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Friday, August 31, 2012

1: Let the games begin

Last day before Georgia football is in season.  Happy hunting Dawgs!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How do you spell Russ? U-g-a

The new Uga, same as the old Uga.  Keep on GATA Russ!

Ben Dukes is angry

Well, not really.  But this article about what he's looking for this weekend, is pretty spot on.  The end result is not at issue in this one.  How we get to that end result is what matters.  Nicely said Ben.

2: So, how do you feel about real, live, SEC football tonight?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Picks guaranteed* to win you money

Last year, we finished the year pretty well, hitting far better than 50%, and I think closer to 65% (I'm lazy, and don't want to go to the archives to check).  But this is a new year, not last year, so we're starting fresh.  Loyal reader TxBaller will chime in with his comments and picks for the week, feel free to do the same if you dare lay your opinion on the line for the rest of us to point and laugh at later.  So, this being the first week of the year, I'll lay my rules.  You can, of course, pick different, but for consistency sake, I always pick the top 10 games (from starting with team #1 down to whatever in the AP poll), and use the lines off ESPN (since no gambling websites pay us to pimp them).  I'll add half points if necessary, so no pushes out of me.  So, for this week, it's the season opener and everyone plays.  But, #8 Michigan is playing #2 Bama in Jerrahworld, while #7 Florida St (Murray St), #10 Arkansas (Jacksonville St), and #12 Wisconsin (Northern Iowa) are playing 1-AA teams, so Vegas has no lines for those 3.  So, that knocks us all the way down to #14 as our 10th highest ranked team in a game with a line.  We start there, and work our way to the Southern Cal/Hawai'i game.  Below are your weekly picks guaranteed* to win you money.

#14 Clemson (-3 1/2) vs. Auburn (in Atlanta)-The Chik-Fil-A classic, or one of combined with Friday nights tapioca fight between NC St and Tennessee.  This one should be the good one, and compete with the Jerry Jones Classic for eyeballs Saturday night.  Clemson doesn't have Sammy Watkins, but the "we're not friends, just acquiantances" of Dabo have bought several other fine talents for him to waste on 8 or 9 win seasons.  Auburn, while still struggling to come back from the salary cap hit they took under Newton and Fairley, doesn't have as much ability as the other Tigers, particularly at QB.  Because of that, we'd lean towards Clemson.  But Auburn did hire Van Gorder, and that should pay immediate dividends for them.  Without Watkins, Auburn wins, let alone covers.

#13 Michigan St (-6 1/2) vs. #24 Boise St (Friday night)-This one should be a good one.  Two top 25 teams, half of our losses last year, under the lights of Friday night (where people should be watching local high school football), hopefully, we'll be treated to another classic like last year's Friday appetizer of TCU/Baylor.  Both Boise and Sparty have big unknowns replacing their QBs and several others.  The question essentially is, do you think Michigan St can get the job done at home, and how well does Boise replace pretty much their entire offense?  While Boise may be strong by the end of the year, they won't be at the start.  Take the Spartans, big win.

#11 West Virginia (-24 1/2) vs. Marshall-There's gonna be some couch burning one way or the other after this one.  As much as we think West Virginia will be a points orgy under Holgorson, this one has all the makings of a killer.  The Mountaineers are highly ranked, and score by the bushel.  But this is an underrated rivalry game, and Marshall has some talent.  West Virginia will pull away late, but not by enough.  Keep the points, go Thundering Herd.

#9 South Carolina (-6 1/2) @ Vandy (Thursday night)-Another season opener on Thursday, another Gamecock game.  We love the idea behind this, and think Spurrier is a genius for essentially letting ESPN slot him first every year.  Primtime, everyone watching, so the team gets the big stage, big recognition, and a big environment, with a few extra days to prepare for week 2 (which was usually us).  It's a great way to start the season.  Vanderbilt is supposedly undergoing a culture change with Franklin.  And while they made a bowl game, we still see the same mediocre at best Commodores.  South Carolina, is lean, mean and ready to rock.  Their DBs are an issue, but I doubt Jordan Rogers can do a thing to exploit that.  Clowney will lay him on his ass, and Lattimore will rumble for well over a hundo.  Chickens triple that spread, take South Cakalaki.

