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Monday, October 29, 2012

NO! This Does NOT Mean We Are Getting Soft!

Sometimes..........just sometimes..........so don't go getting carried away with this.....but sometimes....it does make you feel good when your Head Coach is concerned about things other than football.  Richt and the Dawgs kept it classy on Saturday according to this report.

"ATHENS -- Marcus Lattimore has been a thorn in Georgia’s side the past three years, but the rivalry was put into context Saturday.Georgia held a postgame prayer Saturday night for Lattimore, the star tailback for South Carolina, who suffered a serious knee injury during an afternoon game against Tennessee.“We prayed for him as a team,” head coach Mark Richt said Sunday. “As we were just kind of closing out the day, we thought about him and just what a warrior he is. What a great football player and what a great competitor, and a guy we all have a lot of respect for as a person, as well. We all know how an injury like that is just very difficult to deal with, so we wanted to pray for him and his family, so we did that.”Lattimore has rushed for a combined 457 yards against the Bulldogs, and his national coming-out game was against them as a freshman in 2010.As soon as Lattimore was injured on Saturday, there was an outpouring of support over social media, with Georgia players joining in. Senior defensive end Abry Jones, himself out with a sprained ankle, tweeted, “Prayers sent out to Marcus Lattimore” within minutes of the injury. Later several other players, including All-America linebacker Jarvis Jones, tweeted their support and prayers for Lattimore."

We are all hoping that Lattimore makes a full recovery.  As the anti-Ealy/Crowell.. all members of the SEC and their fans should hope that this kid heals up so that he can rip it up in the NFL.

Did the Florida Game Save Richt's Job?

Well not to be a Debbie Downer or anything......but PLEASE DO NOT POOP THE BED AGAINST OLE MISS........FOR REAL......DO NOT POOH THE BED!

One now has to wonder what would have been had the beloved not enforced fake rules that lead to suspensions that lead to rusty players on Defense.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thoughts and prayers go out to Marcus Lattimore

If you saw it, this doesn't come as much of a surprise, but it's still a damn shame.  Lattimore was a tough, talented player, and one of the best backs the SEC has seen this century.  But a broken femur, tearing all ligaments, and more?  That may not be career altering as much as life altering.  Good luck in recovery.  We're not even thinking about football, just hoping the man can walk normally in the future.

Welcome back Grantham!

0-6 never felt so good

Thoughts on the game:
 Will Muschamp is now 0-6 in Cocktail Parties. Ain't it great?

 Aaron Murray did his damnedest to lose that game, but Jarvis Jones, Shawn Williams and the defense wouldn't let him.

 Not enough can be said about the defensive performance. Bowing up twice around the goalline when Murray hung them out to dry, big play after big play from Jarvis Jones, who gave us the Leroy. This was the defense we've been expecting all season. And they were certainly men.

 Shawn Williams and Mark Richt called this team to the carpet, and they stepped up. Well done all around.

 Todd Gurley was the biggest recruit in this past class. His game was huge, and about the lone bright spot offensively.

 Nice to see Tampa get redemption with the put away TD after finally drawing a foul for day long jawing. 

That had to be a record in combined personal fouls. We may have gained more yards due to flags than on the ground or through the air.

 Everything is now staring us in the face, and we control our destiny. As Richt said earlier this week, our goals are in front of us for the taking. But we have to make it happen. Don't sleep against a much improved Ole Miss. Don't sleep against Auburn in a game that is always crazy and where they likely have their one strong performance for the year. Don't revert back to the run D we saw the last 3 games vs Tech whose system would eat that alive.

 But we'll get to next week tomorrow. Tonight, we celebrate. Because it's GREAT. TO BE. A GEORGIA BULLDAWG!

Two more for the morning

Do we have a Leroy?

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Fudgy Carvell at the poop wrapper has a nice article up on former Georgia student-athlete Nick Marshall.  We wish Nick all the best as he rebounds from a set back, and he's playing great at a position everyone knew he was extremely talented at.  But what Fudgy of course forgets to mention (because he often omits pertinent facts) was the reason Marshall never took snaps in Athens was by his own choice.  Lest we forget, the young man was also a highly rated guard on the basketball court, and was planning on pulling two sport duty in Stegeman and Sanford.  With that in mind, and the time requirements of being a QB in the high level SEC, Marshall himself elected not to put that much strain on him and just play DB where the second job wouldn't be as detrimental.  Why we'd expect the poop paper to let reality intrude on their Georgia makes a huge mistake narrative, well, we didn't, but sometimes you have to tell a fool that they are acting like a fool.

Et tu Red and Black?

Let's be honest, Georgia's "award winning" student paper has gone down hill in a hurry in recent years.  Bernie brings us just the latest in head shaking at the depths our former daily has fallen.  Running an ad from Gator trolls?  I guess when business is that bad, you take money from anybody who will give it to you.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mr. Sanchez speaks on Florida

I wonder if we're "man enough" to stop Florida's rushing game, and think we lose 42-19.

