football games aren't decided by how well your band air humps their instruments.  Win

Week 5- Arkansas: If Ol' Slutty Bobby P was still in charge I would say this week is the week you get a hard lesson in what the SEC is all about.  Unfortunately for Hawg Nation they not only lost Petrino but they also decided to mail the season in and go with an Intra' Head Coarch.  Win

Week 6- Ole Miss: The Vanderbilt of the West but without all the academic accolades and a lot more underlying racial tension.  You could have had it all Ole Miss...you could have hired Leach.  Win

Week 7- Open:  Oh you will spend all week telling yourself how "for real" you are.....at least you will always have the hope of week 7.

Week 8- LSU: It is called reality and when it hits you it ain't pretty.  We suspect your love of Sumlin will be greatly tempered after Lester rolls in with his blood thirsty Gee-Chee killing machine.  The thing about LSU is that they just keep coming and coming and coming all Michael Meyers style......Oh, God they just keep coming...they don't even care that your head coach is such a good man who loves his players and makes them better people.  They don't care that the game is in Atlanta and you dominated the first half.  Oh God they just don't care......Uhhhhhhh....sorry I had a brief SEC Championship Game flash back there. Loss (and not so much a loss as a merciless beat-down)

Week 9- Auburn: This is a tough one because Auburn is the toughest team to get a real read on going into this season.  I suspect they will be substantially better than last season and unlike Missouri after Alabama your sphincters will not get an off week.  Loss

Week 10- Mississippi State: I had a lot of confidence in Dan Mullen going into last season but then I remembered he was coaching in Starkganistan.  Mullen may be spinning his wheels in Starkveagas or it may be the case that the spread options has gotten the old check and check mate treatment from SEC defenses ( I suspect the latter rather than the former). Win

Week 11- Alabama: See Week 8.  Loss

Week 12- Sam Houston State:  You see...I told you so...cupcakes are delicious.  Win

Week 13- Missouri: A refreshing conference game that is not wrought with ferocious defensive play and staggering depth.....it will be like a....well.....a Big XII game. Win

So as I see it we will have a surprising 9-3 Texas AnM and a horribly average 7-5 Missouri team.  Way to get it half right Uncle Slive.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

NCAA 13 numbers leaking out

http://www.sbnation.com/ncaa-football/2012/6/6/3066983/ncaa-football-13-team-player-ratings SBNation has some of the info, including ratings for every team in the game. We know some of y'all love this stuff, like CC, so we'll lead you to the early scoop. And I know I'm not the only one confused by Georgia's rankings. Yeah, we return some talented backs, lots of recieving stats, and a veteran QB. But how the hell is our O rated better than a D including beasts at the nose, All American candidates at LB in Jones and Tree, and a deep, veteran, fast, skilled defensive backfield, that for gaming purposes, weed doesn't = suspension (and often = improved play, or so you think before that 11 yr old kid in Idaho smokes you 84-6).