#6 Georgia (-37 1/2) vs. Buffalo-I don't normally get Georgia games, oh goodie.  I hate betting the Dawgs.  I'm already emotionally invested to an unhealthy level on the outcome, why tie money too?  But here we are, nice and high.  Buffalo just lost their best player.  Don't over think this.  They will struggle in the heat, as well as simply being inferior players.  Murray has a cake walk, and the front 7 should just save everyone the time and effort and simply line up in the Bulls backfield.  We roll them, and cover easy.  Take the Dawgs.

#5 Oregon (-35 1/2) vs. Arkansas St-The Ducks vs Gus Malzahn, what God got blown to give us this sweet, sweet nectar?  Lots of plays, and lots of points.  Expect the over/under of 68 to get topped by the middle of the 3rd quarter.  That is a lot of points, especially against a team where they may score 30+.  But Chip Kelly has a machine up in Eugene, cycling through great dual threat QB and elusive play maker TB one after the other.  Replacing their stars from last year won't be an issue, and they score 70+.  Take Oregon, give the points.

#4 Oklahoma  (-31 1/2) @ UTEP-Is Mike Price still at UTEP?  Interesting.  And the Sooners are beat to all sorts of hell apparently with numerous players lost to injury.  And for some reason, they are playing this game in El Paso?  I don't know what the hell Stoops is thinking with this one.  Yeah, they'll win.  And Landry Jones probably has some great numbers to start a Heisman campaign.  But UTEP covers.  Keep the points, it's just too many.

#3 LSU (-43 1/2) vs. North Texas-Another wide, wide spread.  We don't care.  LSU has an OL and RBs that can ride towards the end zone with Mettenberger doing little more than handing off.  Even without the worst nickname in football, their defense is still loaded with beasts.  A new CB doesn't matter much when your DL is giving a QB 3.5 seconds max before hitting the dirt.  43 points?  In a game that should be pick your points to whatever we feel like being nice and letting you get?  Yeah, give the points, take LSU.

#2 Alabama (-13 1/2) vs. #8 Michigan (in Dallas)-The opening weekends marquee matchup.  Michigan turned it around in a big way under Hoke.  And Denard Robinson has improved as a passer.  And while Saban's D reloads as always, their DBs are somewhat suspect.  Now, being Saban, those DBs will be as good as it gets by game 6, but a bit unready game 1.  Robinson makes them pay just enough to cover, as Michigan loses by 10.  Keep the points, take the Wolverines.

#1 Southern Cal (-40 1/2) vs. Hawai'i-As far as we know, the Rainbow Warriors have turned to pot since June Jones left the islands.  Southern Cal has some depth issues, but the talent is as good as ever.  Kiffin can fuck it up, and will along the way, but not against their western visitors.  40 is a lot, and I'm tempted to keep the points, but don't do it.  They struggle a bit early, and Barkley plays in to the 4th, but that means he gets on a roll in the second half too.  They'll make you sweat, but still cover.  Give the points, take the Trojans.

*guarantee not valid in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Ohio, Washington, Alaska, China, Mozambique, or for any human, monkey, or brain slug located within 500,000,000 miles of the center of the Earth. 

General thoughts: Special teams

You've read my thoughts on the offense, and the defense.  Now here's the oft-overlooked special teams stuff.  Although after how we did last year, I doubt they're being overlooked right now.

Snapper-should be fine.  Ty Frix never gets his name called, which is exactly what you want.  Behind the dependable senior is Nate Theus, who may have an NFL future as a snapper.  No problems here.

K/P-Freshman Marshall Morgan and Collin Barber have won the jobs.  No one has any clue how either one will perform.  But we have some reportedly decent walk ons behind them, like Adam Erickson, and considering our tradition under Richt (Bennett, Coutu, Walsh; Kilgo, Ely Kelso, Mimbs, Butler) I'm not too worried walk on or scholarship.

Return men-Branden Smith is said to have won the punt return job, with him and Mitchell fighting it out for kick return.  I'd assume Keith Marshall is in the mix as the season wears on.  Not Boykin back there, but there is more than enough speed to take it to the house multiple times if a seam can be created.

There really is no telling here.  Our units had the potential to be great last year, but weren't.  There is potential this year depending on how quickly we can find a reliable leg.  But with the reduced depth, that may hurt special teams as much as anything.  They've said they plan on playing more starters on coverage teams, and that is surely their intent.  But what happens to those intentions if we lose a couple starters, and are tight on depth not wearing to tire starters out when they are having to play a high % of snaps on offense or defense?  In all likelihood, we lose a game (again) because of special teams this year.