It's just over 80 minutes long, but it's a helluva listen and was a lot of fun to tape.  So if you're headed down to St Simons or Jekyll or Amelia this weekend, or killing times at work, the Dawg Gone Podcast gives a ton of info on the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

You should listen to me, since it's getting obvious Mark Richt and the rest of the Athletic Department does.

T Kyle King on ESPN

Last night, T Kyle King, who runs Dawgsports.com, was on ESPN Unite to discuss the Florida game.  Check out the video below.

As history has shown, when Mark Richt does what we tell him, good things happen

I've been saying for several, several years now, that Mark Richt should assume responsibility for special teams. The NCAA limits assistant coaches, so to not short one position or another, the head coach has to take command of special teams if they aren't going to run a positional unit. Since Richt won't stay QB coach/OC, that means he needs to take over the kicking game.

Well, I guess better late than never, he's once again letting the boys at S&G help fix what's ailing.  From Marc Weiszer....

“One thing I can do as head coach, I think I can at least spend time learning the kicking and punting fundamentals well enough to be their coach,” Richt said. “Right this minute I wouldn’t say I have enough expertise to do that but I think this offseason it would be wise for me to do something like that. I am freed up enough to do that. If that’s my contribution to special teams in the future, I think that would be valuable.”

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2007, the sequel

The fear of Saturday is we see a repeat of 2007, in reverse.  Florida gets behind that jumbo set they love, and run it down our thoughts from the opening drive, establishing their desire to get physical and bully us from start to finish.  Meanwhile, after the offense grinds an early lead, the defense pins their ears back and beats the snot out of a shotgun QB blitzing, bloodying, and bruising the opposing signal caller.

The question is, if we show the same fight Florida showed in that game, would you be happy with a 42-30 loss?

Monday, October 22, 2012

This, this. So much this

We saw it on the Senator, who saw it on the Banner Herald.  Every single word the Senator block quoted, this, so much this.

“We all know what’s ahead, I don’t even need to say anything about it,” Georgia coach Mark Richt told his players in the locker room after Saturday’s game in footage aired on his weekly coach’s show. “I want you all to get as much rest as you can get, get your minds right, get your hearts right. It’s going to be a war in Jacksonville. … Just get ready. Coaches will be getting ready. I want y’all to get ready. You leaders, I want you to think about what this game means. You’ve been talking about it all offseason since January. ‘Our team, our time, no regrets.’ Well, here we are. We’re at the moment of truth.”

Saturday is the moment of truth.  What team do we have?


Coach Boom is an intense man.

Are we men, or are we mice?

We've seen a team that returned pretty much their entire front 7 (DeAngelo Tyson wasn't that important, was he?) and has now seen Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky run the ball at will on them. Coming in to a game against a Florida team that has been as physical in the running game as any in the SEC, including Alabama, can we force Briskett to beat us? If we stack the box, will we still be pushed around like pansies?

Plain and simple, is our defense man enough to step somebody?  Will our defensive line have their nuts drop some time between now and Saturday?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Spurrier's thought process

Found on the always wonderful prevailandride, you will see a perfect rendition of how Spurrier decides what to do below.

The King is dead, long live the King!

LSUFreek has had some good ones in this, but damn if CuppyCup ain't brought the A game once more. Round 3, and the Cup kills it in a masterful way. I'd say there's no way Freek can beat that, but you never know.

Best stiff arm ever?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Round 2 of Freek vs. Cup, with a darkhorse emerging from the shadows....


Friday, October 12, 2012

I feel like a Kentucky fan: 2012-13 men's hoops outlook

As a blogger with two homes, I do work for Dawgsports.com as well as here, as I'm sure most of you already know.  Well, with this being the bye week and all, I filled some space over there looking at the upcoming Hoop Dawgs.  I'll refrain from putting it all up here for CC, since he is one of the unfortunate souls in Georgia fandom that is football only.  But I'm anxiously awaiting this basketball season, and with all the changes that have gone on with Mark Fox's hounds.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do you like baseball?

I summarized the seasons of 18 former Diamond Dawgs that played games at some level for a Major League organtization for Dawgsports.com.  Several had great seasons between the minors and majors, so if you were wondering how these guys were doing, hit the link and find out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If Richt loves UGA soooooo much he will have the decency to resign.

Nixon don't snitch, son!
No matter what you think of the Ol' Quaker above at least he had the common decency to resign the Presidency when everything caught up with him.  Nixon may have been a self absorbed megalomaniac but at least he loved America enough to resign the Oval Office.

If Richt loves UGA so much he will do the same.  Don't make G-Mac fire you just quietly tender your resignation, do some missions work for about 5 years, and then sneak back into the ACC where you belong.  It is really what is best for everyone involved.

Episode 2 of this fall's most adored documentary is now released

We linked to episode 1 earlier, CuppyCup's and Good Bull Hunting's remarkable finding of Ken Burns' documentary on the current Ole Miss football season.  Now comes the second installment of what is sure to be the most anticipated documentary series of the year.  Check it out, because it's only getting better.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Georgia Tech Gets It Right While We Continue To Get It Wrong- And Other Sure Signs of the Aztec Apocalypse.

Mostly because they have a huge inferiority complex Georgia Tech decided that Georgia would NOT be the State leader in giving up yards and points this season.  The Techies have been givin' it up to the tune of about 40 points and 600 yards per game.  So as a result Al Groh got his walking papers.....mid season......GULP!..... If we fired someone mid-season to show that we mean business all of Georgia south of Atlanta would be flooded with the simultaneous bladder release of a million Pee-Pee Dawgs.

The Big Onion dropped the big hammer on Bro. Al.  Johnson hates two things- regular baths and not holding onto the ball for 49 minutes per game.
The Shamecocks beat us three years in a row and two of them by dominating us.....then G.T. gets all ballsy.  What is going on here?  Down is up, left is right, day is night......are we in an episode of the Twilight Zone?
All this insanity has me wondering if all the talk of the Mayan/Aztec/ Cherokee (I don't know exactly- some Indians said the world would end this year) prophecy is true.

Over on SECtalk on Sunday a Gamecock fans asked the following question:
"If Jimbo Fisher is the FSU Mark Richt...and Mark Richt is the Georgia Dabo Sweeney.....what does that make Dabo?"
My answer to that was:
"Two years away from being the recruiting coordinator for Alabama."

All this talk of the end of the world, all this craziness going down, and the though of Dabo at Bama got me thinking.....................College Football really is the best indicator for the End of Days and here is a timeline of how you will know that the world is ending.

Day 1: Clampsun fires Dabo Sweeney,
Day 2: Alabama hires Dabo and his Florida bag man to be the recruiting coordinator for Alabama,

Come on over here and let me show you how to throw this here football.
Day 3: Georgia Tech fires Paul Johnson,
Day 4: Alabama hires Paul Johnson as OC.

And you though I was a huge douche bag when I had no talent in Atlanta.
The humanity....the humanity.
Alabama would get every single top recruit in the nation.
Alabama would average 52 minutes time of possession in every game.
Alabama would win every game 28-0....like clock work.

Day 5: Georgia gives Richt and Bobo LIFETIME extensions.

The bad timing of it all

Saturday's game couldn't have come at a worse time.  If we had Kentucky this week, the team could forget last week and move on.  The process of preparing for another game can help get over the ugly, humiliating, and despicable actions of Saturday.  Instead, it's a bye week.  Now that may be a good thing for healing up say Jarvis Jones' injury or any other nagging ailments that could use some rest and rehab.  But in terms of mentally, it gives the team a week to sit and stew.  There's no game planning for Saturday, no shift of focus to the next opponent, nothing.  Just reminders of how bad that game was from anyone and everyone they see, reminders of how poorly they played, and how poorly their "supporters" reacted. 

But that was just one game.  And how they respond this week is a huge thing.  Does the team sit and stew, letting the pain fester in to something worse?  Or do they get pissed off, and like Timmy Tebow, vow to play harder and push themselves harder than we've ever seen the rest of the season?  Do they come out against Kentucky, Florida, Ole Miss, Auburn, Southern, and Tech to prove how Saturday was a fluke and not the real them?  Aside from Florida, those are all winnable by double digits games.  What team comes out of Saturday?  It's a shame we have to wait until the end of the month before finding out the answer to that question.

What else can we say that we haven't said before?

I said it over two years ago, and it unfortunately still rings true today.  People who want to act like some of us are hopping back on to this fire Richt bandwagon are either a) responding to the asshat AJC crowd who just learned to read, or b) don't know the actual issue some of us are citing.  Because if they understood what the complain is, they might see that the some of the same issues that held us back 10 years ago are still holding us back to day, and even more issues that started showing up strong 5 years ago, and again, as linked, what we complained about two years ago BEFORE that humiliating Colorado game in the subsequent weekend, are still holding us back today. 

Let's go through them again, shall we?
1) Desire- Did the team you saw Saturday look like they wanted to be there?  When was the last time we showed up against an elite team and didn't piss our pants?  See Boise last year, the Bama blackout, Tebow's revenge, etc.  We can beat talented teams in a mess (last year Florida), or talent with a gimmick (We Run This State over Tech), but against talent that knows what it's doing?  You get LSU in the SEC Championship game.  You get what you saw in Columbia.  You get a a team playing pretend, that gets exposed as the fake it is as soon as the real deal walks in to the room.