3: Say go DJ, that's my DJ

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wook Out Buffawo!

In 4 days and 7 nights Thurman Thompson, Tim Kelley, Bruce Smiff, and all dem Buffawo Biwws is a gonna be in fors it!

No pwisonews! No qwarters axed causin we ain't gone give no qwarters aways!  We gone be shootin da twees and hittin da run hommers all ovah da infield!

General Thoughts: Defense

The offense went yesterday, the defensive outlook today.  This will be more enthusiastic, with similar depth concerns (that's what happens with sub 70 loi signed scholarshipped players).  The plus side of all this is, Grantham.  The man showed his immense abilities last year, not only in the overall scheme, but in adjustments as well.  When the Bobo and special teams didn't hang them out to dry, the defense was as good as any we've ever had.  And aside from Brandon Boykin and Deangelo Tyson, we return that unit.  If healthy, even with the depth problem, it should be a dominant crew.

DL-In a 3-4, you need some pressure, but mostly 3 big boys that can control the tackle box and occupy 5 OL freeing up the LBs to make plays.  We've got that as good as you'd want.  Kwame Geathers and John Jenkins man the nose.  Johnathon Taylor may see some action, but it's not necessary.  Between Geathers and Jenkins, you can rotate 350 pound bulls to keep them fresh.  Abry Jones is as good as it gets at strongside DE, and has shown the athleticism to be a pass rush threat as well as a blocker eater.  Add Ray Drew, Garrison Smith on the other side, and you've got a dominant front.  The problem, as everywhere, is depth.  Have those 5 healthy, and you've got a unit that can rotate to stay fresh and always have 3 strong players.  Add a little Cornelius Washington from OLB, and it's 6 rotating bodies.  But have someone go down, now you're relying on a true freshman in Taylor, or a yet to be healthy Sterling Bailey, or maybe some walk ons.  It's good, but not without potential problems.

LB-The talent abounds.  Even with the pending suspension of Alec Ogletree, this unit has talent and depth, about the only one on the roster with both.  Add Ogletree, and you've got an NFL 1st round freak talent in the mix making plays all over, and knocking about 1 person out per game.  Jarvis Jones needs now comment as great as he plays.  That's quite possibly the 2 best LBs in the country free to roam and cause havoc.  Filling in alongside, or while they sit, are seniors Mike Gilliard and Christian Robinson.  Both steady as it gets, smart, and solid against the run or pass.    Sophomores Amarlo Herrera, Kostas Valvas, and Ramik Wilson showed an ability to make plays all over last year, and should add strong depth keeping a group of play makers on the field at all times.  Cornelius Washington was coming on strong as a pass rusher before injuries and shenanigans messed up his season last year.  And then there's freshman Jordan Jenkins, Josh Harvey Clemons, and maybe Josh Dawson or James Deloach who could make impacts.  Jenkins especially could work his way in to a majority of snaps per game (since a veteran like Washington or Vasser will "start") at the OLB spot opposite Jones before the year is out.  Then there's TJ Stripling, who if finally healthy, may be able to produce off the edge after spending much of the last two years with Ron Courson.

S-Like the DL, should be excellent if healthy, but very scary if not.  Bacarri Rambo was a huge play maker creating turnovers at FS.  But he's going to be suspended for some period of time (and we love Richt not saying a thing about it).  Shawn Williams is the most underrated S in the country, and arguably the best all around SS we've had (meaning pass coverage too) since Jermaine Phillips.  We're listing Harvey Clemons as a S, so he may be Williams backup for now (while he grows into being a LB ala Ogletree).  Corey Moore looked solid as a freshman, and is said to have developed nicely over the summer.  Odds are, he'll be our 3rd S off the bench, and starting until Rambo returns.  Beyond those 4, we've got the little used Marc Deas, and walk ons.  It's not promising.  If healthy, we're fine, at least once Rambo returns.  But a single injury, and yikes!