2) S&C- It appeared Joe T had this going in the right direction.  To be honest, Saturday's problems did not look like they were S&C problems.  That's not really an issue right now, thankfully.  We fixed something.  Blind squirrels and acorns and all that.

3) Talent- We have it, or do we?  It sure didn't look like a talented team Saturday.  We get plenty of acclaim, and look like world beaters against the lesser squads.  But does our talent measure up when it faces the best of the best?  Here and there, sure.  We have some real talents.  But we still have huge holes, like in the secondary, and along the OL.  We've been complaining about the OL for over a decade.  Same cycle, again, and again, and again, and again.  What was it Albert Einstein said about doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result?

4) Discipline- Pot brownies.  Unregistered guns.  Entire positional groups enjoying hot boxes.  Etc, etc, etc.  We still haven't fixed stupid.

5) Player utilization- We're getting better here it seems, (as Richard Samuel seems the last, "Mule with a spinning wheel" type player) except for....

6) Scholarship utilization- Why do we have 2 deep snappers, but are short on OL?  And DBs forcing us to stick out best WR somewhere other than becoming a better offensive playmaker?  Why is our DL gassed, and our receiving core turn to crap because we no longer have a white boy?  Why can't we find someone that can do more than fair catch a punt?  Having fewer scholarship options than teams under severe NCAA sanction doesn't help.

7/8) Scheme and planning issues- I ask you, what was our goal out there?  Were we trying to establish the run?  The short passing game?  Are we just monkeys slinging shit at a wall hoping something sticks?  How come every team we play still looks better prepared to take the field than we do?

We know Mark Richt is a great man, and he's one of the best coaches Georgia has ever had in any sport.  But 12 years is a pretty long honeymoon isn't it?  12 years is long enough to expect some problems might get fixed instead of worse, isn't it?  Sooner or later, when we keep complaining about the same issues again and again and again in big game after big game against top caliber teams, we have to stop doing the same thing we've been doing for years expecting a different result.  Whether that means Richt has to keep making changes, or Richt himself needs to be changed, is a question for people with bigger paycheck.  But we are sitting again in a similar spot we were two years ago, wondering why the same problem just bit us in the butt again, and how long until someone, anyone fixes the damned thing.

Monday, October 8, 2012

LSUFREEK Sums up the Carolina Game for Us.

Yeah that about covers it.

Your Obligatory Post-Embarrassment List of Richt Replacements.

I am not going put Kirby Smart on this list because I cannot see UGA firing Richtie-poo and hiring an unproven commodity.  So no need to ask where Kirby is on this list.

Oh....you knew this was just around the corner.  CCRider's #1 with a bullet, son.  This is no less than our 20th post since 2010 in which we called for the stout, frumpy, man-nificent perpetuator of all things bombastic and intense to replace Richt. 
WHY: Defensive Guru who in the same period of time has out shined Richt in terms of building a program.  YELLING SKILLZ, SON!
WHY NOT: We are probably way too soft and too weak to actually attempt to harness the lightening.  We may not want to pay $4 million a year to get him.

2. BOBBY PETRINO: Sitin' at home licking his wounds
I don't care how he screwed the Falcons or that hot blond chick.  All I care about is that he wins games and I WANT WINS RIGHT NOW!
WHY: Offensive Genius.  Embarrassed the darkness necessary to win in the SEC a long time ago.
WHY NOT: The Falcons, that Blond Chick, plus Auburn wants him.

3. THE DREAD PIRATE LEACH: Head Coach Washington St and Chief Resident at the Northwestern Head Trauma and Concussion Treatment Center
And...you knew this one was coming because this is at least the 20th post since 2010 we have had demanding the Pirate relocate to Athens.
WHY: If you have to ask you will never understand
WHY NOT: ESPN and man's innate overall weakness.

4. CHARLIE STRONG:Head Coach- Louisville
A defensive guru just like we like and he is just wasting away in Kentucky.
WHY: Deep roots in Southern recruiting soil.  DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE as well as a desire to prove himself.
WHY NOT:  Unfortunately, as with loving Richt's persona, I still don't think we are ready to put winning first and in that I mean I am not sure our powers are ready for a black HC.  I know they are not ready for a black HC with a white wife.  Sad to say but I fear that would come into play.

5. DANA HOLGORSEN: Head Coach- West Virginia
Fire up the score board baby because when the Dude is not busy rockin' out to some Jimmy Buffet or downin' Red Bulls with the quickness he likes gettin' them points just like his mentor who can be seen above at number 3.
WHY: The Dude abides and scores them points baby.
WHY NOT: Athens is way too close to Myrtle Beach and that could cut into his coaching time.

It should be noted that John Gruden is 100% NOT AT ANY TIME AN OPTION FOR ANY COLLEGE TEAM SO DON'T NAME HIM. Also, I personally don't really like Mike Gundy or Dan Mullen and Chris Petersen is just Mark Richt only not in the SEC so he would be about the same and Chip Kelly's crap won't fly down here.

Oh and P.S.

MARK RICHT IS A HABITUAL FAILURE- And Here Are The Numbers To Prove It!

We are in year two of the second decade of the Richt tenure in Athens.  Twelve years is unheard of in the SEC (and there is a reason for it).  So just as we did way back in the summer of 2010 here is what is and what is not acceptable at the University of Georgia.


Mark Richt is 111-39 in eleven and a half seasons with the Bulldogs and it doesn't take a math major to know that Richt averages 10 wins per season. Richt has also taken the Dawgs to Atlanta four times to represent the SEC east in what is now the defacto National Title Game. Richt has won two of those four games. Richt has taken his team to a bowl game every year and is 7-4 in those games. The average sane person would look at this and say your coach is 111-39; 2-2 in SEC title games; and 7-4 in bowl games and did all of that in the SEC how is he considered on the hot seat? However, this is not the Big Televinie and being really good in the SEC is sometimes just not good enough. We need to look at his record a little closer.

-Non-Conference Games: Now let us just say that some of the non-conference stuff is not Richt's fault. If you play in the SEC and you have a permanent in state game with an ACC school then why in the world would you schedule anyone tougher than Southern Miss for other non-conf. games? Oklahoma St. and Boise State those debacles should rest squarely on the shoulders of the AD that made that decision. You play in the SEC you don't need to schedule big out of conference games, Georgia needs the wins not the extra money. Not counting the Georgia Tech game in any given 10 year stretch the Dawgs play 30 non-conf. games and the only thing that is acceptable for a program that wants to vie for the National Title is a 30-0 record in those games. Anything less than 30-0 in these games is unacceptable. Richt is 29-3 in these games because a number of seasons were comprised of only 11 regular season games. However, he has lost three more game than is acceptable at the University of Georgia.
Should Be: 32-0
But He Is: 29-3                   FAILURE

-Georgia Tech: This is an intense in-state rivalry game with a team from a major conference. In any 10 year stretch a Georgia coach must be no worse than 8-2 in this game. Tech is an inferior program and must be dominated. Richt is 10-1 in this game better than expected for a UGA coach.
Should be: 9-2
But He Is: 10-1                    SUCCESS

-Kentucky and Vanderbilt: I can not stress this enough The University of Georgia should NEVER, EVER loose to Kentucky or Vanderbilt. Georgia should be so good that if they are having a terrible day and the Wildcats or Commodores are playing their best game of the season the Dawgs should still win. In 10 years a Georgia coach should be 20-0 against these schools. Richt is 20-3 and that alone is grounds for his dismissal.
Should Be: 23-0
But He Is: 20-3               FAILURE

-South Carolina: South Carolina is an inferior program from a smaller state, and they must share talent with another in-state program that has traditionally been superior to the Gamecocks. However, the Cocks care about football unlike Vandy and Kentucky. The Cocks try really hard and don't shy away from paying for big name coaches. However, the University of Georgia should expect to be 8-2 against the Gamecocks in any 10 year stretch. Richt is 7-5 which is possibly the most unacceptable part of his resume.  This year’s game was not one in which Carolina squeaked out a win.  Carolina should only barely beat Georgia in the 2 years out of ten that they beat them.  2010 was a Gamecock beat down and the 2012 game was by itself reason for firing Richt.  The Carolina record is alone grounds for firing.  In his first decade Richt was 7-3 and that is a failure.  Two years into his second decade Richt has used up all of his loses to USCe.
Should Be: 10-2 (9-3 worst case)
But He Is: 7-5                               FAILURE

-Tennessee: Tennessee if taken in any 10 year window is about the same program as Georgia. While sometimes UT is down and UGA up that role has switched a number of times. In a 10 year window the Dawgs should be 5-5 against Tennessee. Richt is 8-4 so like with G.T. he is better than expected but an * is necessary here because UT has been in a downward spiral for 5 to 6 years now.
Should Be: 6-6
But He Is: 8-4         SUCCESS

-Florida: Since 1990 the Gators have dominated the Dawgs and that is unacceptable for Georgia. It has not only been Spurrier and Meyer, Zook also enjoyed success against the Dawgs. To truly contend the Dawgs should be 5-5 against Florida in a 10 year stretch. Richt is 3-8 with this year’s game looking pretty grim. Unacceptable and grounds for firing.
Should Be: 6-5 or 5-6
But He Is: 3-8                    FAILURE

-Auburn: Another fierce rivalry but yet another inferior school and program. By simple virtue of being in the SEC and being a program with tradition and success the Tigers should be a yearly challenge. However, in a 10 year stretch the Dawgs should be 6-4 against Auburn. Richt is 7-4, so like with Tennessee and G.T. more success than expected.
Should Be: 7-4 (worst case 6-5)
But He Is: 7-4                              SUCCESS