CB-Just like S, while healthy, you'll be hard pressed to find better, and it's just deep enough to stay fresh.  But a single injury, and uh oh.  We'll have Branden Smith at CB, and while he's not as physical as Boykin was, he's still a fine cover man thanks to his speed and agility.  A little stronger as he's matured, and should be even better.  Malcolm Mitchell and Damien Swann will work in until Sanders Commings returns from suspension.  Swann has had a good summer reportedly, and Mitchell is as talented as you get on the edge.  His hamstrings are suspect, but his game isn't, even if he did spend all last year at WR.  At worst, he'll be similar to Smith in a glue cover man that lacks physicality tackling or off the line.  Shelden Dawson adds depth as a freshman, but if we're relying on him for 30 or more snaps in a game, let's hope it's an FAU, Georgia Southern type game.  Devin Bowman adds bigger depth, and may help at S some.  Beyond them, walk ons.  Walk ons can produce (see Tra Battle, etc).  But until they step up, they are suspect at best.

Great talent in the starting 11, and even the top 22.  Our problem is if we have to go lower than the 2 deep, except at LB where depth is solid 3 deep.  Stay healthy, and we're a top 5 defense nationally.  Have just a couple long term injuries, and that plummets accordingly.


Monday, August 27, 2012

General thoughts: offense

Unfortunately, we're back for round 7 with Mike Bobo as offensive coordinator.   Bobo's offenses have put up numbers in the past, but he also still has a crayon.  So there are clearly reasons to feel good, and feel bad about the 2012 Georgia offensive unit.

QB- Aaron Murray enters his third year as starting QB, and his fourth in the program.  Generally that bodes extremely well for an offense where the player should have a complete understanding of everything going on.  Muray gets the offense, and has the skills to excel in it.  But it wasn't like he didn't understand the offense last year when turnovers and mental errors constantly plagued him.  He's been healthy, although you never know if Christian Lemay or Hutson Mason will be needed.  Neither gets that much hype for their skills.  Neither is some Mettenberger like big armed behemoth, nor a speedy escape artist that brings a running as well as throwing threat, so the offense would stay the same with either of them.  But back to Murray, if healthy, he's taking the snaps.  So our questions for the season are: Can he learn to get rid of the ball instead of take sacks?  Can he start to work the short and mid range passing games?  Can he get rid of poorly timed turnovers?  This is the year QBs tend to eliminate those mistakes, but Murray has been making the same ones over and over again the last two years, so confidence isn't high.

RB- The wild card position, but then again, if the other positions become strength (mainly OL), then this one will be too.  Malcome has skills, but can he stay healthy?  Marshall does too, but is he ready both in game and in ability to take the hits?  Gurley has the same questions, as physical tools are there as much as you'd want, but is he mentally ready to do all he needs to do, and physically ready to take an SEC pounding as a teenager?  We all know what Samuel is by now, a great athlete who just isn't a natural football player, but will give you everything he's got in the tank every play.  He, Ogletree, Hicks, and Merritt Hall can handle FB.  If our OL can make the holes, we've got talent at TB to make plays.  But the questions are, can the OL give them the room, and can they stay healthy enough to make something happen?  Health was the big problem last year, and if we're back to relying on Karempelis and Harton to handle the load, we're in trouble.

OL- And we'll just head right in to that OL since that is the key to the two above and below categories.  Last year, we couldn't run block, and struggled protecting the edges in pass protection.  Hopefully, we've got a leaner, quicker OL for run blocking.  And also for pass pro as we get natural OTs instead of "best we got" guards out of position.  We lack some experience, but aren't newbies.  Gates started off and on the last two years.  Burnette and Lee started the games they were healthy at G.  And Andrews has more experience under his belt than Ben Jones did when he took over the snapping duties.  If Theus is all he was hyped to be, that's a huge bonus thanks to the fat pimps at the home office screwing over a hard working kid.  We lack depth, but hopefully the JUCO Beard can provide it along with Dantlzer.  Besides, depth along the OL is overrated.  If you've got a strong 6 or 7, you've got all you're likely to need, and sometimes just a good 5 will do.  We need Andrews to hold his own in the middle, while Gates and Theus clean up the edges.  Do that, and this offense will put up huge numbers.  Don't, and it'll be the same inconsistent mess that's made us all scream "Damn you, Bobo!" since 2006.