-SEC West- Georgia pulls two teams from the West in addition to Auburn every year. LSU and Alabama are equals to Georgia and Ole Miss, Miss St., Arkansas, and are by far inferior programs. Losses to Ole Miss, Miss St are unacceptable and should be considered the same as a loss to Kentucky or Vanderbilt. Georgia should experience the same level of success against Arkansas as they experience against South Carolina. Alabama and LSU are like Florida and Tennessee a 50/50 split with those teams is acceptable. Georgia should be 16-4 in a 10 year stretch against these schools. Richt is 17-5 (one loss to Bama and two against LSU, one to Arkansas, and one to Missy St. ).  Richt’s loss to Missy State is unacceptable and places him below sea level on the SEC West (non-Auburn).
Should Be: 17-5
But He Is: 17-5   SUCCESS

Post-Season: If the Dawgs are winning at the pace that is outlined above then they should represent the SEC east in Atlanta 4 times in a given decade. Richt has almost done that. They should also win 2 of those 4 appearances. Richt has done that. Also, Georgia should be in a bowl game every year, Richt has done that. Georgia should be 9-2 in those bowl games. Richt is 7-4 so he a failure in the Bowls department.
Should Be: 2-2
But He Is: 2-2        SUCCESS
Should Be: 9-2
But He Is: 7-4       FAILURE

Overall at this point Richt should be:
However Richt Is:

Non-Conf. (Non-GT): FAILURE
Georgia Tech: SUCCESS
Kentucky and Vandy: FAILURE
South Carolina: FAILURE
Tennesse: SUCCESS
Florida: FAILURE
SEC West (non-Auburn): SUCCESS

So the Richt Score Card is that he has been a Success in 5 out of 10 areas and a Failure in 5 out of 10 areas.  Failure in any one is grounds for dismissal because it does not meet the standards that should exist at UGA.  Richt fails in 50% of the 10 areas.  Due to the number of 11 game seasons Richt would not have quite as many wins because of fewer non-conf games however he should have no more than 30 losses and right now Richt has 39.  So if we take nothing but the record under consideration Richt should in fact be fired.

To answers the Senators' question: No, you may not have a life.

So, the Senator asked, should the coaches have a life? Should they sacrifice themselves, their health, and their families just to win?

The correct answer, as with all questions you'll ever ask a lawyer is, It depends. What it depends on you ask?
1) Do you want to win titles?

That's it.  I can make an argument about how not focusing solely on winning football games makes our coaches better humans.  How putting their family first is the right way to do it, because after all, it's just a football game.   And that's right.  Now, I'm trying to stop short of saying the other way makes someone a bad person.  Nick Saban isn't a despicable human being because he cuts kids who are working hard, or just doing what he wanted.  He isn't a heartless mercenary because he prioritizes winning above loyalty, friendship, and everything else.  Urban Meyer isn't a lying douchebag because he went back to work after he got gassy and his daughter cried about getting her daddy back.  He isn't going to hell because he ignores his family 5-6 months a year from August until mid February.

It's hard to argue with a person who puts his faith and his family before monetary gain, about someone who you can't honestly say doesn't have his priorities in proper order.  Because at the end of a day, it's just a game.  But if you want to win in the SEC, if you want to win national titles, your family needs to move on without you.  You don't go watch your kids softball games, unless you are forgoing sleep in the rest of your 20 hour workday.  You watch film.  You get to work so early it makes Jon Gruden look like some college pothead sleeping in all morning.  You refuse to let your team come out flat in big games because everyone knows if someone fails to produce their butt will be on the first Greyhound home after being treated like a leper.  If you want to win a title in today's SEC, you can't be nice, you can't have a life, you can't care about the kids, or your family, or your health, or anything but putting the next week in the W column.  You can't, because the other guy won't, and in a game where the margin for error is so razor slim, having that edge on your side tilts the scales 40 points in your favor or makes sure your team looks like a hot and juicy fart when they face top level opponents.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apparently last night was just full of dumbasses

Whoever did this is an idiot. We hope you are arrested, soon. You are not a Georgia fan, you are a douche.

Que the Homo-ers to Defend Richt

Oh....you are going to hear all about our talent this morning.

You are going to hear all about how we can beat Florida and they can beat Sakerlina and we will be in the SEC Title game.

You will hear all about how we don't need to overreact and call for any one's head.



If you are still happy with Richt you are either:
a) related to him,
b) a functioning retard, or
c) a fan of an SEC program not named Georgia.

P.S. if you talk about his record from last year as a defense for keeping him then you are stupid.  Georgia played three decent teams last year and lost four games.  I don't care if we run the table this year (which we won't) I still want him gone for the shame of being the first UGA HC to lose three in a row to the Shamecocks!