WR-I'm not as confident about this group as others, and I'll explain why.  As much as I loved watching Tampa Mitchell make big plays, pulling double duty makes me think we lose him early to a hamstring, and we will not have the same threat we had last year at any time this year.  Tavares King's hands are still extremely suspect.  Marlon Brown has yet to step up.  Chris Conley showed all the skills, but has never been the main man and may not have anything close to the type of game breaking ability Mitchell had.  Michael Bennett, I'm nervous he'll have a sophomore slump for some reason, as much as I love his game.  And beyond them, like everywhere else on the roster, we lack depth.  Badly.  There's some ability in this unit.  But the promise of 3 freshman WRs doing things no other trio that young had ever done before has worn off, and the thin depth chart and lack of a reliable threat has me thinking this unit, more than RB or OL, will be our problem unit.

TE-I'll go here next, because it'll be short and sweet. We've got Rome and Lynch. I'm not counting on anything from the undersized freshman. I don't like it. Rome has been called out by Richt, but the physical tools are there to be a great one. Lynch has the same size and hands to be another in our long line of great TEs from Clarence Kay to Troy Sadowski to Larry Brown to Leonard Pope and so many others. But we've just got the two we can depend on, and maybe not even that. Using 6'5 pass catchers who can work the seams and have athleticism is something a lot of teams do, because it works. If someone goes down, we're struggling. If one gets suspended, problem. Forget the balanced, pick your poison of 2 TE sets, we just don't have the depth. We've got some good pass catchers, especially if we can use them as more than just a smaller, 6th OL. But for a state with the resources Georgia has, how we can't attack defenses with a balanced line and a pair of 6'4+, 240+, soft handed beasts running 4.6 or less quickly in and out of their cuts is beyond me. Maybe next year we'll have the depth to force opponents to pick how we beat them, with a power running game behind a 2 TE front, or down the field with 4 vertical threats across the board.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Annual Pre-Season Hotseat Report- Teaser

Well for the second year in a row we find that Richt is not the leader.  In fact he is not even in the top five of SEC hotseat coaches.  In arguable the closest preseason ranking in S&G history John L. Smith (who was fired after the 2012 season before he was even hired for the 2012 season) barely edges out Diddy's Baby Boy in Knockersville and Coarch Pit Stains in Gainsville. 

We will give the complete break down and rankings next week but in the mean time....since the Ar-Kansas job is open........of course you know their fax machine has been blowing up.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Operation Chaos! The Ultimate in Dirty Pool!

As I sit deep within the belly of Snake Mountain surfing the intrawebs I have come across a deliciously brilliant plan!  You see via the Just Upright Senator by way of the AJC we have hatched a plan.....a wonderful....AWWWWWWFullllllll plan.

You see some moron called one of our recruits to confirm his status.  Now we may have to report a secondary violation to the NCAA.  BUT wait.......the caller may not have been a Georgia fan at all.  So we naturally have a few questions:

1. Did the fan identify himself as "Al from Dadeville"?
2. Did this alleged Georgia fan end the call with a 'ROOOOOOLLLLLLL TIIIIIIIDDDEE"?
3. Did the caller make any mention of needing to know so that he could bring it up with PAAAAAAAWL?

Four years ago Rush Limbaugh called on Republicans to go into the Democratic Primary in their state and vote for Hillary because Obama is so bad that RUSH LIMBAUGH preferred to have a Clinton on the ticket.  So this got us thinking:

What if Georgia fans called Auburn, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama recruits?

What if we said "Hey dere. Dis is uhhhmmmmm Bubber and I'm a big ol' Alarbamer/Awwbarn/Tannercee fan.  Ius just wunderin uhhhhhhh...is you is o' is you ain't  a'comin to Alabamer/Awwbarn/Tannercee this fall.  Ius thankin that you owwta."

What would that mean for that those programs?
Would have to report every one of those calls as a secondary violation? 
How many secondary violations does it take to get a program sanctioned? 
Just wondering......not encouraging these actions.....just wondering.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Texas A&M fans come to the Ol'Boys for a dose of reality.

So some AnM fan or blogger, or writer of some sort discovered us a few weeks back.  Naturally this person was immediately infatuated with our debonair swagger, striking good looks, and overall splendidness.  We of course assume that this is the reaction of all the women of the newest SEC state, Texas:
Anyway......there are a lot of Aggies and fans of that other new Yankee school that do not hate us yet so we figured we would change that ASAP.  This cat asked if we would answer a few questions.  We were more than happy to oblige....of course we must assume that any plan to publish this was 86ed when they got our answers:

1.       How excited are the traditional SEC powers about the expansion?

Uhhhhhhhh……wellllllll…….hmmmmmmmm……not very.  In fact I would say you have two camps- (1) The really don’t give a crap camp and (2) The sort of pissed that we took Missouri camp.  TXAMU brings us deeper in-roads into the State of Texas, AnM has money, and AnM brings in two large television markets.  On the other hand Missouri should contribute as much to the SEC as a ferocious case of hemorrhoids adds to the enjoyment of a bowel movement.  We understand that Texas is its own unique State but they are still associated with the South.  Missouri is a Yankee school.  Now y’all have been playing Yankees for years but we have not.  We have a Yankee commissioner who has now crammed Yankeeness down our throats.  The bottom line is AnM is alright but Missouri is a colossal mistake.

2.       Where do you see Missouri and Texas A&M finishing respectively?

I see Missouri never finishing higher than 3rd in the East.  As of right now 3rd may be where they land this year, so essentially Missouri will blow what they have pre-maturely.  The SEC East has over the past two years been as down as it will ever be.  I don’t see Tennessee or Florida making any real leaps this year and I don’t see Georgia or South Carolina being any sort of a dominant force (when compared to Alabama and LSU).

I think AnM could possibly have the tools to one day be the champion in the West.  Let us not forget that long ago an SEC West trophy was carried back to Starkganistan (so anything is possible).  I am guessing that Saban has at least a decade left in him and if all of those years are spent at Alabama then who ever his successor is should be able to maintain (heck Lester has maintained LSU so again- anything is possible.  I see Miles lasting another 10 to 20 years at LSU or possibly fired sometime in the next three (you never really know when you combine Miles, Bourbon Liquor, and Cajuns).  Regardless of when Miles is replaced- I think LSU will go for a big name.  I say all of that to say this….AnM may win an SEC West title but it may not come for 20 or 25 years. This year I see AnM, Mississippi State, and Auburn in a round robin so AnM could end as high as 4th or as low as 6th.

3.       What is the main difference between the Big XII and the SEC?

Well let me see……………….

a)      The SEC plays Defense and the Big XII does not.

b)      The SEC has depth at all positions and the Big XII does not.

c)       The SEC is stout top to bottom and the Big XII really only has two teams.

d)      The SEC is strong and the Big XII is weak.

e)      In the SEC if you throw the ball 40 times a game you can expect to be fired because of the horrible record you will have.  In the Big XII if you throw the ball 40 times in a game you can expect to be in the running for Big XII coach of the year.

4.       How far away are Missouri and Texas A&M respectively from competing for SEC Titles?

Well I sort of answered this in #2 but I can be more concise here:

Missouri- When Hell freezes over.

Texas AnM- Before you die….maybe….if you are an AnM fan and 15 years old or younger.

5.       What will be the biggest knock on each of the new comers to the SEC?

Missouri can expect to be ignored because they are Yankees.  We hate Yankees but not enough to actually show them any real respect.  Missouri will always be dismissed by SEC fans saying “Missouri?  Oh they are a Yankee school so we don’t count them.”

AnM can expect a multitude of analogies to their program being the unwilling substitute female to Texas in a fictitious prison scenario.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Real Reason Why LSU Kicked the Honey Badger Off the Team!

Reports are currently unclear as to why the Honey Badger is out da' door but we do know that it is not because of anything drug related.  You see weed is an easy excuse and here is how it goes:

Black Kid Being Arrested:
Defense Attorney:  Why has my client been arrested?
Police: Because of that weed he smoked.
Defense Attorney: Oh.

Black Kid in Trouble but Not With the Cops:
Black Kid:   Why am I in trouble?
Authority Figure:  Because of that weed you smoked.
Black Kid: Oh.

 Black Kid Kicked Out of an NCAA Sports Program:
Media:  Why was El'La-Davidivious kicked off the team?
Coach: Because of that weed he smoked.
Media: Oh.

So you see if Les Miles says that the reason is "drug related" he is fine because truth is a defense to slander and the chances that a black kid playing in the SEC has not smoked weed is about 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%.  However, we all know that LSU has no actual drug policy and therefore there is no way a star player would be kicked-off because of violating a policy that does not exist.  I mean we ain't talking bout' Georgia here.  You don't get suspended or kicked-off at LSU unless you commit one of the following offenses:

1. At least three or more confessions or guilty verdicts for 1st degree murder (of white people of course).
2. Active participation in a militant Islamic terrorism attack.