Last night in gif form, part 2T

That last few seconds of fail at the end, diving for a player he clearly had no chance at tackling, sums up that massive truck of fail quite well. Congrats to the Gamecocks, the better team kicked our ass.

[countless curses redacted]

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Ray Goof did you ever lose to South Carolina three years in a row?

Jim Donnan did you ever lose to South Carolina three years in a row?


No matter how good South Carolina ever is they should never beat us more than two times in a decade!  I am so ashamed right now! 
If you want to keep Richt after this then you must hate UGA.

In over a decade Mark Richt has never put a legit top tier O-line on the field.

Aaron Murray is the most over rated QB in the country.


Friday, October 5, 2012

The Coming of the Cocks.

Once upon a time the UGA/USC game was a foregone conclusion.  Sure the Gamecocks would give Georgia a good game every third year or so but all in all we were pretty sure that Georgia was going to win.  Then....just like with Florida in 1990.....that all changed.  The Cocks pounded their way into control of the Augusta National (a Georgia Institution) and used their stroke with the Mecca of the Golfing world to attract the same man that tipped the scales away from us in Jacksonville all those years ago. 

Conclusive evidence that Dusty Rhodes > Ric Flair.
Now as I type this unto the Georgia fan base we sit upon the eve of the game that should decide who will be in Atlanta in December to be gang raped by Alabama.  The problem is not that we could be the recipients of said raping....the problem is that we aren't even sure if we will be the recipients.  That honor could go to the above Douche and the Chicken Dicks. 

Ahhhh...the Good Ol' Days.  When Carolina did what Carolina has always done best. 
Back in 2010 when Spurrier unleashed Jesus Frankenstein Lattimore on us I, your humble servant, wrote a scathing expose on the closing of the talent gap between UGA and USC.  This year I think it is best if we breakdown the match-ups on the sidelines since the ones on the field will be so close.

Spurrier vs. Grantham

Now you are not going to want to hear this but the truth is the truth......the Ol' Ballsack Coach can still dial em' up, son.  I have seen enough Carolina games over the past few years to tell you that if they don't have success on Offense it is not because someone wasn't wide open.  Most of Carolina's past failures under Spurrier can be placed here:

and right here:

Spurrier will be matching wits with Todd Grantham and to be honest with you we feel pretty good about that match-up.  Not that Toddy-Grahams is so much better than Spurrier or anything but it just appears that with our talent and Grantham's scheme we can deal with Spurrier's offensive mind.  Also, Grantham wields the the power that is the Line Backer of the gods!

Lorenzo Ward vs. He Who Wields The Crayolas

Now mind you I do not know that much about Ward but based on this photo here is what I can see.
a) He is not breathing through his mouth.
b) He is not drooling uncontrollably.
c) He appears to have been able to dress himself
d) He is not picking his nose.
All of that said it looks as if Mr. Ward is not retarded.......which means we could be in some real trouble.  You see Bobo is what we like to call the King Tard.  When engaging in a slap fight with other retards Bobo is unstoppable.  However, when confronted with an opponent of average intelligence or greater.............well lets just Boboz aint gonna out-think Ward.

Now lets put all of this together:

Carolina's Offensive and Defensive Play-Callers:
Gettin' Swolle and thinkin' bout Football.
Georgia's Offensive and Defensive Play-Callers:

"I'm here for the gang bang"

SBNation's South Carolina focused Garnett and Black Attack had some questions, and I tag teamed with Audit Dawg to answer them.  We asked them questions, and like the Cocks they are, they answered ours.

Dawgs vs. Chickens, the tale that can never be told enough.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Picks Guaranteed* to Win You Money, Week 6

So, a 7-3 performance two weeks ago got us within striking distance of .500 on the year (17-23), but will my personal bye week last Saturday refresh the PGtWYM for a strong second half run, or make things rusty before a return to the first few weeks' struggles? Only one way to find out, and that's make 10 Picks Guaranteed* to Win You Money. If you follow, you know the deal, the 10 highest ranked games/teams in the AP poll, using lines taken from ESPN, and always with the half because no one likes a push.  Your picks below, with a bonus 11th pick....

#15 Clemson (-10 1/2) Georgia Tech - We added this one as the 11th game because it was right on the cusp thanks to a Bama bye and 3 top 15 showdowns this week, and laughing at the ugliness that has become of the genius Paul Johnson is just hilarious.  But then, he is smarter than Dabo, and has owned Dabo (and Clemson) in their head to head meetings.  They've been ugly, but I'd still call them to win if it weren't for Al Groh.  But Tevin Washington is horrible, the talent gap is too wide thanks to Johnson's woeful recruiting, and of course, Groh.  So take the Tigers to cover.

#14 Oregon St (-15 1/2) Washington St - Oregon St has looked solid in 3 strong wins so far, and Wazzu horrible so far under the Pirate King.  It's in Corvallis, and considering how they've looked so far, the smart money is probably backing Beavers.  No one ever said we were smart.  That spread is just too much, and the Cougars score enough to cover.  Take Washington St.

#13 Southern Cal (-14 1/2) @ Utah - Tonight at 9:00 the Trojans and Cousin Vinny's kids get our huge football weekend underway.  Utah has fallen apart since joining the Pac 12, and Southern Cal still has Kiffancer.  So with the Utes struggles this year, and Lane calling the shots, this has a strong chance of becomming a HERPADERP contest.  We're gonna make a wild guess here, and say Utah's problem has been recruiting, and the talent gap between them and Barkley's bunch is too much.  Take Southern Cal to cover, but they're gonna make you sweat it out until after midnight.

#12 Ohio St (-3 1/2) #21 Nebraska - I'm not sure what it is, but that spread seems unnaturally low.  At home, you'd think the Meyer'd Buckeyes get a few more points than that.  Especially since the Huskers lost in Pasadena to UCLA earlier.  It's screaming Vegas trap spread, begging for money on the Buckeyes before the upset.  All that said, we wouldn't dare bet on Taylor Martinez.  Take Ohio St to cover.

#9 Notre Dame (-13 1/2) Miami - Catholics vs Criminals!  The exclamation point is ironic, because this game has 0 excitement to anyone.  Notre Dame as a team still lacks elite speed, and that's one thing Miami will never lack.  Combine that with Al Golden seeming to do a pretty good job so far making the Hurricanes tougher, and we're going with the U.  Take the points, and Miami.

#8 West Virginia (-6 1/2) @ #11 Texas - Wins in Oxford and T Boone's playhouse the last two weeks have the Longhorns hype growing.  But the Holgorsen has been killing it in Morgantown.  In a shootout game, the Mountaineers have more bullets, and a better QB, than whatever Mack Brown can trot out.  Plus, we're back to the can't beat an elite team version of Mack that we all know and love.  It'll be a shootout, and the over is a lock, but we're giving the points and taking West Virginia.

#7 Kansas St (-24 1/2) Kansas - This one's easy.  The Wildcats are good, and the Jayhawks coached by Charlie Weiss.  Take Kansas St and give the points.  Lock of the week (which is currently running 0fer).

#5 Georgia (+1 1/2) @ #6 South Carolina - Our score predictions have been all over, from here, there, everywhere.  But in spite of those predictions, we don't bet against our team.  Higher ranked team, getting points?  Take Georgia.  Go Dawgs!

#4 LSU (-2 1/2) @ #10 Florida - Two top 10 SEC matchups, make sure that beer is cold and the whole hog smoking, cause it'll be a long day.  The 3:30 CBS game (why they didn't do a double header we don't know) should hopefully answer a lot of questions.  Are the Gators for real?  Is Driskell a good QB?  Is Mettenberger?  The Bayous losing their LT Faulk was a bigger blow than we'd have expected for the normally deep Tigers.  And because of it, their running game got weak and Mettenberger doesn't have the time to go deep.  He can't go short, so their offense has been a mess.  Florida has looked like two different teams against A&M and Tennessee, but they had a bye last week slopped through Towson.  The under would be our true lock of the week, but we just do spreads not over/unders. Both teams are going to be lucky to reach double digits without a pick six or special teams TD.   Momentum looks hard in favor of the home team, but we're not buying Driskell yet.  That's not a problem though, cause Florida can just ride Mike Gillislee to a W.  Keep the points, take the Gators.

#3 Florida St (-14 1/2) @ NC St - We're not going to explain this pick, because this is going to be one of those inexplicable head scratchers.  FSU looks great, and has been rolling.  The Wolfpack are still mired in mediocrity (being nice) under Tom "Whole Milk and Toast, please" O'Brien.  The talent difference is huge, and everything else says Seminoles roll.  They don't and this is the stumbling block.  NC St wins, let alone covers, take the Wolfpack.

#2 Oregon (-24 1/2) #23 Washington - Oregon looks amazing, but that's too many points against a good team.  The Ducks go over 50, but the Huskies won't be far behind.  They won't win, but keep the points and take Washington.

*-Guarantee good in all 50 states and the territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Marshall Islands.  Guarantee good for a grand total of 2 red cents for all possible claimants combined**. 

**-But only if I like you, and I won't because you are ugly, have horrible halitosis, and that weird allergy that makes going out to eat a giant pain in the ass.

Hilarious video on Ole Miss' return from Texas

Really, really funny stuff.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Did you ever wonder who the man behind the mask was?

Well, wonder no more.  That link takes you to an article telling the background of the man, the myth, the greatest thing the SEC has ever given the internet, LSUFreek, aka Terrance Donnels.  Give it a read, and then google image search LSUFreek to reminisce in the glow of his tremendous excellence.  So many gifs, so little time.  Our favorite may still be the look on Damon Evans' face at the end of this....