Well that is about it.  So what exactly did the Honey Badger do?  We may never know.  However, if you want to know why Nick Saban is better than Les Miles at winning by any means necessary this is a prime example of why.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Biggest Thing To UGA Since #34!

Ok so maybe not quite as big a us outbidding Clampsun for Mr. Walker's services but still pretty big.  If you have followed us on the Reginald then you know all about our short and brutish blogging life.  We hit the scene in the spring of 2010 and had approximately five people read our stories from May until July.  Then we dared to broach the subject of "Is Richt the right man for our program".  Well in one hot minute your boys were Internet sensations Georgia-wide. 

We said to ourselves...."Selves...it appears that what the people want is the truth sans the sugar coating." and the rest is history.  We instantly shot ahead of about 95% of the daily Dawg blawgs.  Some of these blogs had been blogging for years.......many painfully, horribly, insatiably, boring years.  Some bloggers were/are apparently run by "Journalists" which as we all know is the only profession less honest and more riddled with human garbage than our chosen profession, Lawyerin'. 

So roughly nine months and a couple hundred thousand hits later the weak did what the weak do and cried until we were banned by the Dawgbone.  Snitches gone snitch, son and we weren't the least bit surprised.  Now old habits die hard and most people are lazy so everyone just goes to the Dawgbone to see who has a new story up.  Needless to say our daily hits took a big blow.  When we inquired as to why our stories were not being posted (oh yeah I forgot to mention they just banned us without telling us) we were told that our "negative" stories were hurting recruiting (and also hurting the feelings of those journalists who everyone should be waiting with baited breath to read on a daily basis but were not because they were busy reading our entertaining stuff and not their boring crap).

Turns out the Dawgbone was 100% correct because we were banned in February 2010 and Georgia had its biggest talent haul since Donnan was on the sidelines.  You're welcome Dawg fans!  If it weren't for us becoming the first voice to question the all mighty Richtie he most likely wouldn't have even tried to recruit in 2010.  After the undeniable preponderance of evidence pointing towards us a) proving the Dawgbone theory correct, and b) proving it correct in a way that helped the football program out, we were re-instated by the Bone.  

The daily hits returned, the jealousy and back biting by the communists journalists returned, and maximum effort in the recruiting field also made a comeback.  Then we went on a small tangent in the off season about how losing four games and only playing four decent teams does not equal job security, how Barak Obama is to Presidents as Willie Martinez is to Defensive Coordinating, and we also exposed the truth about the mythical black scrambling QB.  At this point we were banned again for a) content detrimental to the program, b) telling the truth about Obama being racist towards the President, and/or c) telling the truth about the black scrambling QB being racist towards RGIII.

Well that is the brief history lesson of how we got here.  The good news is that there is now an alternative to the Dawgbone, GATA NEWS.  If you will look to the left and to the right of this post you will see the GATANews logo that you may click on to access this new little blessing for Dawg fans.  You will find that is far more advanced and use friendly than the other list server sites.  So go to GATA News today and get your daily Dawg news and bloggerations there as opposed to those who would seek to suppress our daily TRUTH!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Preseason basketball in Italy

The young Fox hounds are over in Italy for a preseason tour against some European squads, getting them invaluable experience at a higher level, and together. These trips are often great growing times for teams, and with our young frontcourt, and freshman backcourt, this trip couldn't possibly have come at a better time (well, kind of. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Director of Baskeetball Ops Kent Davidson on the loss of his wife).

They played their first game yesterday, and won big. Let's hope this group comes together well, the freshman are ready to contribute in a big way, and this team can make it's way to an NCAA bubble.

The Bulldogs dominated the game from the start, leading 44-26 at halftime and finishing with an 83-58 victory. Georgia was led in scoring by Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Nemanja Djurisic -- playing in front of his parents, who had driven from Montenegro -- both of whom had 14 points. Tim Dixon enjoyed a big night on the boards, snagging 10 rebounds to go along with his eight points. Other standout numbers included nine rebounds from Donte' Williams, 20 offensive rebounds by the Bulldogs, as well as 46 percent shooting from the floor. For the next stop on our tour of Italy, we will depart in the morning for the magnificent city of Florence.

Long live Le Sack!

Georgiadogs.com has a nice update on former star DE Richard Tardits out of Loran Smith. We were huge fans of Le Sack growing up, so it's great to read how life is treating the old rugby player.

"Le Sack" is now 47. Middle age is treating him well as he continues to underscore the work ethic. His trim physique, his energetic way of life, and his intellectual pursuits are ingredients for good health. Living a full and exciting life will always be Richard's constant modus operandi. Nobody expects anything of him as a former athlete, but he expects great things of himself. Learning for him has no age limit, and in his view, good health must be enhanced by learning in order to enjoy life.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Penn St fans seriously need to learn when to STFU

First, it was calling bs on reports that the man who had unmatched power over his University didn't know his DC was being investigated for pedophilia when he prematurely retired, and didn't use his power to make sure that scandal didn't bury him and his program before he could get some arbitrary number of wins. Now, as hard working kids make moves for the better, and try to enjoy their final college seasons with a chance at titles before entering their careers in the NFL or elsewhere, the idiots are rumbling all over twitters. The amount of bad blood being spewed from these enablers at kids just trying to better themselves is bordering on lunacy. The NCAA was too light, and should have killed that cesspool off for a few years. It would have sucked for O'Brien and the coaches who are doing their best in a bad situation, but Penn St fans are making a mockery of the laughable Big Ten moral superiority they've tried to lord over the SEC for years. See Ohio St, and now Penn St, and just stuff some more Ro'Tel in your fat faces the next time you pederasses want to come crying about how we have our priorities out of whack when it comes to college football.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympics Smolympics.....FALL PRACTICE IS HERE!

Heading up the Charlotte to see The Allman Brothers Band and Lynard Skynard.......well the artists once formerly sorta known as Lynard Skynard.  The Southern Rock tag team champs as well as SEC Fall practice in the air..........Ol' CC might just be tempted to re-secede.

We are slowly gearing up the hate machine.  The long summer of your discontent is about to be over my Cold Blooded children..........your boys are well rested and well prepared to hate everything! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

If the Houston family wants attorneys to sue the NCAA, we're willing to assist

The Senator has a nice summation of the N-C-double-Assholes ruling. This corrupt pack of old white men raking in millions upon millions for sitting on their lazy fat asses and being chummy with TV execs while young men and women give their blood, sweat, and effort for schools that claim to educate them, but couldn't give a damn about little more than keeping their cash producing indentured servants eligible has never lacked for stupidity. Their rulings are haphazard and inconsistent. The penalties and enforcement of rules are self interested and extremely partial to whatever gets them paid. The sooner Ed O'Bannon and every other lawsuit they've got coming rips them to shreds, the better.

In conclusion, fuck the NCAA. Fuck the people involved, fuck their families, their pets, and their business asssociates. May they all go to prison where they can be repeatedly and brutally ass raped by hundreds of 400 pound men with herpes that haven't showered since the 90s, until the rectal bleeding leads to a loss of life that will significantly upgrade the remaining members of society.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lessons from Les Miles.....Pay attention Richt!

People used to say that Les Miles was too white.  Les Miles responded by bringing in the
Snoop D-O-double G.  Last year Les Miles didn't win a National Title because he didn't have a QB.  This year Les brings in the former Athens Chief Breast Firmness Inspector.....but why stop there?  There is an entire team up in Yankeeland that is just ripe for the picking so what does the Les-bot do?  He gets another QB.

Since the onset of the Richtian Era in Athens we have had at least six seasons in which we were woefully under talented, under experienced, and under manned at Offensive Line.  So what is the biggest question mark going into 2012 for the Dawgs?  What is that.......?.....??....???.....  Oh, Offensive Line you say.....that is what I thought.

Oh......and by the way...............................
Les Miles would like to remind you of one thing:

You: Hello?
Les: Sup vage-pimple?
You: Pardon me.....who is this?
Les: Hey guess how many QB's I gots, son!
You:  Who is this?
Les: I gots me as many QB's as this chick has titties:
You: Who is this?  Why are you texting me pictures of topless women?
Les: You complainin' about titties?.......Fag.
You: I demand that you tell me who this is this very instant.
Les: It's who dat.
You: What?
Les: It is who dat not who is this........I'm LES MILES, SON......HOLLA AT A PLAYAH WHEN YOU SEES HIM ON DA' SKREET!